In which my mother in law is groovier than me.

This past Saturday we gathered, friends and family, for my mother in law’s Seder. I love her Seders. First of all, who doesn’t love a religious ceremony where you lean to the left and drink? I mean, really. But mostly I love it because as we drink more and more wine we get sillier and sillier, and bless my mother in law’s heart, she laughs along with us. All the while I am cracking jokes and laughing till my eyes water, I am thinking how much groovier than me she is, because if this was my Easter dinner I would be freaking out at the giggling. I’d be Jesus died you guys! But she’s like whahoo! we got out of Egypt AND we remembered to bring the coffee! YAY!

{seriously yay. thanks for the coffee}

But she laughs hardest of all. Which is good because her son did a mighty fine rap of one part of the ceremony and we added several plagues to the ones that were unleashed upon the Egyptians such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Dance Moms, and Rick Santorum.

But the highlight of the night was, unsurprisingly, The Boss. Sitting at the dinner table he suddenly slammed a fist on the table.

“dammit!” slam again. “DAMMIT!” cried he.

“oh no, that is not a word we use” said I “especially not at the dinner table”

He paused, looking at all of us, moving only his eyes. Waited a good three seconds then:


Timing. The kid has it.

I wondered and wondered where he got that from. It was so specific. Slam. Dammit. SLAM. DAMMIT. And then after dinner my husband showed my SIL the funniest news bloopers, and there it was. Some apparently really famous ex-football player who is not Howie Long but I can’t remember anyone’s name other than Howie Long on some sports show. Slam! Dammit! SLAM!Ā  DAMMIT!

I guess we are just lucky Boss didn’t say “keep f***ing that chicken.”

12 thoughts on “In which my mother in law is groovier than me.

    • just my mother in law. my father in law is Christian, so the boys get everything and I love it! And my mother in law throws the funnest Seders ever.

  1. Seders are fun, I love passover, but am craving bread this week. Once once said on Crap and Josh thought thought I said Crab, so he still occasionally so OH Crab! He goes to a modern Orthodox preschool but we don’t keep Kosher so its kind of funny. I am waiting for her to say it at school…

  2. Ha, my daughter did the same thing to me at a family dinner at about the same age as the Boss only she said “oh shit”. Embarrassing at the time, but you never forget. Love your stories šŸ™‚

  3. lexie’s bff is jewish with a fantastic set of parents who encourage their daughter to include others and learn to appreciate all religions. lex has had the pleasure of being included and invited to experience seders, bat mitzvahs, etc. and i’ll admit, i’m slightly jealous! it warms my heart that my children’s hearts and minds are open to “different” and that they are so accepting. and now that i’ve gone off on that tangent, the boss is entirely too adorable and heart melting; causing me to laugh out loud at my desk. i only wish the boss and my jj could meet and be bff’s in real life!

  4. As I have gotten older I have noticed that the seders we go to, family and friends are getting shorter and shorter. Last one lasted 20 minutes. I kindof miss the longer ones. My dad always mispronounced Canaan. Every single time. He did Cannan all long A’s so it sounded Cah-nahn. And the glasses of wine are missing too.
    Can I come to your MIL next year. We can drive in from Cleveland. And visit.

  5. It’s pretty scary how quickly kids pick things up, and how eager they are to showcase their newly-acquired expressions šŸ™‚

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