Sunday Obsession 2.0

I did it. I drank the Target Designer kool-aid, and that designer is Jason Wu.

I didn’t get up early or anything, please…mama has an oh my gawd how did the time go so fast 8 month old who has decided sleep is for the weak, so any chance I have to be unconscious I grab. But I got there shortly after 9 and dude it was decimated! I managed to find one bag hidden behind a bunch of other purses. So sorry whoever hid it, but it’s mine now!

I didn’t score a few pieces I really wanted, we will see if they trickle in from returns but I did get one of the dresses and the bag I wanted! Bonus a shirt that wasn’t on my list but was really cute on!

So. I’m obsessed with Milu the cat of course and do you think I could find the scarf or tote featuring him? Nope. Also MIA is Sir Catsby, who is sporting a red bow in honor of Milu. I didn’t even get a picture of him before he skittered away to hide.

Bad bloggers cat! Bad!


What are you obsessed with?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Obsession 2.0

  1. eeeep!! I love your finds!!!! I was there 8am yesterday and I got that same red stripped dress + the pretty blue floral dress + the blue daisy purse!!!! 🙂 Jason Wu is amazing!!

  2. Very jealous you scored some Jason Wu. I love his line but when I went to my area Target (2 of them) everything was gone already. But then again there is 11000 units on Ebay. Once upon a time Target had “Go International” which featured designers and thye didn’t make a big spalshy deal of it. Then basically anyone could get it without camping out. It is sad that it has come to this because the resellers are having a field day buying out eveything and then making money on Ebay with it.
    Love what you got and I would have liked the some of it…boohoo. But enjoy your finds you lucky lady:-)

  3. Ahh! I bought the same dress! I just love it. I went to a Target in Harrisonburg, VA where I knew I could go in leisurely and still find a couple cute things. Great finds! And I love that bag!!

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