Treat Yo Self

The day after Susan passed away the two teeth that had been driving Huck to distraction finally popped through. His first two chompers.

And after 2 and a half months of my incessant calling; the neurologist finally gave us the results of our Huckleberry’s EEG. Normal.

And there was much celebrating in the land.

I seriously think Susan got to heaven and got to work, because there were so many stories that we shared just like this at the funeral. Perhaps it’s just those of us left behind looking for signs and reasons why. But I choose to think that Susan, a mother to her very core, free from this mortal coil, tied up some loose ends.
She was my role model and she still is.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hug your kids, have some fun and as they say on Parks and Rec “Treat yo self!”


5 thoughts on “Treat Yo Self

  1. 2 1/2 months?!?!?! absolutely ridiculous! well now if (god forbid) you ever need a neurologist again, you know who NOT to go to!

    • he is like the BEST neuro in the area, he came in on the day after Christmas to see us…but then we never heard from him again. So weird.

  2. Yippee!! Now he is a drooling fool for a while but a cute one! And I agree with stardustmom go find another neurologist when you need one. You should not have waited 2 months for any results.

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