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Four is such a big kid. I remember things from when I was four. Four is making friends you may know your whole life. Four is having full conversations with those friends. Four is knowing what you like and what you don’t like. Four is definitely not a baby. My baby is four today.


In four short years you have taught me more about life and love than I ever thought possible. You love fiercely and those you love you protect with all your might. Sometimes at night you snuggle up next to me and as you nuzzle your face into my neck you whisper “don’t worry mommy, I’ll protect you.” I believe it too. Huck is now into all your stuff and yet you rarely get annoyed. Today as you two were splashing and giggling in the bath Huckie got water in his eyes. You quickly asked me for a washcloth and then gently wiped his eyes dry.

You hold the door on the elevator for me every time so I don’t get “squished”. You are constantly figuring things out and I am frequently told  “Actually mommy, that’s a kids baseball game!” or- and this is one of my favorites  ” Medieval Times… Oh! Of course! Mike the Knight is like Medieval Times for kids!” Your love for Green Day still runs strong. We may have to have a chat about which intro/outros are appropriate for pre-school concerts. I confess I thrill to hear you cry ” ALL RIGHT ENGLAND!” as you launch into a song. You alternate rock and roll with baseball all day and Huck patiently plays whatever instrument you give him or cheers for you from the stands.  I adore it! Even if I am not allowed to sing along.

You celebrate every victory with pure joy. Not only your own victories but everyone around you. “Look mommy! Boo is standing like a big boy! YAY BOO!” Your power of observation is keen and we can slip nothing past you. You hear everything. “Is this Downton Abby?” You asked this morning as PBS came on the TV. You are wickedly funny and your giggle now mingled with Huck’s is my favorite sound on the earth. The two of you already share secrets and gang up on me. You will always be my baby and Huckie may just be YOUR baby. I adore you, all of you. Smart, silly, witty,stubborn, ferocious, willful, precocious, sweet, kind-hearted playful you.

You are mine, or rather I am yours. Daddy is not allowed near me and if he dares to get close or kiss me you cry out “THIS IS NOT A WEDDING!” if we are very good and stay away from one another you lovingly pat my hand and say “mommy you did a good thing, you didn’t kiss daddy.”

And lest I get carried away with how close we are and how much we love one another you find the perfect way to remind me that you are your own person.

Me: Maxie do you want to go with me or grandma?

Max: I just want to stay here. With the Fritos.

Happy Birthday to my own Kitty Boy. I love you to the moon and back, I love all that you will be and everything you are, I love you my wonderful child. I love you and love you and love you and love you.

7 thoughts on “Four.

  1. Darn you Stephanie, you made me cry…and laugh, but mainly cry while smiling. Making me think of my beloved nieces and nephews, especially Zackmeister in California who is a hard core rocker and lover of basketball…Happy Birthday Maxwell Silver Hammer…

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