I’m not a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it ~ Dorothy Parker

Oh hello. I’m Stephanie. I am an actress, comedian, and writer who wears too much mascara. No really I do. If you meet me, don’t even bother telling me that I look like two spiders were sacrificed to frame my yes. I know and since I have a strong anti-spider stance I  really don’t care if they died. I’m not actually wearing dead spiders, of course. Marscara overuse in effigy perhaps? Whatever, just say no to spiders and yes to mascara that’s my motto. And Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker. Say YES! to Dr. pepper Lip Smacker. Trust me on this one. If you swing by your Target and there is a stunning lack of said Lip Smacker, chances are high I’ve been in your neck of the woods [/Al Roker]

I’m  grappling with the loss of my fabulosity but loving my new identity. I am Pied Piper of stray cats and  I can’t wait to be very rich so I can have a butler to serve me coffee in bed first thing in the morning…and not to speak to me till I’ve had it.

I’m mother to an adorable dictator toddler boy who we affectionatly call The Boss. I cannot imagine life without him. I can however, remember fondly what it was like to wear real clothes and feel rested. And are all toddlers sticky? What’s up with that. One of life’s big questions that I regularly ponder. It’s all worth it though, as the song goes I would walk a thousand miles just fall down at his toes. He’s grooviest of the groovy and both the cat’s pajamas and meow. He is the cat’s everything.

I am married to my babies daddy (I’m old skool like that) Zach, whom we call TOTT round these parts. Why TOTT, you ask? Well he lies. A lot. For fun. His most favoritist thing in the whole world is to get some poor unsuspecting sap {that would be ME}  to believe one of his tall tales. Hence, Teller Of Tall Tales. He preferred that to Lying Liar who Lies. Y’gotta throw a guy a bone sometimes, know what I’m saying?

Why blogging? Well, shortly after The Boss arrived at the Walt Disney Maternity Ward at St. Joseph’s in Beautiful Downtown Burbank, California the hospital rocked and rolled to an earthquake during the little tykes boy snip. I turned to TOTT and said “We can move now” Famous.Last.Words. A mere ten weeks later we packed up everything we owned and headed out to Akron, OH so the man could take over a big fancy thee-ater.  Up until the moment we drove out of California I believed a miracle would occur and I would be saved. I loved it there and I am an LA girl through and through. I spent the next twelve weeks snowed into depression and missing my sister Dub and best fried WWJD and their sons so much I hurt. Physically and all that. Then, January 1st the theatre closed. Thanks credit crisis. We moved home to TOTT’s parents and began living the American Dream licking our wounds and rebuilding our savings that we had hastily and unwisely spent on things like furniture and housing. Silly us. I’m not gonna lie to you, I dug myself a little hole and lived there for quite a while all the time fighting a nasty case of postpartum anxiety. Pretty shoddy combo. I am a social  kinda gal and missed my girls and friends in LA too much so I made a couple attempts at the local moms club. Ummmm. No. But then a very good friend of mine who blogs mentioned that I might give it a whirl, as all my performingness was not being accessed. I took a dive into the blogosphere and I am so glad I did. It’s no exaggeration to say that blogging changed everything for me. *wipes tear*

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