Headless Elmo’s and DC Metro Moms

I am over at D.C. Metro Moms!
If you’ve got a minute to spare, come on by!
Seriously, it’s about my nephew, my kid and tater tots.
I love all three of those.
Also? We learned by giving my son tater tots that the very sight of
a ketchup bottle can send him in to fits of fear.
Yes, my child is not afraid of big trucks, or baby trucks (cars),
not horses, or even the creepy dude who was dressed as the nastiest drunken Elmo in Hawaii:
Who graciously waited till he was surrounded by kids and then took of his wacko Elmo head
*photo is blurry due to our panic. Toddler was unaffected. His parents? Notsomuch.
But Ketchup?
It’s so cute, that if it weren’t so mean I’d take out a bottle and video tape him. But I’ll resist. Plus, I need to go to the store and get some.