Hucklberry says “Is the gang all here?”

Huck Collageblog

Dude. It’s moved. It’s happened…and it feels good. There are still things I can’t figure out…like how to set up feedburner for the new URL which is making me batty! But I’ve got the weekend to figure that out. Hopefully. In the mean time here we are, positively melting from the heat and humidity, so much so that even when we are inside we lay around like slugs. The Boss vacillating between the sweetest angel ever and a holy terror. The other day we set a personal record of FOURTEEN time out. Fourteen people. Fourteen. Huckleberry is practicing his standing and falling (not to mention his stellar Smooth Criminal hat moves) and the one time we ventured out of the house to meet Brittany at the National Zoo some butthead stole my wallet.

I’m in a real swell mood lately, let me tell you.

But there are babies to cuddle and ice cream to eat, so really all is good in the hood.

If I could only figure out feedburner.

Don’t forget to enter the PishPosh Mommy wetbag giveaway! I’ll announce the winner on monday!

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