Oh blog pitches….and Huggies winner!

Because this blog has so much to do with (bingo, gambling, online gaming)

Not to steal a page out of The Bloggess’s book, because I do believe she holds the all time record for both bad blog pitches and excellent responses to them, but this showed up in mine (and I am willing to bet a few of yours as well) in box on Thanksgiving of all days. And it made me laugh. Because really? This is just so.dang.lazy.

Good Day:

I was looking at your site http://dialmforminky.com  today, especially the (blog, news, post) that  talks about (online games, entertainment, hobbies)

I think that this site is an excellent site.

I was wondering if you could place a link on your site towards the site of my client

How much do you charge for this?

Please let me know if this is possible


(name withheld because my Mama raised me right)


And my response:


Good Day:

I was looking at your email today, especially the (solicitation, pitch, form letter)  that  talks about (nothing, on, my, site)

I think that this form letter is an excellent form letter

I was wondering if you could look at a site before emailing said (solicitation, pitch, form letter)

How much do you get paid for this?

Please let me know if this is possible


Minky. (Name given because Mama didn’t raise a coward)


And the winner (chosen by random.org because the Boss wanted to pick all the numbers out of the hat and toss them in the air crying out “snow!”)of the Huggies Santa Pants and person who has entered and unbreakable covenant to post pictures of their tiny person is:

 Full disclosure:Commenter #6 was Marian and I know her! We met on a wedding planning message board one hundred million years ago. Amazing as we are both 28. (oh wait, I turned 30 this year. Whoops!) Anyway, I love Marian and her baby boy Sean, whom we affectionately call Super Baby. Sean had a rough go in the beginning but every day he gets stronger and may I say, unbearably cuter. Marian is one hell of a Momma too. So I can assure you…the pictures? will be epic. Congrats Marian!



11 thoughts on “Oh blog pitches….and Huggies winner!

  1. I got a pitch yesterday for a discount on college textbooks if I blog about the company that sells them. Interesting considering all of my kids are in elementary and middle school.

  2. Wow I won?! You are an amazing mommy too and thank you for the support 🙂 I will definitely share pics of Sean as Santa 🙂 thank you!!

  3. HAH. Well played. Cant wait to show you the thank you letter I sent to the Ft Collins, CO park ranger thanking him for writing me a ticket for not having a permit on my car AFTER he helped me fill out the permit envelope and watch me put the money inside. Im pretty sure I bought him more weed that day.

  4. Yee haw for Sean and Marian!! After this year she definitely deserves the Santa diapers! And more! Like a million dollars more… But diapers will do…

  5. I got that one too. I also got one yesterday from some unspecified company that believes I get the “targetted traffic” they’re looking for and wants to place an ad.

    No. Just…no.

  6. LOVE the response. Love it. I will have to check my spam and see if there is something like that. I enjoy reading through them once in awhile. A good chuckle.

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