Treat Yo Self

The day after Susan passed away the two teeth that had been driving Huck to distraction finally popped through. His first two chompers.

And after 2 and a half months of my incessant calling; the neurologist finally gave us the results of our Huckleberry’s EEG. Normal.

And there was much celebrating in the land.

I seriously think Susan got to heaven and got to work, because there were so many stories that we shared just like this at the funeral. Perhaps it’s just those of us left behind looking for signs and reasons why. But I choose to think that Susan, a mother to her very core, free from this mortal coil, tied up some loose ends.
She was my role model and she still is.

Have a wonderful weekend! Hug your kids, have some fun and as they say on Parks and Rec “Treat yo self!”


I’ll paint myself purple. For Susan.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, I love me some WhyMommy. Don’t you? I don’t believe I have ever met anyone who doesn’t love her. Susan is the absolute embodiment of this quote by Mother Teresa, which I chose for my picture for the WhyMommy Slide show.

It is ALWAYS Christmas if you are with Susan.

Our Susan is having a rough go of it lately, her cancer has spread, she has a broken vertebrae, and has had to suspend treatment and have hospice care at home until she heals enough to re-start treatment. The very word hospice sent me in to a spiral of tears. But it’s not hospice hospice, it’s caring for her at home until she can get stronger.

And if I know Susan at all, she WILL get stronger. Susan made DC home for me. She welcomed me with open arms, introduced me to all of her amazing friends and just…is awesome.

The other night Boss wanted to go outside and look at the moon and the stars. I thought of Susan’s post about her little one wanting to do the very same thing. The big difference is that Susan is y’know, a real NASA scientist and I can barely find the Big Dipper. Okay, I lie I can TOTALLY find the Big Dipper but ask me to find Orion’s belt and I’m all “the accessories department of Nordstrom?” But Boss and I wrapped up and headed outside to stare at the Heavens.

One of my favorite Sondheim songs is from Into The Woods “careful the things you say, children will listen” Boss points up at the moon and says “mommy, it’s a cwescent moon!” Where did he learn that? Did I teach him? “When the moon is round it’s a full moon, mommy” I held him tight and thought of Susan looking up at the moon with her little one and told Max he was brilliant. Because he is.

In Susan’s last update she quoted her husband in a conversation they had while preparing for the hospice worker to come to their home.

I have not yet encountered a color you could not make yours. Purple?

She responds Purple.

So for Susan I’ll paint myself purple. Perhaps you will too.


If you do, please post a picture to the WhyMommy Love Fest Facebook page