Stepping out Saturday, take 2.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are in Ohio with the fam and The Boss could not be happier.  His slightly older cousins might breathe a sigh of relief when we leave though. I believe he is tiring them out! Huck has charmed the pants off of everyone in a ten mile radius and we are all having a grand time! The only downside is that my Striiv is missing! I tried to call the cops and put out an APB but they mocked me. The nerve! Oh! And we got our very first negative comment about Huckleberry’s name. An actual “tsk tsk. Unfortunate”

I thought it was hilarious but it pissed TOTT right off!

We had brunch at Frisch’s Big Boy which reminds me of home (Beautiful Downtown Burbank) where we have our own Big Boy. You know that fat cat photobombed my SOS pictures. For real.


Oh yes, I am SO varied. A long sweater and pants tucked into favorite boots.

On me: Sweater- Old Navy, long tank H&M, jeggings American Eagle (shout out to my cousin Jamie for telling me these were the most comfy and well priced), boots Target, earrings Target, Necklace JCrew.

On The Boss: Shirt and Cargos Childrens Place, Boots Old Navy, Hat from his cousin Alec. He slept in it last night. True story.

Have you entered the Huggies Giveaway yet? Because you can torture your tiny people with pictures like this:

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