Better late than never…right?

The Boss has a little message for you.

If you follow me on the twitter then you know that this has not exactly been the merriest of Christmases. Tomorrow I will sit down and write it all out, coherent style. But for now just know we are okay except that Huck had a couple seizures and I flashed a priest.

Merry Christmas Father Kelly.

Today I’ve got a bit of a post over at Just Be Enough and we are chatting about giving back at iVillage.

Miss your faces.


Sometimes at night my mind flies back to the day we left home. It is as if it was yesterday, and at the same time as if I am watching a movie of someone elses heartbreak.
We sat on the floor of our empty dining room eating Poquito Mas one last time with Dub and Mahmood taking turns singing Itsy Bitsy Spider to Boss and Zu who at ten weeks old were kicking butt at laying on blankets and being cute. Well done guys.

Everything was out of the apartment. All that was left was to cram ourselves the dog, the cat and the baby into the car and go. I had told Zach that I wanted to leave Los Angeles alone. I would drive, just me and living things that could not talk yet, that could not judge my crying but it didn’t work out that way. Zach drove and I sat in the back with Minky and the Boss Baby, looking out the window and praying for a reprieve.It was for the best that Zach drove. I am certain I wouldn’t have been able to leave, instead finding myself at Janice’s door flinging myself at her feet.
Take me in I would have sobbed. And she would have, as she had many times before.
I still feel displaced and shallow for feeling such a way. Since the day we closed the door on our lovely LA home we haven’t had a home.My Mother in law would say of course you do! our home is your home! That is true. It is. But it’s not.
This home is not mine, it’s not supposed to be. These decorations are not mine. These couches and walls, the trinkets and memories that make up a life are not mine. My babies pictures all feature a backdrop that is not mine.
I struggle with this daily. My iPhone is dying, it works well at everything except at being a phone. When are you coming home? Janice asked the other through the crackle and cutting out of our phone call, both of us cursing my stupid phone. When are you coming home? I feel like the statute of limitations is running out. You’ve been there two years and had another baby. If you don’t come home soon then there will be home.

There will be home. Is here home?

I laughed a little but it hit me like one of those old fashioned cannon balls. Where is home? Where are my walls and ceiling that make up my home? Zach works himself to exhaustion and yet we are still without a home of our own. Our home. For our family. Here. There. I want a home. I want to pin things on pinterest and then have a place to fail miserably at recreating those things. I wants pictures of my babies at my dining room table, in my bathtub, birthdays celebrated at my home.

I am so grateful for where we live. But I want a home.


You know when you go through your husband’s phone?

Just me? I go through my husband’s iphone all the time. It’s not that I don’t trust him. It’s not that I am reading his emails or texts. I am not.
I am trolling through his pictures. And every once in a while I find one that, even unedited and not fancy just stops me. Like this one.

Tell me that sweet sad face doesn’t break your heart. Go on, tell me.

winner winner Elmo dinner & some happy.

Sometimes things just show up that make you smile. WWJD’s Christmas card this year is one of those things. In fact I asked her if I could share it with you because, even though you don’t know her maybe it will make you smile too. The real story here is her husband, whom I adore. I mean flat out adore. You know how you love your friend and think about what you would like for them in a partner and then it comes true?? That. In the last three years WWJD had kicked cancers ass before it kicked hers (literally goodbye colon cancer) and is now making Lupus and RA her bitch. Yeah, I said it. Because Janice never met a challenge she didn’t win. Plus she always has the cleanest house in the history of ever. She’s amazing. We used to joke that I needed a What Would Janice Do bracelet because I was such a dumbass when it came, in particular, to men.Hence her blog name WWJD.  I still sometimes think what WOULD Jancie do…and then I do that. It always turns out right. It’s only 100% annoying and helpful when she smiles her her eyes light up all evil genius like and she says “I’m always right!” Because she is.

But I digress. So yeah. This.

I died. Her husband is an outwardly controlled man. He is lovely and friendly and wonderful…but a public goofball? Not so much. Me and Janice? Oh yeah. But Hubs? nope. So when this came in the mail I laughed until I wept and then I promptly hung it up because it just gives me a dose of Holiday Cheer. Also, check out my GORGEOUS Godson. God, I love that kid to the moon and back.


Oh, perhaps you swung by to see who is going to Sesame Place!  Duh duh duh duh!
sesame giveaway
Comment 31 is Cat From Breakfast to Bed! Email me all your deets so I can get you the hook up!

Stepping out Saturday and The Sum Up.

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary. Five years…wow. It’s pretty cool, to quote Miley Cyrus via SNL. To celebrate we went to Cactus Cantina for dinner and then TOTT took me and the rest of the family to The White House to tour the East Wing and all the Christmas decorations. To say it was amazing would be an understatement.

I wore tan sweater from Macys I love, dark jeggings from AE and boots, clearance last year at Target for 8 bucks. I also wore a baby in a ring sling which is think is by far the best accessory evah. I so adore my non-sleeping Huckleberry!

We were too busy taking pictures of the decorations so this is the only picture I have. Of course.  Total me, baby wearing social media mom FTW

We were allowed to take pictures in the East Wing, which is an unusual occurrence and I can’t wait to upload the ones from the real camera(says she who has pictures from the Boss’s Birthday on there…from JULY) but in the meantime here are some of my favorite instagram ones
First off we sent greetings to the troupes. Even the Boss got in on the action. Some soldier is going to get a scribbly stick figure and a backwards MAX. (XAM). I think that is kinda awesome!

There is a BO in every room. Some are big and some are tiny. By the way, TOTT was at the White House on Thursday and Bo came up to him in the hall and nuzzled his hand. COULD YOU JUST DIE?? Meanwhile I was wiping poop off a stubborn toddler. I think you can tell who leads the glamorous life between me and the hubs.

Felt Circle Bo…clearly the White House decorators have been cruising Pinterest.

white chocolate White House with not to scale Bo. But wouldn’t be awesome if Bo was that big? Like Clifford.

Right there was where President Obama announced we got Bin Laden.

I can’t tell you how many times I have stood at the fence wanting to see this entrance up close. It is gorgeous.

Oh it was magical! I think you can tell from this, one of my favorite wedding pictures that I do indeed LOVE Christmas!

What I wore that Saturday? Vintage inspired wedding dress by Monique Lowe, Necklace and earrings by Bloomingdales, Tiara by I don’t remember…I ordered like 20 of them off ye olde internets and chose one. Yes, I kept all the other ones. A cathedral veil for the ceremony and a fingertip for the reception. I didn’t wear a blusher…but I wish I had!

Happily Ever After!

 Locals~ Don’t forget to enter my Sesame Place Furry Christmas giveaway!

Sesame Place Furry Christmas GIVEAWAY!

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? When I was little I thought it was Stephanie Street. In fact I almost named this blog Stephanie Street, but there is an actual woman named Stephanie Street and she owned the url. THE NERVE! (I also thought the magic words were Open Stephanie but perhaps that’s a matter for Dr. Freud.)

My point is, that besides being the quintessential only child in my early youth, I loved me some Sesame Street. I still do. Especially Grover. There is not enough Grover on the street these days if you ask me, not that anyone did.

So, we took The Boss to Sesame Place for his third birthday waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in July and he said wanted 2 things “I am going to say hello to Ernie and he is going to say hello to me and we will play together” and “I am going to hug Abby Condabby” Both of those things happened.

And now a dream come true:

But then….BUT THEN…

He still talks about it. Whenever anyone asks him how old he is he says three. and I went to sesame place.

So. Who wants to take their kiddo to Sesame Place’s Furry Christmas? I have a family four pack of tickets to give away! Guys they are even open New Years Eve which I think would be totally cool to go to. This giveaway will go till Monday night at midnight so we can do a quick turnaround for Furry Christmas! We will be taking the Boss and his cousin Zuzu to it and I can’t wait to see Zuzu freak out. It’s incredible.

Per usual you can enter just by leaving me a comment telling me who your favorite Sesame Street Muppet is. You know I am Team Grover. (If we are talking Muppet Show then I am wocka wocka. You know what I mean!)

You can get an additional entry by subscribing to my RSS feed! (please do this if you follow me on google friend connect because it’s going on away next month and I am hating that. Not that they asked me. People should really ask me things because I have some great ideas!)

An extra entry for following Sesame Place on twitter

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Leave a separate comment for each one and I will announce the winner bright and early Tuesday morning. Or maybe Monday at 12:01 EST. Cause I am excited.



**My family was provided tickets to Sesame Place as part of the Sesame Place Ambassador program, which saved me a boatload of money because we were going to take him there before they asked me. Total win for me! All the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.  The only negative part of our experience is that The Boss is terrified of every member of Mr. Noodle’s family, including Mr. Noodle’s nephew Mr. Noodle in Elmo’s World Live. But really that’s my fault for taking him in there…I shoulda known. No worries, he forgot all about it by the time we got to Elmo Rocks and only talks about what a blast he had.

Christmas on the Potomac

We watch Madagascar and Madagascar 2 so frequently that  I have them memorized and sometimes King Julian makes bizarre appearances in my dreams telling me to move it, move it. When we were at Abbey Road on the River at the Gaylord I saw the sign for Madagascar ICE and I thought oh we HAVE to do that. Then I confess I thought, oh please let them do a blogger event! And they did. Hooray! I RSVP’d to that Momzshare evite faster than you can say Save Us Melman.

It was cooler than I had imagined. (get it, cause it was ice?) The day started off with cookie and Shrek green milk in the Belvedere Lounge. TOTT was grateful there was coffee and I patiently explained that there would always be coffee at blogging events. Always.

Huckleberry was immediately confiscated by Jodifur.

Suddenly down in the lobby we saw Shrek! All the kids raced to the balcony to see him, giggling with excitement as they caught glimpses of Kung Fu Panda as well. (Someone might have squeaked when she saw Mort. That someone might have been The Boss’s mother. Someone loves Mort.)

There were more giggles and squeals of joy when the kids were told they were all going to meet Shrek and all his friends! We headed down and took a million pictures.

I totally stole Huck’s Shrek ears. Don’t tell him.

We didn’t get to do The Puss in Boots scavenger hunt but a bunch of other bloggers did and said it was a blast!

From there it was on to ICE! Featuring Merry Madagascar…sooooooooooooooooo cold. Just as you would assume a giant tent with 250 bazillion tons of ice would be. We all bundled up and then they gave us extra parkas. Cause ice is cold, you. Word of advice: all small people look alike in blue parkas, I would suggest you attach a scarf or hat or something so that you can identify your tiny person and they can identify you. The ice sculptures are incredible, the artistry is really amazing. There is ice skating and hot cocoa (spring for the warm cinnamon almonds, trust me)

The Boss was getting pretty tired at this point but we pressed on because I was promised a Christmas Tree lighting and snow. Don’t mess with me people. Mama loves her some Christmas.

The BEST seat for the show is right in front of the fountain and you know my booty was there front and center. Boss took a quick snooze while we waited for the show. Now, I know that maybe if you don’t have kids a bunch of costumed characters doing a dance might not be a ‘show’ to you, but I am telling you right here and now the real show is the kids. Watching their faces light up is just true magic. Also Alex gave me a high five so that was pretty bad ass too. (the highlight for me was the Gaylord Employees…they had a whole routine down for each song and were just having so much fun! Every time we go the staff there is just amazing and they all really seem to be having fun with this)

I am not going to lie, the price is a bit steep (kids under 3 are free) but it was a BLAST. The National Harbor is one of my favorite areas around I just love wandering around there, it is all lit up for the holidays and just kinda romantical.I wonder how they’ll top it next year.

**My family attended ICE! as guests of the Gaylord and MOMZSHARE. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Like Father Like Son.

 {The Boss running the school from the directors office. He earned his nick name honestly}

At least once a day I hear “He looks just like daddy!” or “wow he is all daddy, isn’t he?” Or something of the like. On one hand I don’t mind. I love my husband otherwise I wouldn’t have wanted to have babies with him and babies who are like him is a-okay with me. But honestly….I did all the work growing him and sometimes I confess it gets my hackles up. Oh I know the comments are only meant sweetly. I am never annoyed at the people who say it because it is indeed a true statement. I just wish there was a little tiny outward sign that I had something to do with the fact that The Boss is totally rad.

Yeah I said it. The Boss is totally rad.

We got his first report card yesterday. He is enthusiastic, social and making lots of friends. They are working on keeping his hands to himself and following directions.


He IS just like daddy.


Sum Up Vol. one

This week we were singing along with the Holiday tunes on the radio in the car. The Boss growing ever frustrated that he did not know the words, waited patiently for a break in the song and then sang out “TODAY!” you know, like 588-2300 Empire TODAY.  He slays me.

He and Huckleberry hold hands now. He lines his Smurfs up so they hold hands too.

He is growing like a weed and everyday he is bigger and smarter than the day before, but when he really wants something he still signs ‘more’ just like he did when we was very little. My heart swoons at that.

He is incredibly snuggly in the morning. He thinks that sitting on his potty is the perfect place for some cereal. He takes time out of his busy schedule to make sure I know just where the Starbucks is.

Huckleberry is six months old today. How did this happen?Clear proof that time is not constant. Six months when you’re pregnant lasts an age. Six months of baby love is a blink of an eye. He is teething. It sucks. He can almost sit up and I no longer keep him in his car seat but take him out and put him in the shopping cart and stroller. So big! He is very patient with my tiny shoes for Huckie obsession. He looks at me with stars in his eyes, watching me wherever I go. But The Boss is his favorite.

Favorite memory this week: Boss got a Buzz and Woody punching bopper bag (or whatever you call em, you know what I mean right?) after a particularly successful potty training day and he was punching it and cracking himself up. Huck started laughing, not just a giggle or two but a full on laughing fit. This only made The Boss amp it up and honestly we encouraged him and soon the room was filled with the joyful shrieks of the big brother and the hysterical laughter of the little brother.

Please let me hear that often. It’s good for what ails me.