Top 5 (completely shallow) things that made 2012 better.

Featuring vacation pictures of 2 precious boys who make my life better! 

(Shopping buddies)

1. Jeggings from Hollister. I KNOW! Once I got over the fact that a.I was shopping at Hollister for myself while most everyone else in the store was shopping for their teen children and b. omg it made me miss California. Will that ever stop? I don’t know… But this tip came from Style Twin Kel (aka Auntie Keek) and dear God I am ever thankful for it! I have skinny jeans to wear with boots, but I hated the way they looked with flats, heels or wedges. Then Kel was all you must possess these you will live in them. Correct she was. The price is right and they are so comfy! I’m living in these, big warm sweaters and my moc slippers. The biggest problem with them is I only bought one pair and I need more. Bonus! They are on sale for 25!

(Batman chooses greeting cards wisely at USPS)

2. Yellow concealer. This is actually a shallow re-deaux from 2008. I had forgotten. Huck has been getting tooth after tooth after tooth (side note his molars might be the size of a brontosaurus’ molars. They are roughly the size of a gobstopper. Possible exaggeration but holy crap are they massive. I can feel the orthodontia coming!) and teething seems to be a lot harder on him than Boss, so we are up a lot. While I personally adore middle of the night snugs and another chance to get high from huffing his noggin; getting high always has a price. This time the price is dark blue bags for days in the under eye region. If I am being honest the eyelids are a lovely bluish as well. Basically I look like I got punched. If you’re looking for a cheap-o fix I can’t recommend Physician’s Formula Concealer Twins in yellow/flesh enough. I am also using the yellow as an eye shadow base and it’s a God send.


(you’ll put your arms down when you get to school)

3. Gel (shellac) manicure. Where has this been all my life?? I have both old looking hands and weak nails. I feel a lot better about my claws when I have a mani but my nails bed and polish is pointless….enter gel manicure. Again; I have Style Twin Kel to thank for this. 2 weeks no chips? Even when I am wrestling small boys into car seats. It’s expensive but whoa nelly is it worth it. Considering trying an at home kit, has anyone tried this?

(I tell ya, these encyclopedias will pay for themselves!)

4. Long Tanks from H&M- I honestly don’t know how to get dressed without these. They are thin but long so they give you that nice long layered look without being bulky. I wear them with almost everything including the aforementioned beloved Hollister jeggings. They are like 5 bucks a pop and I buy them in bulk. Cannot have enough.I have been wearing these for years and  I went a size up while pregnant with Huckleberry and if I get to have another I’ll just be praying that H&M never discontinues these.

(Hey! That’s MY batman costume!)

5. My new Michael Kors bag and the matching (from Target) make-up & diaper bags to put in it. I might marry this bag. I might live in it. I might sleep with it at night all snuggled up to it and whispering sweet nothings into it’s many interior pockets. I am in love. I miss Filene’s Basement but hooray for TJMaxx getting all the good stuff since they went out of business and thank you to whoever hid it in the way back just waiting for me to see it, God Rays to hit it and the choir of angels who sang as it floated on the back of a brilliant white pegacorn who flew it right into my waiting arms. Special thanks to my in-laws for the gift certificate.


There you have it. The top five utterly shallow things that made 2012 better for me. Life changing? No. But fun! What are your 5 things? Anything I am missing out on?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 (completely shallow) things that made 2012 better.

  1. Shellac manicures? A-to the-MEN! I discovered that this fall and it is entirely awesome. Yeah, not cheap but I LOVE having nice looking nails. Even if I’m looking schlumby I feel a little less so because my hands look lovely. 🙂

  2. Thank you for posting about the H&M tanks – my issue as of late is that tank tops were getting SHORTER, along with all the tops becoming half tops again… curse the 80’s for that trend. Especially now that I am wielding a beer gut! But I’ve been looking for tanks that will stick out under my semi long sweaters etc. Thank you, thank you!

    I need to get back to the Physicians Formula Yellow again too – I have horrible bags and allergies to blame. And eventually there will be kids, so it will be good to revisit. I had it years ago and like you forgot about the magic.

    Gel Manis – I believe you told me I needed to purchase said at home kit and give it a whirl. Still working on that. I’ve been loyally painting my nails each week in order to keep them semi strong/nice looking for the holidays. So I might have to break down, and purchase the kit. I will do research and you will the be the first to know the verdict!

    The batman shopping pick – killed me. Death by cuteness, such a great way to go.

    Must. Try out. Hollister jeggins. I’ve been living in my AE ones. I wonder if I can even fit my booty into Hollister ones.

    Great list, clearly I loved it since I wrote you a book! 😉

  3. Confession: I haven’t even managed to bring myself to try on any pair of jeggings, ever. You may have just convinced me that they are for people over 18, too.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the long tank tip. My sixty-year-old mother has been wearing Target MATERNITY clothes because “they are so nice and long!” You know I *love* Target, but post-menopausal women do not belong in the maternity section. But you have saved us! I am visiting her at this moment, and we have planned a shopping trip to H&M to find long tanks. She can’t claim that H&M is too expensive! Also, she had never heard of H&M before today. There is so much wrong to be righted!

  4. Dr. Oz says gel manicures are really bad for weak nails so please do some more research and the lights can cause cancer. I know your pain of old looking hands but no more cancer please.

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