And just like that they’re gone.

Dub and Zu have gone. Sob. Too fast, it went too fast! Ten days seemed like a good lengthy visit but it wasn’t. It was a blink of an eye and it went too fast. Did I say that yet? Too fast.

The boys were precious. They were best buds from moment on and inseperable. Oh yeah, we had our two year old issues. Isaiah isn’t a fan of sharing his cars, Max isn’t a big believer that others should play his drums. My favorite confrontation was a long discussion at the dinner table over which they disagreed on who coughed.

I cough.

No, I cough.

No, I cough.


The word adorable isn’t adorable enough to cover how adorable it was. Oh we had fun! We shopped. We wrapped presents. We played many games of who wants fruit snacks. We cruised around DC, we enjoyed Jam Sessions by The Blues Brothers:

We got our hair cut like big boys without tears. It’s easier when you do it together.

And then we died from cute:

I can’t believe they had to leave and now I have to go back to real life. Sob.

Thank God there’s still Christmas fudge in the house. {thanks Mom}

Well, there go those resolutions already!

That’s what it’s all about.

Yup. That’s what it’s all about. {And it is not the hokey pokey, bee tee dub.} It’s about babies and magic and we had more than our fair share this Christmas.

While this little Stinker and his cousin Zu slept Santa came and showered these two good little boys with love and toys. Things have been so rough the las couple of years, and this last 6 months has brought a bit of breathing room…I do believe Santa got a little carried away.

But the near 2 minutes of stunned silence as The Boss looked from basketball hoop to train table to drum set  unable to say a word but an amazed whispered “Santa” was more than worth it.

I’d sell a kidney to get that look again.

God Bless us, every one.

Tomorrow is the DAY!

{Sorry I’ve been missing in action. Actually that should just be a standing apology for the last three months or so, huh? Let’s just all admit that I have been a sucky blogger during this pregnancy and man! once I get out of the habit of doing something my lazy booty takes ages to get back in the saddle. Gotta work on that}

Tonight Auntie Dub and Zu Zu the Magnificent hop on an airplane and whilst the Boss sleeps {pleasepleaseplease} peacefully they will sneak into the American Dream and when my beloved angel boy wakes his cousin Zu will be here! Yes, right here in our very own home! The Boss has been saying for ages “Zuzu is coming” and frequently takes my phone to chatter “Oh Hi Auntie Heather, when are you coming to play with my toys?”

The Answer my dear Boss is TOMORROW!!!

Today will be filled with last minute cleaning and shopping at trying to buy some food that Zu can eat. Because of his PKU he can’t have any protein. Imagine that! As a vegetarian and raising a vegetarian child I am always trying to make sure we get enough protein, but my little Zu can’t have any!

I am bursting at the seams for them to get here! It’s going to be such a blast seeing the boys play together. Especially since The Boss has finally learned the magic two year old word.


We were in the car the other day listening to Billy Joel and TOTT sang

“I don’t care what you say any more this is my life!”

And The Boss screamed


I know it’s wrong to laugh at your kids…but I did anyway.

The Boss’ morning ablutions taken care of he declares himself ready for company.

And maybe some finger painting and cookies.

Aporkalypse Now.

Dub stood no chance against a Max-Zuzu team up!
Ten days of a visit…2 pictures where you can kinda see both of their faces.

Two nights ago (which is like afternoon back home) I got an upset text from Dub. Zu had a temp of 104 and the pediatrician suspected the dreaded (duh duh duuuuuuuuuunn) Swine Flu (how’s that whole H1N1 renaming thing going? Yeah, thought not) over the next 12 hours I read text after text of panic and fear and sadness as Dub struggled to keep her baby as comfortable as possible. At 4 am he was shivering violently and not sleeping at all. Needless to say, he was at the pediatricians ASAP. Official diagnosis given and Tamiflu administered.

Except for that terrible bit where the little ones can’t keep anything down or in during this flu.

Trickedoo! The meds won’t even stay down. Sigh. My very own panic at Stinker getting sick reached a fairly high level so I made the same call I’ve made every week to Dr. Courtney (she’s young! she’s blonde! she’s awesome!) and wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles my question was answered with a yes, we have the vaccine, bring him on down.

Last night Zuzu slept a little bit on his daddy’s chest, congested and fevery but resting a bit and I peeked in on my own cherub and cried a little.

Being away from Dub and Zu and Janice and Ben is really, really tough on me. It’s tough being away from all my friends/family in Los Angeles but being away from my best friend Janice and my godson Ben and from Sistah Dub and Zu is utterly heartwrenching. I am missing everything.
And I feel guilty. Guilty for leaving shortly after Janice’s cancer diagnosis (she kicked it’s ass by the way!) and Zuzu was only 10 weeks old and newly diagnosed with PKU. We were supposed to be Team Zuzu. Raising PKU awareness together and taking the kids to do fun stuff together. I’m still not over it.

Especially when something happens… something where I would have been able to help. I looked at my Stinker all snuggled with his Sock Monkey and I thought I should really be leaving you in Daddy’s care and heading to Dub’s to rock Zu while they take a rest, a shower, a meal…anything to give them a little break.
Of course I can’t do that at all. All I can do is send Dub late night texts telling her what an amazing mom she is. How scary it must be to see your little one so sick.

This morning I woke early and when Stinker stirred I brought him to bed with me and we snuggled in the covers, cuddling with the Prozac Puppy, slowly waking and stretching. Those morning smiles he gives me are the bestest. The joy he has that I am still here can only be matched by…well by mine that he is still here!

I spoiled him with yogurt and blueberry muffins for breakfast before we bundled up (you rarely have to bundle in LA and I still haven’t gotten the hang of it) and headed out to get stuck.

He handled it like a champ. Me? I’m going for a spotless record of crying every time he gets a shot. Perfect record so far!

Afterwards I treated myself to some Starbucks, Stinker got an emtpy cup with a lid just like he likes and I was happy listening to him sing along with Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Album. I know I’m biased, but fer reals y’all, my kid is awesome.

Dub tells me Zu is doing better today, still sick but hopefully on the road to recovery. I hope he feels better soon, and I hope we get to visit asap. Cause fer reals y’all, my nephew is awesome.

Hope all of you and your little ones too are nothing but happy and healthy!

I’m seven and so is she. And so is he.

Last night during one of our late night text-a-thons Dub was telling me about a friend of ours who is dealing with some vandalism. We’re pretty sure it’s kids or teens since it’s pretty harmless stuff so far and of course we hope it stays that way. Among other random silly things, they buried a HAM in his backyard. A pig? I asked. Nope. A ham.  I was trying wrap my brain around this bizarre event, texting her questions furiously. Was it in a can? Like a honey baked Ham? A frozen Ham? How did he find it? Was it in a shallow grave? An open grave? 
And that was  when it hit me…he’s been HAMBURGLED
Thank you! Thankyouverymuch! I’ll be here all week! Don’t try the veal, is cruel and disgusting! Tip your waitresses, Goodnight!
Perhaps it was the late hour but I was giggling so hard as I tried to say (text) this to Dub that it took three tries to convince the dang iPhone I did indeed mean Ham Burgled.  I didn’t get a text for about three minutes and then I got one…full of typos. 
-I’m crying. Too funny. 
Then a few moments later- My stomach is killing me and I’m trying to laugh quietly so I don’t wake the baby but I’m dying! 
Even all the way across the country I can still make my sister laugh! And honestly, this is quite a feat because even if I’m sort of known as the ‘funny’ one, she is actually WAY funnier than me. The only person who has ever made me laugh almost as hard is my husband. That’s how I know he’s the one.
Ham burgled. It’s such a 7 year old’s joke. Heather  (Dub) and I were once reduced to tears when the Archdiocese of LA gave an award to a Cardinal (Or Priest or Dr. I can’t remember) Titse. Tit-See. And they repeated his name over and over and over on the news and because we are seven year old boys…we laughed over and over and over. 

My son’s sense of humor is clearly developing in the same vein. Yesterday he crawled all the way across the room and up to me placed his mouth in the crook of my elbow and blew the biggest, wettest, fartiest, zerbert I have ever heard. He then proceeded to roll over onto his back and laugh maniacally for about five minutes while kicking his legs and holding his belly.

We are all enrolled in second grade for the fall.
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Thousand Word Thursday

Yup. Jumping on the bandwagon. I just can’t decide between two! So I guess for me it’s two thousand word Thursday and yes, they are from when my son was born.
I love this picture. This is the day after Max was born. There I am all puffy and tired but ever so happy staring at my Godson Ben, the gorgeous little blonde boy dancing about the room while his Daddy looks on. His Mommy, my best friend Janice is holding King Max and falling crazy in love while in the back to the left my sister Dub and Mahmood (Zuzu’s parents) share a sweet moment. Even though I was still kind of drugged I remember this so well. I love that this snapshot captured so much life.

This is Dub holding Max for the very first time. (isn’t she gorgeous? 6 days PP and she looks rested and lovely although perhaps this isn’t the best picture to show you.)He is about 4 hours old here. Her mother (my 2nd Mommy) is holding Zuzu. I love how natural Dub looks with Max and how he’s all swaddled and Zuzu is already wiggling and stretching how and how the two Moms are looking at the boys. It breaks my heart that we are not raising our boys together and I am focusing on how soon we will be. The boys are so different and I can’t wait to see them explore the world together. I am looking forward to our next visit. I can guarantee there will be about 8 billion pictures.

And just in time…King Max has awoken.