Time marches on…

We are feeding ourselves over here. It’s half awesome, half total disaster.

Don’t you dare clear that plate before he is ready.

Baby Brother will cut you if you take away his crushed Kix covered banana slices. I’ve given up on bibs and have begun employing a diaper only dress code.

And this guy? Well he has taken to eat/napping. On the floor. Cheerios are his new favorite, perhaps it has something to do with Baby Brother chowing down on them.

Shhhhh. Don’t wake him.


5 thoughts on “Time marches on…

  1. I used to work in the “Ones” room at a child care center, and we had this adorable little kid who would fall asleep eating almost every day. Then, he’d wake up hungry and finish his lunch. His little chin would just fall to his chest like an old man!

    Also, I love your kids. I hope my baby is just like a Huckleberry baby. Happy and patient and adorable? Yes, please.

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