Let it Be for Noah.

I rarely take to my blog to ask for help. I mostly stick to silly missives about Tom and Katie’s marriage, the Bachelorette or what a dork I am at parenthood. I try to be honest and real on my bad days, to be open about my postpartum anxiety and how having an eating disorder perhaps contributed to that. I have good days and bad days, as we all do. Today is different.

Last night was a good night. Boss came to me post bath all warm and smelling of Burt’s Bees and commanded me to “look at how clean and sparkly my booty is Mommy!” And I did look, and it was clean and sparkly. I maybe pinched it a little. He’s four ( in a few days!) so the years of appropriate nibbling and pinching are dwindling at a rapid rate.

Yes, last night was good…until I lay in bed, cuddled next to a sleeping Boss, foot in my face (why do they want to sleep sideways???) and couldn’t stop thinking of my friend Mike and his very own boy, Noah.

Mike was a good friend to sister Dub and I in high school, despite his penchant for Obsession for Men. He thought it was awesome. We disagreed. Whatever, cologne not withstanding, he looked out for us. He was older and wiser but never talked down to us, and frequently saved our butts from older boys. I always suspected he had a little thing for sister Dub, but then most guys who ever met her fell instantly in love. Mike grew up, went to BYU, got married, and had a family. Just like we did…minus the BYU bit because, obviously. His first son is just about Max and Zu’s age. His baby Noah, is Huckleberry’s age, just two weeks younger.

Right before Noah’s first birthday he got sick, he couldn’t keep anything down. Like any good parent they took him to the hospital worrying about dehydration. The doctor ordered a CT scan along with other tests and it was discovered Noah had a malignant brain tumor.

Can you imagine? You go in thinking your one year old has the flu and come out knowing he has brain cancer?

Mike is a musician, a good one, and he took to youtube to sing a song for Noah, if you like it you can download it at itunes and all proceeds go to Noah’s care.

please take a second to watch the video and if you can spare $1.29 down load the song. Or donate whatever you can. I look at Huckleberry and think there but for the grace of God go I.

**MSNBC & HUFFPO picked up Noah’s story!

Please share if you feel moved too. On Facebook, on twitter…whatever.

The direct youtube link is: http://youtu.be/-YAu-sGIpwQ and we are using the hashtag #LetitBeforNoah

I have always thought Let it Be was a sacred song…and it is.

9 thoughts on “Let it Be for Noah.

  1. I did NOT want to watch that video. Now that I’m a parent, and a parent of a special needs child, I just cannot get through that kind of stuff without crying. But I did watch it. And my heart breaks. And I donated.

  2. How heartbreaking! I was crying throughout the entire song, I think being a parent makes these types of stories that much more heartbreaking. I downloaded the song! He is amazingly talented and you could feel the emotion throughout the song. My heart goes out to their family, they will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I can’t take it, it hurts my heart too much! But thank you for posting, otherwise I wouldn’t have known! Will definitely share his story and donate! Anything to help Noah!

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