Memories Captured.

I know Mother’s day is about spoiling mom (and for Mother’s Day I myself would like to act like a dad…sleep in, watch whatever I want and then have someone else get up with the baby next morning at 4 am.) but really I am spoiled every day.

Because they are mine.

maxthreememories captured
I am so, so, spoiled.

Happy Mother’s day!


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35 thoughts on “Memories Captured.

  1. Oh, those cheeks on both those boys! Love. My two boys are just one year older (almost 4 and almost 2). That first year with both was hard but wonderful, and the second year has been even better! I, too, am one spoiled mom.

  2. Your little guy can only be described as cherubic. And your big brother guy? With that adorably smudged upturned nose? I hope he never EVER has to wash that off, because that’s some serious cute. OKOKOK, he probably had to wash it off. But you captured it so wonderfully here.

    • Thank you! And yes, it was quite a bath that night. There may have even been two baths. Thank you so much for swinging by!

    • OBSESSED. He says we need to have one more baby because there are only two of them…and green day is THREE people so we need one more.

      Good enough reason for me!

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