Huggies Santa Diapers giveaway! Free Huggies diapers!

Today I bring to you some ridiculous cuteness. The pants of Santa. That’s right. Santa Pants. And who you may ask is wearing Santa’s pants? Why it’s Huckleberry!

We have loved Huggies since we worked with them on the jeans diaper campaign last year and again when they donated diapers to the widow of a fallen officer here in town. They are always gracious and charitable. Recentlty the UPS guy rang the bell and delivered an adorable box filled with Santa Diapers and wipes for the Huckleberry. When Huggies asks me to try something I do. If Huggies asks me if I would like to share something with my readers like say FREE SANTA PANTS (my name for them btw Huggies prefers to call them Little Movers Santa Diapers), I do. Because not only do they make a great product that I need- diapers- but they really are a company that gives back. Many of my DCmoms have been involved in the Every Little Bottom campaign, when you buy a pack of Huggies they donate a pack to help diaper a baby in need. The Santa diapers and wipes count towards that too, plus just think of the photo ops!
Really here’s what this post is about


Huckie wore these yesterday at Thanksgiving dinnder and my hand to Santa everyone just squealed with cuteness whenever they saw them. They really are ridiculously cute! Why should cloth diapering mommies have all the fun? I am flat out going to buy more of these when we burn through the jumbo pack that Huggies sent us. They are so cute!


Ya want some don’t ya? Cool. Just leave me a comment, telling me the size you need (3,4, or 5) and promise to send me a picture of your bambino wearing said Santa pants. That’s it. {don’t require you follow my blog or twitter. Lovely if you came here for the giveaway and you like what you see and want to stick around, I’d love to have you! But it’s not part of the deal. The deal is a great diapers and wipes and adorable photos of babies in Santa pants.} Bonus entry if you tweet or facebook about this giveaway and leave a separate comment for each with the URL of tweet or facebook! Because really, Santa Pants are awesome.


This giveaway will end Monday at midnight so that Santa’s Pants can show up on your door quickly!


*I promise that this won’t become a total giveaway blog but it’s the season of giving some really cute stuff has been coming my way…so I’ll share it with you. I might be an only child but I am not selfish!
*Huggies sent me these diapers for free, but hello? Free diapers? And Huggies at that! It’s not like they are an unknown product! yes, thank you I will take them and I will indeed share with my peeps.

43 thoughts on “Huggies Santa Diapers giveaway! Free Huggies diapers!

  1. Sammy would love to rock some size five Santa Pants from huggies! As a bonus, Sammy will share with his cousin Austin since he’s in size five as well! I’m sure Sammy’s photographer daddy will be happy to snap a picture or two for you 🙂 love to all the Dullis from the Booses 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, we must have these. Dylan’s a girl though, so we’ll have to call them Mrs. Clause Pants. She wears a size 3, and I will be posting pictures of her all over the damn Internet, just try and stop me.

  3. Callen will take a size 3, thank you 🙂 Hope you’re well and that we get to see you and the fam this holiday season… it would be great for Callen to meet Huck and the rest of the gang!

  4. Huck is so stinkin’ cute in his Santa pants! I would love to have these for my little guy as well. He would need a size 5. I’m all about posting cute pictures of my kids, so I’ll definately do that on facebook. 🙂

  5. My little boy would look oh so cute in a size 5 Santa diaper!


    Thanks for being so open and honest about motherhood on your blog. I always enjoy seeing a blog update from you and getting to hear about another mom’s story that I can identify with. My all time favorite post was seeing the Boss sing along at the Beatles concert! Too cute! Thanks for sharing this giveaway. 🙂

  6. Well, is it ok if I’m thinking a year into the future? When I’ll have a 6-7 month old? Now the cats out of the bag! Or…stocking as the case may be. Surprise #4 is on his/her way! I’m thinking I’ll need a size 3? And then next year I’ll totally send you pics, unless you want one of a diaper on my belleh.

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  8. Oh my goodness!! I’m totally a Christmas freak and yes, I let my baby run around in his diaper a little too much (not worth the fight over putting clothes on – ha!) We would love to try the Santa pants!! And I’ll definitely post 3,428 pictures of him wearing them on twitter/instagram/etc! 🙂 He’s wearing a size 5 right now!

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