And then an angel appeared via twitter.

I was at the end of my rope. Our precious non-sleeping-who-once-was-a-great-sleeper Huckleberry was really, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally not sleeping. No more naps. Refusing to go down until 9 or 10 and waking almost every single hour. I was losing it, people of blogland. Losing it. Not only that  but it was getting harder and harder to get him down every time he woke up and he had clearly designated 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. as time to party hard.

Did I mention I was losing it? There was one night where Huck’s cries physically hurt me I was so tired. Not only was I (am I) so exhausted that I could barely function but I was complaining. A lot. So much so that a sleep expert went to my profile and hunted down my email and emailed me. An Angel. She explained she had been following my tweets over the last (months) couple of days and asked if she could help me. I couldn’t type YES fast enough.

I checked her out of course. One doesn’t just accept random strangers telling one what to do with one’s precious Huckleberry, know what I mean?

We’re still in the trenches, I am not going to lie…but we are a few days in and guess what? He napped. He slept. He woke up…and went back to sleep. Progress people. It’s being made.

And now…to get ME to sleep. Maybe she has some advice for me.

10 thoughts on “And then an angel appeared via twitter.

  1. oh mama, sleep deprivation is ridiculous and does crazy things to our brains. whenever I’m super grouch at the man because I’ve been up all night with the toddles, I often find myself barking “you know they use sleep deprivation as a form of TORTURE, right?”. so glad more sleep is happening; hoping for much more on the horizon for you!

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that she found you. You have this enduringness about you that comes through even on twitter. And you were in pain sweetie… we all knew that!!! I’m so happy for you. Happy that she came along when she did. Happy you were able to connect with her. Happy it is a plan that works for you and happy that Huck is sleeping. It’s hard to make changes even when what is going on is not ok it’s easier then changing. I am sure it was not easy to take that first step but you did!! To tons of sleep for you and Huck!!

  3. Oh, how I love Twitter and its Angels! As for your sleep–my acupuncturist gave me Passion Flower extract. It’s lovely stuff. I’d get it from a naturopath if I were you, so that the dosage is definitely safe for bf-ing (if you are), but it’s safe for pregnancy! Our insurance covers naturopathy, so yours probably does, too. (Google will find sources that say passion flower is not safe for pregnancy & lactation. These are not well-informed sources.)

  4. I can relate to sleep deprivation. My youngest is a sleeper, but my oldest, never has been. I can’t tell you how many times I would put Josh in a stroller and ride him around the neighborhood until he fell a sleep, then carefully switch him to his crib.

  5. Are you able to share with us her advice, or is that something she prefers to keep between the two of you because that is her business?

  6. Oh, man, can I remember those sleepless nights with painful clarity. Brutal. I’m so glad you found someone who might help. I think I finally found solace from Dr. Weissbluth’s “Healthy Sleep Habits” book. Another baby sleep expert I think is great (and yep, we connected on Twitter) is this one: Good luck!

  7. My friend, I am so with you on that seemingly endless cycle when there is no sleeping. It truly is painful. Incredibly glad Huck’s on the way to better snoozing! Your turn 😉

  8. I have been there/am there. I always thought I was the only one who physically hurt when my ds cried because he didn’t want to sleep. We are currently in a sleep “battle” with the almost 2yo. Any (and I mean any) sleep tips would be appreciated.

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