There’s a Saint for that.

There is a Saint for everything.

So which one do I pray to to STOP THE INSANE POSTPARTUM HAIR LOSS??

Every time I brush my hair it looks like someone shaved a yeti. Just hair…everywhere. I’ve had to chop a total of 9 inches off of it because it’s so straggly and thus I will now be ordering a fake hair piece because duuuuuuuude.

So, who is the patron Saint of Hair extensions? Of Hair Loss? Because I need to light some candles or I will surely resemble George Costanza (sans back hair thank you) by Christmas.


True Story.

ETA~ There is indeed a patron Saint of Hair Loss in Women, of course! St. Agnes of Rome. Her noggin is in a Church in Pizza Navona in Rome. I lit a candle asking for a baby in that very church! That baby is now lovingly known as The Boss. Now I know what to sell in my imaginary etsy shop! St. Agnes cards and candle.

6 thoughts on “There’s a Saint for that.

  1. Not gonna lie, this is my GREATEST fear and loathing of baby birthing. I already have severe lack of hair issues. But holy crap, the after the baby hair loss is UNBELIEVABLE! I’m scared, really scared for this last round. ‘Cause girl, there is nothing left to lose. Hope your loss ends soon.

  2. I have no solutions or quick fixes, alas. A long time ago though, someone told me massaging olive oil into your scalp and hair, then leaving it for a few hours (and then washing it out) does wonders. Whether it stops hair loss or not I don’t know, but at least the remaining 10 hairs on your head will be shiny!

  3. A dermatologist can give you a shot in the scalp areas where it’s falling out, and they also might have you take pyradoxine B 6 and something else…. all vitamins…. I had the same issue with stress…. the shots stop the fallout right away.

  4. Have you tried Biotin? My post partum hair loss was still going after, oh, 2 years. My hematologist recommended Biotin supplements. I take 5 mg a day (5000 mcg) and the hair loss stopped in a couple weeks and hasn’t returned (its been a year). It was a miracle for me!

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