Don’t you hate when your mother in law is right?

“you go nuts if you don’t have a project!” ~My mother in law.

HARUMPH. And also…yeah, so? And also, can I paint that table Ma?

My mother in law is wise. And also nice. She lets me do things like bring home old windows and make a wreath out of an old shirt and put them up on the mantle.


She and my father in law cleaned out a massive section in the garage so I can paint during the winter. And oh yeah, they let us live with them. Bonus for my sister in law who recently said “I want a vanity!” and thus a quest was born. A quest I recently completed, and so a new one must begin!

 I found it on my weekly goodwill troll, 35 bucks, heavy, dovetail drawers, and stinky.

Good old BobBob and TOTT brought the van right over to fetch my treasure and people I could not start painting fast enough! Woman on a mission; c’est moi!
I firmly believe that almost everything can be rescued with white paint and new hardware.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect mirror, but in the mean time we appropriated a Tiffany blue mirror I painted last year that was just waiting for, you know, me to have a place to put it.Keek has just started playing with it, but here it is in her room! Not back for a weekends work.
It no longer stinks FTR.

This left me without a project. I started looking around the house…something needs to be messed with, clearly! Luckily for my mother in law’s dining room table we headed off to North Carolina and there, about to be tossed out with the garbage was my new treasure. Now, don’t go thinking this is in fabulous shape. I have to replace both sides and have reinforced everything. It was clearly kept outside in the rain and used as a place to rest lit cigarettes. But that won’t stop me!


It’s already been sanded, and if I weren’t out of primer it would be already painted! It wants to be a soft gray and live by  my bedside. It also wants me to have new bedding. Because, obviously.

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Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody!

And another first world problem. I know what I like. I do. Clothes wise and design wise. But for some reason bedding for the Boss’s Beatles room has eluded me for AGES. I picked this up at the oh so wonderful TJMaxx and still I just can’t make up my mind.  And so I turn to you, to help me decide.

I painted the little stool with the Beatles logo!

I raised his headboard a little bit by putting it up on blocks. One of these days when I am at Home Depot I will remember to grab some feet for it so I can raise properly. I got that at a thrift store for 3.50 (I actually got 2 for 7 bucks so when Huck is ready I can paint his and they can have matching beds.) It was in bad shape, I cleaned it up and painted it and I love it. The inspiration for The Boss’ room is the Hard Day’s Night poster above his bed. The M is from a Paris metro sign. The bedding doesn’t have any green in it, so I am not sure if it clashes/works with his nightstand. (Grandma got the nightstand at a yard sale for 5 bucks and I painted it, surprise! I love it!) Can I bring in more green/yellow when the bedding is so very red/white/blue/tan/black? I know it works with the red headboard and my old dresser which I (guess what?) painted red.

I’m still working on my collection of cute British/Beatles things. My mother sent The Boss all her memorabilia and the records are hers. My Mother in Law bought the Beatles playing cards up on the shelf and it’s on my to do list to make a mobile from them for Huck’s side of the room. I moved the green box in front of the bed to hold a few of The Boss’s guitars which must always be accessible and I think that helps a little.  I also think I will paint one of the Ikea spice racks/bookshelves to match the nightstand and move it the blank wall next to his bed so he can have his guitar encyclopedias close at hand at all times. He likes to look at them when he wakes up in the morning.

I love the mini phone booth and mail box that my friend Renee sent all the way from the Netherlands. That’s right, they were procured in London brought to the Netherlands and then sent to DC. I love them and will keep them long after The Boss has moved on to something else. The little blue bus is a  double decker painted for Hard Day’s Night. It’s so cute and The Boss loves to drive it around. The All You Need Is Love poster I painted in about three minutes to see if I liked it enough to do it properly. That was over a month ago and it’s on my to-do list to really make one.

Huck’s side of the room needs the most work.

I want to make one of those apple crate bookshelves for their room. I’m totally in love with them and I blame Pinterest.

There’s a place for everyone to rest. Even The Great Catsby.

And a little surprise for my guitar obsessed boy!

Guitar sheets!

So there you have it! The Boss’s Beatles bedroom. It’s really coming along nicely but as with most decor obsessed people it will never be done completely!

So, keep the bedding or return it? He hasn’t used it yet I just put it on to take the pictures. I’m leaning towards keeping it, but would love to hear your thoughts!


Misplaced stress? I don’t mind if I do!

The day of our wedding, I suddenly had a freak out. My dress was strapless and the bridesmaids, well their dresses has spaghetti straps. Oh. Mah. Gah. When we tried them on at the store there had been some talk of cutting them off and just wearing the dresses strapless, but my gals are …shall we say, busty? so nothing ever happened with that. As we were getting ready to walk down the aisle, someone may have lost her fool mind and flipped out because the bridesmaids dresses had straps.

PEOPLE! Crisis! Did you hear me? The dresses. had.straps.

They asked to be allowed to wear the straps. I told them their request had been registered with the management but NO! I had taken off my manager’s hat and was wearing my Bridezilla tiara. Bless their gorgeous busty hearts, they dutifully tucked the straps in and walked down the aisle arms firmly pinned to their sides looking nervous as all get out that they were going to flash what the good Lord gave them right there and then in the house of the Lord. As a result, I have pictures of nervously smiling bridesmaids at the wedding, but the reception? when they put their straps on and relaxed? Happy, gorgeous dancing ladies! Hmmmm. Perhaps my nerves exhibited in a bizarre way?

Having a baby? is JUST LIKE THAT!

Here we are 36 weeks and in the free zone! Baby is good to arrive any day he likes now, but I don’t have time for that. I have to make a headboard. I mean HAD. Cause clearly, if you know me…the headboard has been made! TOTT was mindbloggled. We have so much to do, but me? I was hung up on the fact that I don’t have a headboard. How can I be an adult when I live in my husband’s childhood room and don’t even have a headboard??

I know you agree the tragedy of this was just too much to bear! I wanted something simple. Something that could be changed up at a later date, you know when I get new bedding or whatevs. Like a lot of decorating gals I like to switch schizz up on the regular. So. Home made upholstered headboard was the only choice. Duh.

TOTT wearily dragged my very pregnant self to good old Home Depot and I dictated what we needed! 30 minutes later after two of the most wonderful Home Depot employees went above and beyond to figure out how to cut the design I wanted in the wood (which is NOT their job, they just had a soft spot for a pregnant lady who needed a headboard!) we were on our way!

I followed the many blog tutorials and I have to say that if you’ve got about an hour and 50-60 bucks, you too can have a new headboard!

As I am cheap, I used a twin sized egg crate bed pad to be the foam. Then I doubled up quilt batting to give it a little extra oomph since I went the cheap route for foam. After that I trimmed it all up nice and neat and laid it on top of my fabric.

I used a dropcloth ala Miss Mustardseed, though bleach as I did I never got it quite white. Oh well! TOTT liked the nubby tan fabric and thought it looked a little more masculine, so win!

I used a little bit of Fabric Tac here and there on the cut outs just to help me get it really smooth. The second one I did is better than the first, but the first one? I a-ok too!

And here it is. The next morning, done!(you can also see the $4 dollar stool I redid as well to help The Boss off and on our bed!

My side:

And now, like my Bridesmaids I am all happy and relaxed. I mean, except for the other 20 million things I want to get done! Including this $3 mirror I got for over our dresser (which I want to re-do!)

It just needs to be hung, so as soon as TOTT gets home…he’s on it!


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Tiny projects…like tiny bubbles, but not.

After our doctor’s appointment I was give the all clear to do ‘small things’ like go to Target for 30 minutes (yes, I asked. Target is that important) and paint for 30 minutes and then I have to rest again. The last two days have been great because I can actually play with The Boss for short bursts and honestly I missed that.

I also started knocking off a few of the small projects on my to-do lists. Right before I ended up in the hospital we had hit the flea markets and I got a great shelf for TOTT’s camera’s for one whole dollar. He wanted it really beat up and kinda dirty looking. Can do!Especially since it was in pretty bad shape and that horrible early 90’s forest green with a heart! You know i busted that heart part off right away!

{Stroller also makes excellent flea market shopping cart}

A good scrub, a couple of coats of Opps! paint I had some stain and some poly and it’s done! Total cost:1 buck. TOTT loves it! I need to work on the display a bit, but one project (albeit a tiny one) is DONE!
{sorry for the hispamatic shots. Where is my camera?}

It’s funny the color of the shelves is pretty much correct, but everything else…no.

Before I got pregnant I bought a shelf at GW thinking this will be great in a nursery for holding wipes/cream etc. I quickly painted it turquoise envisioning a little girl’s nursery in turquoise and red with a Jenny Lind crib (never mind the fact that we have a perfectly good very expensive crib!) and then of course, Baby2ElectricBoogaloo is all boy.


It hung on the wall for a while and I knew it would be something. So, I got a little bee in my bonnet and painted it a light yellow then distressed it so the turquoise showed through. Added an ivory rose drawer pull and now I am in LOVE!(It needs to be hung properly. I just popped it up on two nails that were already there for now. I can hang things, thankyouverymuch!)

I also finished another little chair for The Boss and Baby2. Cause you know Baby2 needs his own chair NOW.

My favorite find of the day though was something I’d been looking for for a long time. An old typewriter. When I saw this monster I couldn’t believe my eyes! I didn’t even attempt to negotiate the price I just handed over my FIVE BUCKS and ran like the wind! okay, TOTT put it in the stroller and took it to the car. It weighs a ton!
Of course it’s already been moved to the other dresser to make way for the teeeeeny newborn diapers I bought.


One of these days I will have a real place to decorate instead of cramming everything into our bedroom and The Boss’ room!

Today we are off to Home Goods to look again for great bedding for The Boss. I’m looking for some specific things for his room, which I really want done before Baby2 comes.

The inspiration for his room is this poster (which is on order! I can’t wait to get it!)

Baby2’s side of the room will match of course, until he lets us know what he’s interested in! Here’s hoping we find the right bedding and I can get everything in order!

linking to Primitive and Proper & Miss Mustardseed Go there. Look at the projects. Holy cow I get inspired!

The bee in my bonnet

Call me butter, cause I’m on a roll! While the In-Laws were kicking it vacay style I ripped apart the kitchen eat in area and got my re-do on.

Of course you know I stink at taking before pictures. Why can’t I remember this step? Oh yeah, patience is not my strongest virtue. Bargain shopping is.

I DID remember to take a picture of the table. You know once TOTT had drug it outside. Trust me, the room needed some help! There were old curtains that made it dark and the window casing was painted pink. Pink people. So yeah, while I had the white paint out I gave it a coat or two. Nothing like a 7 months pregnant chick balancing on a ladder.

Table before:

I know. It’s so beautiful you can’t believe I messed with it right? Luckily most of the damage was surface so a sanding and priming later it was good to go. I used oil based paint for this because the advice I got was that it would be stronger from a dining table…dude. Oil based paint hates me and the feeling? she is mutual.


My MIL loves Country Living Magazine and she had remarked several times how she’d love to see this done so I did my best! Just a little bit of aging, which was tough because you know I do love to beat furniture up with the sander! I managed to reign myself in.

Oh yes, that wallpaper will be exiting the building VERY soon.

I love a lazy susan on a table so I decided to make the one we’ve been using match, and I added a little monogram.

I replaced the heavy crochet curtains with some shabby chic ones that I found still in the package in the garage, I’m still on the lookout for the right ones, but they are much better and the light from the window is just lovely! I also hung up my Miss Mustardseed inspired cupcake sign! My SIL Kelly makes cupcakes so for her birthday I made this for her.

Finally I decided to slap some paint on some candle sticks(1.00 @ GW thankyouverymuch!) and a little mirror and bring out my old window and do a spring mantel for my mother in law!

Today the weather was so lovely my helper and I started on a nightstand that I promised my friend Katie…oh 6 months ago. Then I got pregnant and the weather stunk and blah blah blah. I cannot believe she’s been so patient. This one should be done tomorrow and yet again, it’s inspired by Miss Mustardseed’s red dresser.

I find it’s good to have an underling do the dirty work.

He had such a blast! And actually? He’s a pretty good helper.

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Friday Fabulousness ~

Last year I read a quote about the lovely Stephanie Nielson of NieNieDialogues it was something like “She chose to see the beauty in life and the more she saw, the more she had” How great is that quote? In fact, I said it would be my theme for this year in the I Wills post at the end of 2009. It’s easy to get distracted from seeing the beauty, and even easier to get bogged down with the difficut miutiae of the day to day. Running out of diapers, a flat tire, a certain toddler getting every bit of clothing you put on him or yourself smudgy within 2.5 seconds. {not that I know anything about that *wipes not before noticed oatmeal off of jeans*}

In an effort to see MORE beauty in my life I’ve decided to chronicle one thing each week. One thing. Big or small. A new pair of earrings that I am loving that I got on the cheap at Nordie’s {who me?} , something delightful The Boss did, something sweet about TOTT, just something…anything that was beautiful in my life this week. Perhaps you’ll join me for a little Friday Fabulousness next week! {I hope to have figured out Mr. Linky by then and perhaps have a little badge. I hear that’s what all the cool kids are doin and I am not one to be left out.}

And so…My Friday Fabulousness is: from totally geek to totally chic {take 3}

I am utterly obsessed with learning how to redo furniture. It’s an obsession that is even threatening Twitter. I know…I know…hard to believe right? And so when I saw this old dresser which my next neighbors were desperate to get rid of I said : GAME ON! At first look you think, why that doesn’t need much done to it at all! I thought so too…but oh, the crumbling icky veneer of it all. That shizz had to go. So off it came. Until I learned not to struggle too hard to get it all off the sides. {thank you antique dealer for chatting with me about redoing furniture} Apparently the more beat up it looks, the more it sells for. Not that I’m selling it, I’m just learning how to do this stuff. I needed a nightstand, and one that sort of kind of matched the hutch that we are using for TOTT’s. And so…Behold! My new nightstand!

But Minkster, says you, are you ever going to…I dunno…paint something a color other that white? I *gasp* and say do you not see the grey detailing of the curvy bits? And under the top of it??? And also yes, I will branch forth from white ASAP before TOTT begins to feel he is living in some sort of shabby chic store which only sells nuerotic puppies, cute babies and a half ton of various lip balms.

And so I present to you this, which used to be white and is now butter yellow. I paid a few bucks for it at a yard sale and suffered a fit of giggles at the antique store when they had almost the exact same table selling for $75. I love yard sales in rich neighborhoods.

In fact this I’m going to do something fun with this bad boy this weekend:

We may also attempt a headboard this weekend. TOTT and I together. Wish us even more luck with that one.

My ‘new’ nightstand might not be perfect, it might not last forever. I’ve got a lot more learning to do, but I loved every second of working on it and everytime I see it I feel FABULOUS!

What are your weekend plans? Whatever they are I hope you have a lovely, happy , healthy one! And for reals, yo, won’t you join me in some celebratory Friday Fabulousness next week?

Wordless Wednesday ~Now with words!

Welcome to my second instalment of From Totally Geek to Totally Chic!

I do believe it’s official. I am obsessed with yard sale furniture and painting or refinishing it. I want the world to look like Anthropologie, but I don’t want to pay that much. Know what I’m saying? I scour over fabulous decorating blogs and wish I could do that! My first foray turned out pretty good, so this weekend I took the plunge and conquered not one, but two projects.

I have a metric ton of jewelry. No, it’s not all real, I love costume jewelry -again taking after my grandmother {dag nabbit!} I’ve got a fabulous collection of what I lovingly refer to as Mrs. Roper necklaces. Clearly my formative years were spent pining over John Ritter and thinking Mrs Roper could really work that MuuMuu.

So, this metric ton of jewelry has had no place to live but tucked in many little boxes, dishes, and dresser drawers. Let’s just say I call on St. Anthony to find my engagement ring more often than my iphone.

and you know that’s a lot.

Mumsy (my mom) had asked for some suggestions as to what I would like for my upcoming *cough* 28th birthday. I want a jewelry chest, said I. But once I hopped on ye olde internet, I realized that they were crazy ridonkulous money and also I didn’t love any of them.

Enter the decorating blogs. And my new lovah: craigslist. Right at the tippy top was JEWELRY CHEST $75 bucks. I offered her 30. Thinking she might go to 60. Lucky me! She accepted my 30 bones and TOTT and I were off to pick up my Jewelry Dream House ala Barbie.

I wish I’d taken a picture of the before but it was this one right here:

faboo, non?

I said to TOTT, I want this to look like it could be a display case at Anthro. If I was a braver sort, I would have gone with a color, but as it was Lauren (Dude. Lauren the Waitress, Lauren the Paint Expert.Wild.) at Home Depot hooked me up! She taught me how to do what was in my head and off I went to do it.

And for my first try, I think I did mighty well! Plus? Auntie Keek took one look at it and said “It looks like a display case at Anthro! LOVE!’ (no, she was not coached and no I didn’t pay her. But I would have)

I was so drunk with happiness I decided to takle this beast- totally worth the $20 bucks I paid for it- and make it into a night table (for now) when we move I will put the top back on it and move it to a bathroom or a kitchen.

And so {for now} it shall live here and look like this:

So, who has something the need painted because I am DRUNK with painting power and I just want to redo everything.  It’s such a blast!

What are your favorite decorating blogs?

Sometimes I’m awesome

Sometimes not so much. But right now I have carpal tunnel from patting myself on the back. Due to the fact that I pour over an excessive amount of home decorating blogs I became drunk with idea that perhaps I, who posesses no tactile artistic skill what so ever, could indeed create what I wanted instead of buying it.
You see I had this old dresser, ugly, cheesey bad cherry finish. Thanks Al’s Discount Furniture on Lankershim. What are ya gonna do when you buy a whole bedroom set for 300 bones? Ethan Allen it’s not.
Anyway I recently became obsessed with having a red dresser for Max’s new room. And so, the ever patient TOTT shuttled me off to Home Depot and purchased me a sander and a hist ton of colonial red paint. I must admit I was pumped up with confidence from the three years that WWJD and I stripped and stained furniture on the regular. But painting I had never done. And stain seems more forgiving.
But I figured what the heck. It’s crap anyway, and if I ruin it then at least I’ve tried!


From totally geek:

to totally chic!
Forgive the craptastic iphone fauxto. I haven’t quite gotten the lighting squared away in there and also there was a small person pulling on my shirt hollering ‘Both sides!’
Demanding little bugger.
It actually turned out better than I hoped and I am now looking at every single piece of furniture here at The American Dream as a potential project. I think my in laws are going to start hiding things. And also I can’t find the dog. Which is a shame since he is all black. He could really use an accent color.