This one time at iVillage Band Camp

I don’t know about your high school, but at mine? The band kids were the WILDEST. And they were totally under the radar so they could like party like no ones business and never get a rep.


Meanwhile I had one crazy bad junior high experience and was branded a slut for ages.

But I don’t need to go on Jerry Springer to get over it, I mean it was a hundred billion years ago. But that epithet has stayed with me throughout my life. I have wavered back and forth between Daddy issue inappropriate attention seeking and utter prissiness. Finally I have settled into happily married lady. Doing the challenge on iVillage was indeed out of my comfort zone and indeed there were several assignments that we just flat out skipped.

I mean really, if I can’t even stare in to my husband’s baby blues without laughing (watch here) what are the chances of us needed a safety word for jiminy’s sake?

I’ll tell ya…NONE.

And that’s okay. We are not those people. If you are, hey, that’s okay too! But as for me and my house just…no.

The challenge is over now but I think we will be keeping the focus on our couple relationship going. This was good for us, really good. Even if I did get the giggles. A LOT.

One thing is for certain, Zach and I need our own show.


You can watch the videos right here! Stephanie Dulli on iVillage

p.s. week three is my favorite.



5 thoughts on “This one time at iVillage Band Camp

  1. I think its important for all couples to keep working on their relationship as much as we work on being parents… otherwise it’ll be the first part that fades away…

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