Things I never thought I’d say.

And apparently I am not the only one who has said them, and ahem done them.
Motherhood is weird y’all.

I need to tell you all about Listen To Your Mother. How we filled the house, how we brought that house down, how kick ass it was to be back on stage…but I just need to process a bit. And maybe sleep. Hopefully, but Huck has an ear infection because of course.

5 thoughts on “Things I never thought I’d say.

  1. awesome. just awesome. i am right there, too. i wish i could see your show!!! drat!
    i went to walgreens the other day IN MY PJS. no shame. just no shame.

  2. Can’t wait to hear about your show. SO glad it was awesome and everything you hoped it to be. And yeah, we do say the most ridiculous things as Mothers, for sure!

    • it was incredible. But really let’s discuss how beautiful your baby is. Now I have to have another. I blame you.

  3. seriously hilarious and so freaking true! sometimes i stop and think to myself “did i really just say that?” or i can be overheard saying to another adult “there are things i say to my son that i never imagined saying out loud, ever!” most embarrassing, “get your hand out of your butt crack!” and then racing j to the bathroom to wash his hands while he declares “but it itches” or “but it hurts!”. omg!

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