Sunday Obsession

For Christmas Zach gave me a cute little point and shoot camera, perfect for slipping in my over-sized purse/diaperbag. The problem was, that despite it’s brand name and great online reviews; it was utter garbage. After playing with it for almost a month I finally caved and took that dude back to Target. Because even my husband loves Target.

In it’s stead I got my new baby. I want to sleep with it. But I won’t just in case those absurd ads are right and co-sleeping (with a camera) kills.

I am forever a Canon girl now. It’s not the biggest or fanciest camera in creation, but it is perfect for me. And yes, I took a picture with my freaking phone OF my camera. I’m in love. Now I simply must find an awesome wrist strap and camera case! Etsy, oh etsy…I’m calling you! What camera do you have/love?

mini-obsession? My 1.99 purple nail polish.For WhyMommy, she wrote she would chose purple as her color and so we do. For Susan.

Steph's Camera 080
Maybe you will too, and if you do make sure you upload a pic to the Whymommy Lovefest on Facebook! (extra bonus obsession…Revlon LipButter. oh mah gah.)

(pic taken with new camera. natch)

What are you obsessed with?

3 thoughts on “Sunday Obsession

  1. Totallyobsessed with Fage honey flavor Greek yogurt. The one dairy I can’t give up. I can’t wait to stuff it in my piehole each morn.

  2. I have used Canon cameras for years. LOVE! And my dad got me a Canon Rebel for Christmas, which pretty much makes him my favourite parent forever 😉

    OK, pretty sure I need to move. Because, that brand of nail polish is $5.99 here!! WTH?!?

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