I am thankful for…

You. My friends, both in real life and those of you who hang out and watch Pan Am with me through the old computer. You guys rock. I am thankful for my amazing husband, even if he does smell like Ben Gay these days. I hope your shoulder heals quickly honey and no worries…I did my research and Ben Gay is not a resonable reason for divorce. For my family, my in-laws who put up with me decorating and for my mother in law who brings home more toys than any child should ever have. For my mom…the best. For my nearest and dearest: Janice, Jennifer and Heather. What would I do without you? For my DCMoms; who made this strange new place a home for me. I can’t thank you enough.

And of course I am more than grateful for my beautiful boys.

Huckleberry who is finally feeling better and we are getting lots of smiles!

I asked The Boss what he was grateful for and he said “Coooooooooooookies”
Thanksgiving Max

But really, aren’t we all grateful for cookies?
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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