One of my favorite places in DC is the National Cathedral. My family will find this as no surprise as when we were in Rome I dragged them into every.single.church. and when we visited New York guess what is on the itinerary? Oh St. Patrick’s. I swoon. And from there I force them to visit chapel after Cathedral reading about the Saints and lighting candles.

I adore Cathedrals. Catholic Cathedrals. Actually any big old fancy church.  I positively WEPT at the design travesty that is the Los Angeles Cathedral. Give me old school all the way. Midnight Mass at St. Charles Borromeo (not a Cathedral, just awesome) near our old home was a tradition Zach and I adored. I miss that. Midnight Mass when you have wee ones is a bit tricky, isn’t it? Also, I’m not actually Catholic, but it was my primary study subject in school and even as I creep closer towards a more mature age (while eschewing actual maturity) I still long to go back and study the heck outta those popes! I’d be Catholic in a heartbeat if it weren’t for that pesky inequality thing, and I don’t think it’s quite right to join up having a major problem with a church (although Andrew Sullivan would disagree).

Wow this post went a different way than I had thought.

We go to the National Cathedral every year for Mother’s Day. It’s heaven.
and my boys are heaven on earth.
P.S. I’m just waiting for JCrew CrewCuts kids to come for the Boss. Because, really.



The oh so incredible Kate wrote this re-cap of Listen To Your Mother. Take a second and give it a gander. It was magic. It was heaven.

7 thoughts on “Heaven.

  1. I love big old churches which is funny since I am Jewish. I find the churches and Christianity so fascinating. On our Honeymoon I think I dragged Melissa into every church we could find in Paris.

  2. I do hope I am not spoiling anything for you by telling you that the National Cathedral is actually Episcopal! Have you been to the Franciscan Monestary or National Shrine in NE DC? Both are also amazing. As is the “chapel” (in quotes because is it way too majestic in my mind to really be a chapel!) at my alma mater where hubby and I got married… It won the golf medal for church architecture in the world the year it was built! Amazing!

  3. Oh the National Cathedral – I love it too! One of my favorite places growing up in DC and the best place for field trips (cue “flying buttress” jokes).
    You guys are all so adorable! Happy belated Mother’s Day!

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