A new synapse formed.

It occurred to me, as things do, while I was ironing my pillow cases that perhaps not everyone does this. Perhaps not everyone thrills to the crackling sound of the sizing as it sprays on the white cotton. Perhaps not everyone is swept over by a peaceful calm as the iron smooths out all the wrinkles leaving nothing but crisp white.

I firmly believe that towels and sheets should be white but friends should come in all colors.

huckie mouth blog
I’m not sure when I discovered my love of ironing. It’s akin to making the bed for me. An instant payback, an immediate reward. With two small kids and no space of our own life is constant chaos. I can never seem to get all the laundry done, all the dishes done, all the diapers done…it is a constant catch up.

Let’s not discuss the state of my closet.

But smoothing the wrinkles away from my sheets, my duvet, and yes, my shower curtain is a calm in the storm. Hucklberry scoots all around the floor thrilling to Play with me Sesame and Boss practices his booty bounce on the bed as I spray and iron.

It’s a good day. Sometimes there is joy in the little things.

8 thoughts on “A new synapse formed.

  1. I agree w/ MommaKiss. Clothes? Hells to the big fat NO. But sheets? Oh yeah, baby. Perhaps it was because as a child, my grandma would entertain me by having me iron all her and my papa’s handkerchiefs.

  2. Oh my, seriously haven’t met another person who loves to iron as much as I do. I iron every piece of clothing I wear every single morning. I ironed stacks and stacks of linens for my uncle’s wedding last summer and he let me in on a secret.. Pressed clothes and the love of is a Dutch trait that my grandmother passed down to me. I even tried to pack an iron with me last year when I went to Canada just because I didn’t want to get there and have to live with wrinkly clothes. I feel like I’d make a decent wife.

  3. Fascinating. I would do almost anything to avoid ironing. In fact, I stopped ironing my husbands shirts long ago, unless its a complete tragic looking disaster. As for sheets and such…wow! My mind says, well, they’re just gonna get laid on and wrinkled immediately anyway. Oh, and also, I’m lazy. BUT, I’m really glad you have something like that that just brings you instant calm and joy. And I’ve officially just blabbed on way to long about nothing. The end!

  4. I revel in your comment that you “take joy in the little things” That’s where true joy lives. BIG things are fleeting, while the little things bring joy over and over.

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