I don’t want to sound too hippie but coconut oil is changing my hair/skin/life!

Stephania! says you Stephania! What on earth are you doing there in that picture? Why are you posting a picture on ye olde internets of yourself with no make up and a klassy ziploc bag on your head? WEIRDO.

Well, says I, the ziploc is the poor mans shower cap and leave me be! I am currently performing a hair miracle. 

Or rather coconut oil is.

So, last night I tweeted “people, I  don’t want to sound too hippie, but coconut oil is changing my hair/skin/life” and sooner than you can say Nathan Fillion is a golden god people were like tell me more, Minks, tell me more. Not being one to deny the masses my incredible wisdom (quit laughing, let me teach you how to bleach your hair cheap whore yellow! I’m an expert!) I have decided to blog it. Now sit back and be amazed…or at least mildly interested and slightly bemused.

I’m not quite sure how I first heard about the miracle substance that is coconut oil but I know it was years ago and then I forgot all about it. That is until I, you know, turned my hair into yellow straw. So I was playing on pinterest like you do, and oh! right! Coconut oil can deep condition your hair. So I immediately went to Target and bought some. Came right home and begun the deep conditioning process. And then I fell in love. I might marry it. I am now like the mom in my Big Fat Greek Wedding “Put Windex on it!” except I’m “Put coconut oil on it!”

HAIR: The thing about coconut oil is that it melts crazy super easy, like with the touch of your hand so you don’t want to microwave it. To deep condition your hair scoop out about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into a ramiken or cup and place it in a bowl of hot water until it melts. Then slather it on your dry hair, really saturate it, get it on your scalp, get it everywhere. Then put a ziploc on your head, or it you’re a little higher class, maybe a plastic shower cap. I’m not going to tell you how I know this but Glad Press n Seal works well too. While I am slathering the oil on my hair I stick a towel in the dryer and then wrap the hot towel around my ziploc’d head. Not face. Don’t be a moron and put a ziploc on your face.  OR sometimes if I am able to I just aim the hair dryer on warm at my hair for a good 15 minutes or so THEN wrap it in the hot towel. The longer you leave the coconut oil in the better. If you can handle sleeping with it in, even better! Then a nice hot shower and wash your hair twice to get it all out. If I am not going anywhere (and let’s face it, I have two kids and rarely get out) I will only wash my hair once, which leaves it kind of heavy but keeps some of the oil on there ever longer.

You can also use just a touch of it on your dry ends if they are frizzy or you have fly aways. Coconut oil is extremely light, not like olive or vegetable oil. sometimes I will scoop out a dime sized amount warm it between my palms and then smooth on the ends of my hair.

SKIN: What can’t you do with this? First off, right before bed I smooth it over my eyelids, under eye and lashes and crows feet. Ugh, I hate those things. It may make your vision the teeniest bit blurry, so do this right before you go to bed. I let it soak in for about 10 minutes and cover my whole face in vitamin E cream. Since I have been doing this my lashes are thicker, my under eye bags less puffy and my wrinkles less noticeable. I use it on my lips right before bed as well and have even melted 2 parts lipstick to 1 part coconut oil to make a great gloss.

I slather this all over my legs right out of the shower and put it on my arms as well…it’s GREAT over self tanner. It gives your skin the teeniest shimmer.

Huckleberry had a vicious diaper rash last week and of course I slathered coconut oil all over his cute boot and BOOM! Gone. No chemicals. Boss has been getting bloody noses and so I’ve been putting a tiny bit in his nose and no more nosebleeds! Bonus, it contains anti-microbials so it’s even better shove up your nose than icky petroleum jelly.

COOKING/EATING: You can use coconut oil as a replacement for butter or oil in almost any recipe! The health benefits of eating coconut oil are vast. It contains lauric acid which is a natural anti-fungal, so if you frequently get yeast infections or athlete’s foot this will be incredibly beneficial to you! When you ingest lauric acid it is converted to monolaurin which is highly toxic to viruses and bacteria. Good for flu season! It can also help with weight loss as it contains medium chain fatty acids which is all scientific and schtuff but basically helps convert food to energy etc. etc. etc.

I don’t want to be over effusive but since including this in my diet/beauty routine I have seen results. Maybe you will too!

Oh, and in case you are thinking YAY! but do I really want to walk around always smelling like a pina colada? The answer is: you don’t have too. REFINED coconut oil has no smell or coconut taste. VIRGIN coconut oil does. So, I use virgin for baking and my hair and refined for everything else!