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Or not.
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Our Memorial Day weekend was (almost) everything you would ever want it to be. It can never be everything I want because I wish we didn’t have to have a memorial day. The weekend was spent with yard sales, furniture refinishing, painting, photography and playing, playing, playing with the boys. Never forgetting and always explaining WHY we celebrate with such quintessential American joys on what is such an important holiday.

I think Boss understands…sort of. He doesn’t understand why HE can share his toys and say he is sorry and yet adults sometimes cannot. I only explain little bits at a time. I loathe the day I have to explain 9/11. I still cannot find words.

We decided to head to the Capitol for the Memorial Day Concert and it was glorious, patriotic, awe inspiring and rip-your-heart-out sad. I must say the sight of my three (almost four) year old Boss with his hand over his heart trying to sing the National Anthem made my heart nearly burst.
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There seems to be a misnomer in this country that you can’t be a liberal and a patriot at the same time and that is poppycock, just so ya know.

The concert was amazing. All 40 minutes of it before we were evacuated. Yup. It was so surreal as one they took to the stage and asked us to evacuate in an orderly manner due to extreme storms. There is a moment of disbelief when your ears hear it but your brain won’t process, especially because the weather at that point was perfect. The Capitol Police were fantastic and everyone, although grumbly, moved along peaceably and at one point I was separated from Zach and Boss and people cleared a way for me to get to them. DC people may be the rudest drivers this side of Boston but get them out of the car and manners are not dead.

By the time we got the babies in the car we were trapped in a crazy heavy rain with wind that would knock me right over! There was nothing to be done but make our way home and listen to Parliament on the radio.


But what sticks with me about the concert is this- straight out of the camera:

I see the moon and the moon sees me. I think of Susan.

For now I am full stop in the swing of Huckleberry’s FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY. And can someone tell me how this is possible? He. Was. Just. Born.
Am I right???


p.s. operation Learn To Use My Camera is going pretty well!

A new synapse formed.

It occurred to me, as things do, while I was ironing my pillow cases that perhaps not everyone does this. Perhaps not everyone thrills to the crackling sound of the sizing as it sprays on the white cotton. Perhaps not everyone is swept over by a peaceful calm as the iron smooths out all the wrinkles leaving nothing but crisp white.

I firmly believe that towels and sheets should be white but friends should come in all colors.

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I’m not sure when I discovered my love of ironing. It’s akin to making the bed for me. An instant payback, an immediate reward. With two small kids and no space of our own life is constant chaos. I can never seem to get all the laundry done, all the dishes done, all the diapers done…it is a constant catch up.

Let’s not discuss the state of my closet.

But smoothing the wrinkles away from my sheets, my duvet, and yes, my shower curtain is a calm in the storm. Hucklberry scoots all around the floor thrilling to Play with me Sesame and Boss practices his booty bounce on the bed as I spray and iron.

It’s a good day. Sometimes there is joy in the little things.

I slept with Buzz Lightyear.

And he cuddled like a mother #######  BOSS!
I sometimes forget that he is still so little. He is so verbal and so wise beyond his years, but when it comes down to it he still wants to put on last years Buzz Lightyear costume and cuddle up in Mommy’s bed.


And that is a-okay with me.


One of my favorite places in DC is the National Cathedral. My family will find this as no surprise as when we were in Rome I dragged them into and when we visited New York guess what is on the itinerary? Oh St. Patrick’s. I swoon. And from there I force them to visit chapel after Cathedral reading about the Saints and lighting candles.

I adore Cathedrals. Catholic Cathedrals. Actually any big old fancy church.  I positively WEPT at the design travesty that is the Los Angeles Cathedral. Give me old school all the way. Midnight Mass at St. Charles Borromeo (not a Cathedral, just awesome) near our old home was a tradition Zach and I adored. I miss that. Midnight Mass when you have wee ones is a bit tricky, isn’t it? Also, I’m not actually Catholic, but it was my primary study subject in school and even as I creep closer towards a more mature age (while eschewing actual maturity) I still long to go back and study the heck outta those popes! I’d be Catholic in a heartbeat if it weren’t for that pesky inequality thing, and I don’t think it’s quite right to join up having a major problem with a church (although Andrew Sullivan would disagree).

Wow this post went a different way than I had thought.

We go to the National Cathedral every year for Mother’s Day. It’s heaven.
and my boys are heaven on earth.
P.S. I’m just waiting for JCrew CrewCuts kids to come for the Boss. Because, really.



The oh so incredible Kate wrote this re-cap of Listen To Your Mother. Take a second and give it a gander. It was magic. It was heaven.

Memories Captured.

I know Mother’s day is about spoiling mom (and for Mother’s Day I myself would like to act like a dad…sleep in, watch whatever I want and then have someone else get up with the baby next morning at 4 am.) but really I am spoiled every day.

Because they are mine.

maxthreememories captured
I am so, so, spoiled.

Happy Mother’s day!


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Oh Mother’s day….

Sigh. Today I went to my very first pre-school Mother’s Day Tea. I feel like I had a motherhood right of passage and it was adorable. Sometimes being a mother is absurdly beautiful. My little date and I had so much fun together, my sweet first born was really in need of some individual attention.
Much needed.


because this guy:

is rocking one bad ass ear infection with a side of 103 hotness. It’s decidedly not awesome. Thankfully he has his blankie from MommaKiss she made it for him and I am pretty sure she knitted it from magical unicorns or possibly kittens. It is just that soft.

And for reals, this right here? Is my favorite iVoices video I have ever, ever done. Because really, I have turned into my mother. At least a little bit. Have you?


Things I never thought I’d say.

And apparently I am not the only one who has said them, and ahem done them.
Motherhood is weird y’all.

I need to tell you all about Listen To Your Mother. How we filled the house, how we brought that house down, how kick ass it was to be back on stage…but I just need to process a bit. And maybe sleep. Hopefully, but Huck has an ear infection because of course.

feels like a hit to the gut…

Working on a post for Just Be Enough I happened to google the last time I was on stage and I found a video I had never seen before. The last play I did meant a lot to me. Written by a friend, it was the culmination of many years of playing the part of Katie.

I love this character so much, I still do. She has a part of my soul. Watching clips of it I wish I had more, I want to relive it.



I can do this, I can do Listen To Your Mother. I might have an Irish Lilt though…

Sometimes a blast from the past can bring up a lot of emotions, I’m in a whirlwind right now.