I’m Like Holly Go Lightly, but without the prostitution. Part 2. The last.

Oh yes, a grand time was had at the BlogHer Expo.

I must say my very favorite parts of the Expo were meeting Danielle Smith {if you want to vlog then she is the gal to see. Her tips helped me immeasurably. Plus, she is very kind and sweet in person and that speaks volumes} and then seeing Kevin and the Huggies team again. A few months ago one of our Montgomery County police officers was killed leaving behind a toddler son and a pregnant wife- pregnant with triplets. The babies are here now and healthy but the mother is in need of help and the Huggie corporation really takes their Every Little Bottom campaign seriously. The moment I mentioned it to him, Kevin pledged to help and as we speak coupons for diapers are headed to Banana Blueberry who has been spearheading and coordinating the relief effort for the widow. Bless her and bless Huggies.

But the real pinacle for the trip was, for me anyway, the opening keynote. Susan from Toddler Planet had invited me to be her guest and watch her speak. I am proud to call Susan friend. A new friend, but a friend nonetheless. Her very being just wraps you in happiness and I am pretty sure her voice is made up entirely of alpha waves of awesome. I adore her and when a snafu left me waiting at the gate desperate to get in my DC moms Leticia and Jessica saved the day without having to stress Susan. {I always joke ‘forget Jesus, Leticia-TechSavvyMama is my personal savior’. And she saved me yet again when my phone died, she whipped out that IGo charger like Johnny on the Spot and charged me right up.}I would have been hysterical if I had missed it.  In case you weren’t blessed to hear it, give it a read will ya? It will move you to your core, I promise you. I took many videos and pictures of her, but this one is my very favorite. One should always be this blissfully happy and laugh from your belly after conquering something like sharing a personal story with 1000 or more people.

Following the keynote it was time for a little refresh and then…then I got to meet one of my best internet buddies in real life for the first time. Lissy and I have known one another on one message board or another for probably 8 years or so, and even though she lives about three hours from me it took BlogHer in NYC to get us together! We met up for the Voices Gala and she brought the lovely Jules from Mommy Ramblings along, who I recognized from the boards. You know when you meet someone and it’s as if you’ve always known them? It was like that. After some snacks and karaoke we decided to blow that pop stand and hit Times Square.

We were on a quest for pizza, although we quickly dismissed Sbarro {apologies to Michael Scott} and eventually found ourselves where you would expect three moms out on the town with no kids to end up. No not a club.

Toys R Us.

They almost called the Toy NYPD on us!

I’m no country mouse, but the ferris wheel inside the store blew.my.mind. Also? Barbie house. We spent about two hours in there buying gifts for our little ones…never mind that we had gallons of swag for them.
After ToysRUs I was famished, and hallelujiah an organic pizza place in Times Square. Ummmm, I wish I’d written the name of that place down because I am still dreaming of that mushroom pizza. Delish!Eventually it was time to head back to the hotel- what with it being almost 12:30! I planned to crash, but instead I stayed up giggling with my roomies way into the night. That Thien-Kim is one funny chick. And my God it felt good, just laughing and chatting and being ME.

BlogHer rejuvenated me. It reminded me who I was. It helped me define the kind of blogger I am, and what I want out of it. I might never be Dooce, and ya know what? That’s a-ok. I’m just a story telling, shopping, love-my-kiddo kinda blogger. And I am happy to be that. In fact, the best compliment I got the whole conference wasn’t about my clothes or shoes, or even that I was funny {although don’t get me wrong, I loved those compliments all the way to my tippy toes} it was being told that my readers could really tell how much I love The Boss. That my love for him reaches through the internet and comes across to you well, I can’t think of a better thing to be told. Because he is the bees knees, you know.