The end is nigh Striiv week 4

Suddenly last night I panicked…what if they wanted me to send the Striiv back? You see I still haven’t unlocked the G******** Lowlands much less even begun to think about tackling the highlands and I really need to figure that shizz out because My Land is getting muoy crowded and I need more real estate!

I know, it’s not about a game. It’s about fitness and charity. This week I got to donate another day of water and by the time this posts yet another one will be on it’s way! YAY!

I went to a blogging event with TechSavvyMama who also has a Striiv and we chatted about how obsessed we are with it. All the ladies,some of my very favorites in the land,wanted to see it and play with it. I even poked the Lemur so they could see the Lemur Dance Party.

This week I logged 32,084. Not too shabby!! however I forgot to take a picture! Although I am sure you can all just picture me and my Striiv outside the GAP since I went to the mall like, three times this week. No fabulous DC pictures but I did get some awesome boots! And as I write this I am in my pj’s….oh stop begging! I’m not going to take a picture.

Instead I share some Huck toes.

you’re welcome.

Now I know I am not reviewing the striiv, but I give it a solid A. And an O for obsession because I lurve it.My only problem is that it doesn’t stay in it’s little belt clip all that well and once it GASP fell to the pavement and chipped. Sob. But it still works perfectly and my OCD on knowing my steps continues unchecked. Happily.


I received the Striiv device through Just Be Enough to participate in the challenge. Want one? Yes, YOU DO! So participate in the twitter party on 11/29 for some coolio prizes including a Striiv! Not mine though, you can’t have it.

9 thoughts on “The end is nigh Striiv week 4

  1. I am so with you with the lowlands!! I have built 2 fountains of youth and I still have no key to unlock. Grr. But I WILL figure it out! 😉

    Great job this week….and those toes! I love baby toes….

  2. I have tried unlocking BOTH the highlands and lowlands having built both requisite Greek Parthenon and the Fountain of Youth. After several attempts, I was finally able to build the Grandfather Tree this morning. I love this gadget and am also obsessed with it. I hope someone can figure out the highland and lowland puzzle.

  3. I have found out how to unlock the lowlands and highlands. First, you must sell any Fountains of Youth you have purchased and Greek Parthenons. Next, you need to click on the scroll in upper right corner on the game page and hit “spin” until it says “accept lowlands” You have to spin quite a few times and it will be in the hard section. Then click on the “accept” and it will tell you to buy two Fountains of Youth and any you purchased before don’t count–that is why you need to sell them. I have done that and the lowlands are OPEN!! yay. Next I will work on the highlands. Hope this helps.

    • OMG Thank you!! I actually lost my Striiv and was so sad but my cousin just found it and is mailing it to me so I can’t wait…thank you!

  4. Hi all,
    have had my striiv for 10 days and LURVE it!
    I have accepted the lowlands challenge and am building the fountain. Where does the second one go? Although i appear to have room, no white spot shows anywhere 😦

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