This Guy Right Here:

This guy makes me laugh harder than anyone ever (Except for Sister Dub and WWJD…it’s like a 3 way tie)

This guy pretty much came in like a Knight on a white horse and helped me.

This guy works so hard for our family, completely changing careers, and rocking it.

This guy is a great father, he is so sweet and kind with Huckleberry and he plays baseball for hours with Boss.

This guy sometimes gets busted watching Family Guy with Boss. Hey, no one is perfect.

This is guy seriously smells so good. Like, for real.

This guy gets on board. I’m into refinishing furniture? He’s into it. Photography? He’s into it.

Let’s discuss those baby blues!

I could list a list so long it would be the list to end all lists of things I dig about my husband.  He’s the shizz you guys, and even if we fight and bug each other and he always forgets to push the drawers in…he is, in the words of Ms. Chanandler Bong, perfection.

Happy Birthday Zachary! I love you so much!!!!

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