We interrupt your regularly scheduled funny kid post..

We interrupt your regularly scheduled funny kid post to mourn the loss of the SV Moms Group. It’s true.  I had a post that was to go up today. It’s sweet. The Boss made my heart grow three sizes this weekend – just like the Grinch. It was glorious. It was the stuff of Norman Rockwell paintings. A warm spring night, a walk with the family, it was perfection.

But it can’t go up because I am truly heartsick over an email I received today informing me, and all the other SVmomsgroup writers that as of July 1st it will cease to be.
The reasons behind the decision are personal and well thought out. I know that this decision was not made lightly, I’ve the utmost respect for these women and while I am sad, respect their choice. I have been a member of this group for such a short time and yet it has had such a positive impact on my self esteem and my life.

Moving away from everyone I knew with a 10 week old baby and then everything we went through from the loss of TOTT’s job to the loss of my beloved cat to the loss of our home really knocked me for a loop. I felt as though I went from being on top of the world to being sucked down under the ground. The time before the baby was born and up until we moved was without a doubt the happiest time of my life. I was a working actor, married to a great man, and pregnant with my first baby at the same time as my sister while living a mile and a half from my best friend and God son. I actually told Mumsy at one point that I was sure I had died and gone to heaven because I was just so happy.

Anyway,Ohio was freezing and then TOTT’s business closed…blah blah blah. So sad. So depressed.

 Enter blogging.

And just like that I started meeting people, other bloggers. The clouds started to lift. I found my footing a little bit more every day. I remembered who I was before the bad spell happened. I started to smile more, to become more involved, to reach out to other bloggers. In truth blogging brought me back to life. It helped me find who I was now, helped me come out the other side.

When Linsey asked me to join DCMetroMoms I was thrilled, I felt like it was a great pat on the back and a bit of a reward for crawling out of my sad little puppy shaped hole. Does that sound silly? I don’t care. I loved it, I loved meeting the other bloggers, I loved thinking of posts to write. I didn’t get to write many, and now I wish I had gone above the suggested submissions requirement.

I suppose you never know how what you send out into the world will affect someone. I can’t imagine Jill Asher, Linsey Krolik and everyone else at SVMoms knows how they helped me. But they did. And I can never thank them enough.

Dial M for Minky, Motherhood and Mimosas!

Well, well. Here we are! Check out the new digs…I myself am crazy about it! Once I really got into blogging and reading blogs I quickly became green with envy over beautiful blogs and wanted one for my very own! I am incredibly pleased with the redesign and the brilliant Nap Warden moved me from Blogger to WordPress without so much as a hiccough.

Perhaps you might have noticed I’ve added Motherhood and Mimosas to my my little world, because this blog is indeed a ‘Mom’ blog and I do adore Mimosas. Plus? Sometimes Mommy needs a drink. And may they more often be celebratory mimosas rather than conciliatory rum and cokes, right? {whatever your celebratory drink of choice may be. I’m not here to judge, just to toast! Cheers!}

This past week has been a big one for the fam here at the American Dream, we cruised over to visit the Ohio Contingent for Nana and Papa’s 60th anniversary. It was so sweet! Plus it gave me the opportunity to wear make up and real clothes three whole days in a row. Bonus! Post party we hopped in the mini-van and drove all night so that I could attend the SVmoms/DCMetroMoms and BitMoms event at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City. It was a rough night, but I am so glad I made it! Thankful to my family for making the all night drive and thankful to Starbucks and the Ritz for keeping me awake by plying me with a near constant flow of coffee. Big thanks to The Boss who slept in Monday morning til 10:30 because I was sleeping the sleep of the dead and could not have functioned any earlier!

What a killer event!  Great conversations with brands about working together and amazing convos with fab bloggers. Good Lord, have I got to get a move on because I was surrounded by mind blowingly accomplished, brilliant, fun women who probably don’t make up their own words as much as I do. They probably know the real words and use them accordingly. Brilliant women. Bless their brilliant hearts, they were once again, incredibly welcoming to me and my personal brand of goof.

It has been suggested to me on more than one occasion that perhaps I might give vlogging a try. Eek! Vlogging and acting are two entirely different monsters. Give me a script and I’m great…but just talking on my own? Well….It tends to get a little long winded. And awkward. You know what helps? Having a husband who is a director and willing to do several takes. Also, he was willing to tape this at midnight after a crazy long day at the office. He even arranged the pillows on the couch around me. {I’m certain you would have guessed that. I hope!} And added Sock Monkey. I heart Sock Monkey almost as much as The Boss does. I. Was. Nervous. You can tell because my voice goes from ‘I know what I am doing and have vocal training’ to ‘hey! I am a squeaky valley girl!’. As I am a squeaky valley girl I can say that.

But the event this past weekend coupled with the Momzshare event got me thinking about what I am passionate and what I want to do! And so I vlogged about it.
{SWEET! Shout out to Shelley who taught me how to get this here vlog in the actual post, you rock!}

When I dream, I dream BIG! How about you?

And bless TLC’s heart, I did hear back from her! She was incredibly encouraging and so kind, I really hope to work with them in some way! So…dream put out there and not immediately slammed to the ground. I’m calling that a success.

Please bear with me as I learn my way around word press and  welcome to the new improved Dial M for Minky, Motherhood & Mimosas!

Headless Elmo’s and DC Metro Moms

I am over at D.C. Metro Moms!
If you’ve got a minute to spare, come on by!
Seriously, it’s about my nephew, my kid and tater tots.
I love all three of those.
Also? We learned by giving my son tater tots that the very sight of
a ketchup bottle can send him in to fits of fear.
Yes, my child is not afraid of big trucks, or baby trucks (cars),
not horses, or even the creepy dude who was dressed as the nastiest drunken Elmo in Hawaii:
Who graciously waited till he was surrounded by kids and then took of his wacko Elmo head
*photo is blurry due to our panic. Toddler was unaffected. His parents? Notsomuch.
But Ketchup?
It’s so cute, that if it weren’t so mean I’d take out a bottle and video tape him. But I’ll resist. Plus, I need to go to the store and get some.

My child loves another…

It’s true. My sweet angel boy who up until now has only had eyes for me, had fallen for another. I can’t compete. She is far outta my league….

You can read all about it here:

Please take a second and follow me over there for my inaugural post! I am thrilled to have been asked to contribute to this site!