The one where there were fire breathing dragons.

There once was a little boy, let’s call him Boss shall we? Anyway this little boy was fairly well obsessed with knight and dragons. This little boy turns every thing into a sword, which is easy to do since this little boy when not a knight is being Billie Joe Armstrong or Trey Cool from Green Day with a healthy dose of baseball player in there so there are a lot of drumsticks and mike stands & bats which can easily be transformed to swords. He’s pretty rad this sword fighting-“punk” rocker-baseball player and when he saw the commercials for How To Train Your Dragon live he stopped in his tracks and said “ooooooooooh” really quietly. When an almost 4 year old boy says something very quietly you listen.

Then we got invited to check it out. We took the Metro. There is NOTHING cooler than taking a train to see a dragon, people! I mean…when you are almost 4.

I wanted to see it from a theatrical standpoint, the sheer technical precision needed to pull off a show like this is guano.  And let’s be honest? I want my very own Toothless the dragon. The movie was almost too much for my little heart to bear, and honestly the show was louder but much less intense emotionally, if that makes sense. Boss wasn’t scared at all! My hyper verbal boy who pronounces considerably and spaghetti properly calls the Vikings Vi-Kanz. It slays me and I want him to say it over and over and over and over again.

For reals it is worth the price of admission to see the dragons. We weren’t allowed to bring our cameras, which made me grumpy especially at the end when we were invited to a tech talk to learn how they built the amazing dragons.  For what its worth I used the very last of my iphone’s battery to take this picture of the mini-dragons with mini people on them.  You’re welcome.
“close up”


Then Daddy told Boss Fred Willard got busted and Boss was like whaaaaaa? Doesn’t he have the internet?
photo 2
I’m kidding, he was just super geeked out about the little people on the dragons.

There was one technical problem during the show which left the parents in my area giggling, but the kids didn’t notice. Well one did and commented on it very loudly which only made the adults giggle harder. All in all I give the show a solid A. We had a blast and also there were nachos. I am a SUCKER for sports venue nachos.

You should totally take your small (or not so small people) to check it out when it comes to your town. And hooray~ howzabout 25% off? Just enter MOM in the discount code box (on some city sites there is a dedicated mom blogger discount code box but it works in either.)

** You know it! Disclosure: I got tickets in exchange for a review. All opinions are totally and completely my own.

3 thoughts on “The one where there were fire breathing dragons.

  1. I just checked because Miles would go crazy for this and it looks like the show is avoiding the southeast like the plague. Boo. Maybe we can get up to New Jersey? 😉

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