Like Father Like Son.

 {The Boss running the school from the directors office. He earned his nick name honestly}

At least once a day I hear “He looks just like daddy!” or “wow he is all daddy, isn’t he?” Or something of the like. On one hand I don’t mind. I love my husband otherwise I wouldn’t have wanted to have babies with him and babies who are like him is a-okay with me. But honestly….I did all the work growing him and sometimes I confess it gets my hackles up. Oh I know the comments are only meant sweetly. I am never annoyed at the people who say it because it is indeed a true statement. I just wish there was a little tiny outward sign that I had something to do with the fact that The Boss is totally rad.

Yeah I said it. The Boss is totally rad.

We got his first report card yesterday. He is enthusiastic, social and making lots of friends. They are working on keeping his hands to himself and following directions.


He IS just like daddy.


12 thoughts on “Like Father Like Son.

  1. My husband is Japanese. I am not. Our daughter looks EXACTLY like Tom. I mean, she kind of has 2 of my features, in a watered down kind of way. But I’ve had ppl ask me if she’s mine, if I’m the nanny, or if she’s adopted. I totally get you. Le sigh. But she’s a total bad ass, and even my husband would readily admit to not being responsible for that part of her gene pool 🙂

  2. I actually think that the Boss (and Huck) look a TON like both of you… seriously… but having a daughter who has curly blond hair and big blue eyes… I feel your pain… I look like I am her nanny… LOL

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