Oh Mother’s day….

Sigh. Today I went to my very first pre-school Mother’s Day Tea. I feel like I had a motherhood right of passage and it was adorable. Sometimes being a mother is absurdly beautiful. My little date and I had so much fun together, my sweet first born was really in need of some individual attention.
Much needed.


because this guy:

is rocking one bad ass ear infection with a side of 103 hotness. It’s decidedly not awesome. Thankfully he has his blankie from MommaKiss she made it for him and I am pretty sure she knitted it from magical unicorns or possibly kittens. It is just that soft.

And for reals, this right here? Is my favorite iVoices video I have ever, ever done. Because really, I have turned into my mother. At least a little bit. Have you?


8 thoughts on “Oh Mother’s day….

  1. So cute! My boys both made presents for Melissa in preschool. Since she doesn’t read blogs I can share what I did. I wen through 5 years of iPhoto pictures and turned them into a photo book. The go in order from birth to now 5-3. When the box arrived barring an apple logo she texted me that I better now have bought her an iPad because 3 in one house is ridiculous!

  2. the boys are so freaking cute and cuddly!

    and thanks for the video, it was a good laugh on this deary monday morning.

  3. WAIT a minute! I’m so sorry I didn’t come by sooner to compliment your gorgeous children. And thanks for the shout out – that blankie was made from totally magic yarn. It’s true. 🙂

    Hope you had a great mother’s day.

    • Word Kiss made it and it is the flat out SHIZZ. I love it and frequently wrap Huck up in it and take a zillion pictures. It’s a magic happy blankie. She is AMAZING.

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