Another reason Gay Marriage is an insult to the institution.

Oh wait.

So…yeah. Unless you live under a rock you’ve heard the earth shattering and out of left field never to be expected news that Katie Holmes’ lawyers finally found an out clause and have negotiated an early release date from her prison cell.

I mean Katie and Tom are divorcing after a contractually obligated 5 years.

The world responded with a deep sigh of “FINALLY”

First of all, though it pains me to say it, TC was epic in Rock of Ages. Epic. Like that dude should get an  Academy Award nom for it. He lived, breathed, and um…other bodily functioned that part. But the whole time I was watching it, I kept thinking how pissed Katie must have been that she wasn’t in it. (side note- there was not enough of my boyfriend Will Forte in it. Clearly a grave casting mistake was made when he wasn’t given the role of Alec Baldwin’s, ahem, right hand man.)

Also, the Doctor who mixed up Suri did a good job, that is one cute little girl. I hope Katie has her tucked away like all her Dawson’s money in a Swiss account, because we all know Tom isn’t fond of losing custody. All ranting aside, I think they have done a great job with her and I hope they take good care of her during this. It sucks when mom and dad break up no matter what the situation is.

Thank GOD we aren’t letting couples who have the same number of XX or XY chromosomes get legally married. It’s important that we keep the institution of marriage sacred for reality shows and Hollywood contracts.


Welcome to the new site.

(For clarification, the real subject of this is that the logic that gay marriage would ruin the sanctity of marriage is flawed. Also? Turn in to the Bachelorette on ABC!)

Hucklberry says “Is the gang all here?”

Huck Collageblog

Dude. It’s moved. It’s happened…and it feels good. There are still things I can’t figure out…like how to set up feedburner for the new URL which is making me batty! But I’ve got the weekend to figure that out. Hopefully. In the mean time here we are, positively melting from the heat and humidity, so much so that even when we are inside we lay around like slugs. The Boss vacillating between the sweetest angel ever and a holy terror. The other day we set a personal record of FOURTEEN time out. Fourteen people. Fourteen. Huckleberry is practicing his standing and falling (not to mention his stellar Smooth Criminal hat moves) and the one time we ventured out of the house to meet Brittany at the National Zoo some butthead stole my wallet.

I’m in a real swell mood lately, let me tell you.

But there are babies to cuddle and ice cream to eat, so really all is good in the hood.

If I could only figure out feedburner.

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Whoohoo! It’s bittersweet, leaving this space. This space is where I came into my own. But for a while I’ve felt like this doesn’t fit. Like a favorite old sweater, it’s well loved and worn but just not quite right for me now. So tomorrow the brilliant @Japster will move me from here to my new internet home…Belle Reve. I am both excited and sad about it. I’ll still be Minky, I can’t change who I am and I don’t want too but a new internet home now and hopefully a new in real life home soon! Belle Reve. Beautiful Dream. It’s a good place to be…a good place to grow. Hope to see you there!

**So exciting news, my very first Op-Ed is up on iVillage! I DO think women can have it all…do you?

Huckleberry’s Birthday Carnival Continues!

(this picture has nothing to do with anything….I just can’t get over how teeeeeny Huckleberry was!)

tiny HuckOh how I love this tiny human~!

I love pretty things. I mean, I REALLY love pretty things. I also love handbags, so you can guess easily I suppose that when I was pregnant with Boss I went, as Skippyjon Jones might say, crazy loco buying diapers bags. Ya know what? I hated them. I did, I missed my pretty purses and the diaper bags were either too big and bulky or too small…I wasn’t sure what to do. So I resorted to keeping diapers and wipes in a big old Ziplock and keeping that in my purse.

Klassy, non?

I wish I had known of Pishposh Mommy then, but I am glad that I know of them now! These bags are specifically designed to fit into your bag and help keep everything organized, neat and right at your fingertips without forcing you to resort to the high fashion of a Ziplock.

I chose the Pishposh Mommy Quick zip in Soma. I can pack it up and just stick it in whatever bag I want to use that day. I know…I know…people rarely post bad reviews but I honestly love it.

(sadly they did not send me the lovely Louis Vuitton to put the Quick Zip in.)

I kinda have the I wants for the diaper clutch now, you know for short trips…and also cause it will fit in the only Louis I one which is a small Speedy Bag I miss carrying it! But I am pretty sure the one bag that has made life easier for millions of mommies everywhere is the Wet Bag. Dude. It’s perfect for wet swimsuits or cloth diapers…gulp blow outs or potty training accidents. (It just NOW occurred to me that cloth diapering mama’s deal with this all.the.time. well done, mamas, well done.) Just toss them in there and zip it up! It’s machine washable and fold in half and snaps to make a cute wristlet. I love it!

And I have a wet bag for you!

in Soma Chic, natch so we can be twinsies. Duh! All ya gotta do is visit their site and check it out and tell me which pattern is your fav, I ask this because I can’t make up my mind myself! The giveaway winner will be announced on Monday, but as an extra gift to you you can get 25% off their reasonable prices by entering the code DIALM25 at the check out. Hooray!

Just a few days till Dial M for Minky becomes BELLE REVE! I beg of thee…come with.

*disclaimer Pish Posh Mommy sent me these bags to review for free and I have chosen to share with you. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Cross my heart and may I be cursed with a million ziploc bags taking over my purse if I’m lying.

In which I am forced to defend Alec Baldwin

Oh this vexes me greatly. Of course, stars are spoiled. They shop at the best stores, people cater to their every whim and they get enough free stuff to keep a homeless family clothed, fed and well housed for three years just at one event. So I know, I know it’s hard to reach deep into our hearts and find some sympathy for them. Especially a hot head like Alec Baldwin.


But. If you live in LA long enough eventually you will get caught in the maelstrom of a paparazzi frenzy. It’s just a statistical probability. And whoa nelly, even though I had an idea- I really had NO idea what it was like until I got caught up as a bystander. It was terrifying to me…you can’t move. You can’t escape. You’re trapped. And all the while those cameras are clicking away and flashing in your eyes. And the yelling. They’re not just snapping a flattering picture and gently heading on their way; they are screaming at you every horrible thing that’s ever happened to you that you want to forget.

Hey Jen how did it feel when you found out Brad was ****** Angelina?  Jessica, How did you get SO FAT? Alec, what does your little pig daughter think about you getting married again? Julia, how does it feel to be a husband stealer? (okay that last one was mine…but I never yelled it at her, I just thought it to myself)

and so on and so on and so on.

If this was done to you or me it would be assault. Verbal and physical. It might  be covered under the Geneva convention. It’s horrible. But they are public domain as they earn their living by being in the public eye and so they are fair play, but should they be? Should they always be accessible? Are they always working? If you followed your doctor would he not snap? Hairdresser? Teacher? Should it be okay to follow Halle Berry to her daughter’s school and take pictures? Is it okay to stalk Reese Witherspoon’s OB office to get a picture? Shouldn’t SOME things be off limits?

Children. Flat out yes. We’ve seen footage of both Halle Berry and Julia Roberts losing it on paparazzi’s outside their kids schools and I think we all agree, well done. Kids- off limits. The end.

But in the case of Alec Baldwin today, I say we just take a breath. He is an easy target to say “well HE deserved it, he is always flying off the handle” If I were subjected to that, I would snap. You might too.

Justin Bieber did and now he might possibly face criminal charges. How fair is that? Yes, you simply can’t go around hitting people, but at what point do we acknowledge that anyone, ANYONE would haul off and attempt to stop their assailant when they are being assaulted? And a true pap frenzy is just that, an assault.

Then why do stars snap when it’s just one or two photographers? Because they can, because they aren’t outnumbered by 50.

Yeah. When I hear a star hit a paparazzi my first thought is way to go star.

What about you?

{photo credit New York Daily News}

***Breadcrumbs! I will be moving to VERY soon!***

Musings and a GIVEAWAY!

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The winner via was comment #4 Karri! Karri please email me your address so I can get that out to you!

So. I thought perhaps I was the only one, but in reading some of my very favorite blogs this morning it appears as though I am not alone. Many of us caught between really wanting to work, to write, and to just focus on family.

I’ve been working very hard with the brilliant Laverne from Kindred Adventures on the blog move. She has the patience of a saint with me, trying every font under the sun and making them one eighteen billionth of a size smaller and one millimeter to the right. I am a perfectionist with a vision and surely I had better just learn how to make this stuff on my own before I lose her as a friend. That being said, so far? It looks amazing.

So there’s another limbo. It’s not as though I won’t be Minky anymore, I will. I always will. But the name, the URL…it’s like a favorite article of clothing I’ve outgrown. I’ll always love it, but I’m growing up. My Random Buy Me Things Day is rapidly approaching and I feel the need to make a change, a real change. To streamline, to reassess, to figure out what it is I want to be when I grow up…and get to doing it. Maybe I fake it till I make it, but enough with licking my wounds over not living in LA anymore, not being an actress anymore (for now), not being the old Stephanie.

But who is the new Stephanie? Well, I know a couple of things. Creative. I am creative no matter what, and I WILL find a way to create. No stage available? I’ll learn to paint, learn to write, learn photography. I will create. A mother. I am a mother and I love it. Yesterday for Father’s Day we took the whole family to Medeival Times and within moments my lovely dress was covered in crackers and hummus from a certain small Huckleberry. And as I scrubbed it off with a baby wipe I realized how much I love it. I love that Huckleberry. He lifts up my soul, he heals me. And Boss? Boss is my light, my spirit…Boss is my strength.  They don’t make me WHO I am but they certainly add to it.

I realized I had been waiting to write, to give you the gifts that Huggies, Pish Posh Mommy, and Polka Daisy had offered for Huckie’s Birthday until I got the new site up, and I will with the necklace (because we are so close!)

But, you can’t stop existing in the now while you wait for the new to begin.

So, who wants some adorable Hawaiian diapers for their baby? Huggies is giving one Huckleberry fan a great diaper gift package that comes with two Hawaiian leis, a beach ball, some wipes, a jumbo pack of super cute diapers and it’s all wrapped up in an awesome LL Bean Beach tote.

(photo from

For real.

So! Just leave me a comment telling me what size Little Mover you have and I will let pick a winner on Wednesday!

Here’s hoping I can announce the winner or the new! site!


be there. It’s going to be awesome.


Minky for life!

Extra Extra! BIG news…and a teaser.

As many of you know I’ve been struggling with the blog title/url for a while now. You may have noticed I went down to just “Minky” and I will always be Minky. I just will. But I finally after driving everyone crazy for about 10 months of random URL purchases and what do you think of this name s I hit it. And it’s perfect. I bought the URL and changed my twitter handle.

It’s happening.

Hopefully the move will be a smooth as silk, but last time it was supposed to be smooth as silk I lost over 500 subscribers. That was the suckage. So, this is your notice. I am moving soon. This page will of course re-direct, but you may need to re-subscribe…hopefully not, but maybe.

And to entice your cute boots into joining me at the new abode I am giving away a necklace that I love. Well I am keeping mine thankyouverymuch but Polka Daisy sent me one for Huck’s birthday and one for YOU for sticking with us through his first year.

subscribing to the new url will NOT be a requirement…but maybe it will help you find me.

cause it’s a cute necklace. And I like your mugs.

As soon as it is up and running I will let you all know! It’s going to be fun and I will finally feel like the blog name reflects what I have going on! YAY!

p.s. no one say but i LOVE your blog name because I will cry. Just go with me okay?


My sweet Huckleberry, you are ONE. I cannot fathom life without you. Before you were born I worried, as many moms do, how could I love another baby with the all encompassing love I had for your big brother.


When you were born, when your lungs opened up for the first time taking in their first refreshing, shocking life giving gulp of breath- at that exact moment my heart also expanded. My heart grew a new chamber. Each breath of yours is a beat of that chamber. And while I still love your brother with that all encompassing love I have the very same all encompassing love for you. Different but the same. Much as you and your brother are different but the same.

I was always jealous of those your brother gave his love too, wanting to be the brightest star in his sky, so it is with you.But I cannot be too jealous, because the one you love the most, the brightest star in your sky is your brother. You have a smile reserved just for him. A laugh. And a language that only you two share. At your party we asked you what you call Max and you let out a silly polysyllabic squawk – sure enough Max answered. The two of you sit in the back seat of the car and giggle, sharing something we will never understand and neither of you will remember but it makes my heart explode into ten billion shimmers of glitter happiness.

You, Huckie, are a dream come true. We call your spun sugar because you are simply the sweetest baby around. Unless someone takes an iPhone away from you and then there’s hell to pay.

You are my sun, my moon, my breath, my heartbeat. The toughest thing I will ever do in my life is raise you and your brother not to need me, to stand on your own. I love you enough to give it my all.


But you can always come crawling back to mommy.