leggings are the new yoga pants.

Proof I actually wear real clothes. Sometimes.

Saturday was The Boss’s very first Soccer Class and it was a carnival of cuteness. Highlight of my day was the consistent way Boss would pick up the ball with his little hands walk it right up to the goal and then kick it in and then throw his arms up in the air and say YAY!



Today we headed off to the Sugarloaf Craft fair which was not my scene but we did score some crazy delicious chocolate covered pretzels. In fact I think I need one right now.

On The Boss: white shirt-GAP, Yellow amplifier shirt-silk screened in Raleigh,Cargos-Children’s Place, Adiddas-Filene’s yo.
On me: Crochet ear warmer- Eastern Market, Sweater-Old Navy, long tank- H&M, leggings & boots-Target,giant sunglasses meant to hide ferocious dark circles due to attempting to have kids sleep together in the same room- GAP.

Linking up to SOS at The Haps.

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