The Date.

The Boss is all boy. He is noisy, messy, curious and never stops moving. He is baseball, Spiderman, dirt, football and of course, Green Day. He is sports and rock concerts. But the Boss? He loves him some Cinderella.

I don’t mean he loves Cinderella, I mean he looooooooves Cinderella. He watches the movies on repeat (Did you know there was a 2 and a 3? I didn’t but now I can recite them line by line), he pours over the books, staring at her picture. He is in love with Cinderella. He repeatedly requests a Prince Charming costume and calls me Princess Mommy. Princess Mommy? Be still my heart.

I got him a damn Prince costume.

There is a girl in his class at school who is more benevolent dictator than princess, and by that I mean she is awesome. She at 5 knows more what she wants than I do at…well, more than I do. The moment he enters the classroom she say “Max! Come play!” and he says “Yes Leah!” I was not surprised when he asked if she could come over to play and maybe she could wear a dress and be his princess.

{Leah in action. Photo by moi}

Go ahead, make the Princess Leah joke to yourself, it’s inevitable.

A quick email to her mom and the date was set! Oh, he was so excited.  The countdown till Saturday when The Princess (as she was heretofore known) was on and impatience was the word of the week. Finally, the day came and the countdown till the Princesses arrival was a mere hour. The house was cleaned and he was bathed, teeth brushed and Prince Costume on. The costume had been slightly modified to match Daddy’s outfit on our wedding day, which actually made him look like an Amish Prince, but let’s not get distracted from the heart-wrenching awesomeness of it all! So. Suddenly he asks if he can go outside and pick The Princess some flowers. He MUST have some flowers for The Princess, he simply must! And because grandmothers are the way grandmothers are; his grandmother rushed to the store to get him a bouquet of flowers.

{my tattooed Prince Max}

He was nervous. So nervous. He stood looking out the window, waiting for a glimpse, the bouquet of flowers clutched behind his back. We took pictures and he patiently smiled and posed, and I thought this is what Prom will be like. I was caught in that mom emotion of wanting to smile so wide my face will break and wanting to cry that it is simply going to fast. But before I could wrap him in my arms to tell him I loved him The Princess arrived! She came right in and showed us her dress and fancy shoes. Boss handed her the flowers and she thanked him politely as her mother and I both died a little. Then she grabbed his hand and said “Show me your house!” and off they went! There were laughs, and screams of joy, jumping on the couch and playing with every toy in our home. The best of all was that the loyal Footman Huckleberry was included in everything. I came downstairs once to find Boss sneaking his arm around her waist. WHAT THE WHAT??? Later in a moment of quiet I heard her say “thank you for the flowers Prince Max.”

After she left and he and I were snuggled up for bedtime I asked if he had fun and he said yes. Then he said “I love you Princess Mommy”, slipped his hand into mine and drifted off to sleep.

He’s still mine. For now.

5 thoughts on “The Date.

  1. Maybe one of the MOST adorable things EVER! My Max fell in love with a girl named Destiny in his preschool class this year. He has informed me multiple times that he is gonna marry her, and she has told her Mom that as well. They are ridiculous and awkward and goofy when they see eachother now, hiding behind us Moms and acting silly. He begged for 2 months for her to please come and play, he wanted a play date so badly. I tried, but unfortunately, her Mom works and so she goes home with her Grandpa and I guess she just wasn’t comfortable with it. So sad.

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