in which you see my un-finished headboard and perhaps TMI.

{Rome is so romantic}

Oh yeah. What is it about talking about s-e-x that gives me the 8th grade boy giggles? I don’t talk about it at all usually. A very early bad experience and an undeserved and long standing reputation has made me pretty unwilling to share. And really…I am not the gal who puts it all out there on the internet. I read and admire several women who are much more honest and open than I am. I  certainly don’t judge them…but when it comes to my life I am not a big sharer.

Except…except iVillage asked if the handsome husband and I would participate in the Better Sex Better Relationship challenge, and let’s be honest…since the kiddos, postpartum anxiety and y’know economic hardships and living at The American Dream ye olde romantic life has suffered a bit. It’s not that I don’t think he’s hot. It’s not that he doesn’t think I am hot (which boggles my mind because all I see it wobbly tummy, dark circles under the eyes etc where all he sees is the good stuff) so I said to him “wanna do this?” and he said “ummm YES!”

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and every other holiday my man.

So, we started the challenge. And then we had to make a video. No, not THAT kind of video. One where we *giggle* talk about our relationship. If you’re looking for down and dirty details, you’ll be dissapointed. But if you want to see how we interact and make each other laugh, then this is the video for you!

I’m trying to convince him we should co-vlog on the regular.

(one of these days I will finish the upholstery tacks along the headboard. It looks so unfinished. Also, paint those horrible green walls. Ugh.)

Watch and giggle VIDEO

5 thoughts on “in which you see my un-finished headboard and perhaps TMI.

  1. Oh boy. That was cute. And I think I’d die if I knew my mom was watching me talk about sex. Even though I am 38 and marries and she must know I’ve at least done it twice in order to have my babies.

  2. Oh Stephanie, you are the cutest!! Seriously loved the whole video, you’re both adorable. And holy cow, I guess I never realized just HOW MUCH Max looks like Zach….WOW! Anywhay…I’m gonna go check out this challenge, even if I AM 9 mos. pregnant. Thanks for making me smile this morning.

  3. You guys are, in fact, the cutest. And thanks for bringing this up, because I’ve been, well, um, concerned. There was the *trying* to conceive that was super lots of fun and then there is now early pregnancy which is, um, not so super fun. Sudden movements lead to nausea, and all that, so… I am uncertain about our future in this whole realm for the first time. Long story short–it means a lot to hear from a couple I can relate to. ::giggles::

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