Stepping out Saturday and The Sum Up.

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary. Five years…wow. It’s pretty cool, to quote Miley Cyrus via SNL. To celebrate we went to Cactus Cantina for dinner and then TOTT took me and the rest of the family to The White House to tour the East Wing and all the Christmas decorations. To say it was amazing would be an understatement.

I wore tan sweater from Macys I love, dark jeggings from AE and boots, clearance last year at Target for 8 bucks. I also wore a baby in a ring sling which is think is by far the best accessory evah. I so adore my non-sleeping Huckleberry!

We were too busy taking pictures of the decorations so this is the only picture I have. Of course.  Total me, baby wearing social media mom FTW

We were allowed to take pictures in the East Wing, which is an unusual occurrence and I can’t wait to upload the ones from the real camera(says she who has pictures from the Boss’s Birthday on there…from JULY) but in the meantime here are some of my favorite instagram ones
First off we sent greetings to the troupes. Even the Boss got in on the action. Some soldier is going to get a scribbly stick figure and a backwards MAX. (XAM). I think that is kinda awesome!

There is a BO in every room. Some are big and some are tiny. By the way, TOTT was at the White House on Thursday and Bo came up to him in the hall and nuzzled his hand. COULD YOU JUST DIE?? Meanwhile I was wiping poop off a stubborn toddler. I think you can tell who leads the glamorous life between me and the hubs.

Felt Circle Bo…clearly the White House decorators have been cruising Pinterest.

white chocolate White House with not to scale Bo. But wouldn’t be awesome if Bo was that big? Like Clifford.

Right there was where President Obama announced we got Bin Laden.

I can’t tell you how many times I have stood at the fence wanting to see this entrance up close. It is gorgeous.

Oh it was magical! I think you can tell from this, one of my favorite wedding pictures that I do indeed LOVE Christmas!

What I wore that Saturday? Vintage inspired wedding dress by Monique Lowe, Necklace and earrings by Bloomingdales, Tiara by I don’t remember…I ordered like 20 of them off ye olde internets and chose one. Yes, I kept all the other ones. A cathedral veil for the ceremony and a fingertip for the reception. I didn’t wear a blusher…but I wish I had!

Happily Ever After!

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8 thoughts on “Stepping out Saturday and The Sum Up.

  1. Whoa…the White House?
    Did they strip search you before you were allowed to enter?
    More importantly…did you have to change the behbeh in the White House? Cause how awesome would it have been to say “Yea, we left a dirty diaper at the White House”…is that only awesome to me?
    Anystinkydiaper, congrats on the anniversary. The pictures are lovely

    • Thankfully no! But more importantly my potty training toddler didn’t have an accident in the White House, because honestly I was terrified he would.
      Then we would tease him for the rest of his life about it. But thankfully he didn’t.

    • I am about to put you on the payroll!!! How many blogs do you comment on every day? I need to learn from you, because I read every day (on my phone mostly) but I am a commenting slacker….shame on me!

  2. Such a fun date night to celebrate such a wonderful couple!!! You are making me totally miss DC. I’ll be getting a small fix though when I’m there on my birthday next week!!

    You look so amazingly radiant and gorgeous, then and even more now. Lots of love and handsome boys to love on will do that to you!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! Your wedding pictures are absolutely beautiful!

    I’ve been to the White House once, when I was too young to remember the details. It (or a trip to the White House), I think, is definitely something all Americans should do in their life time. It is so beautiful!

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