*Cough* is the new 30. Who wants a present?

This giveaway is now closed. The winner was FB Comment #4 Rye Porritt! Rye, email me you address so we can send you the yumminess! 

So my birthday has come and gone and I feel no older. Certainly I feel no wiser. I do know this: mama can still party.

My world grew exponentially when Boss started pre-school and on the very first day we met a kick ace family. From Southern California, no less. Our boys were in the same class with a beautiful little girl and as it goes in suburbia her mom went to school with Zach. Between school during the week and soccer on Saturdays we all became fast friends.

For my birthday we got ALL soccer moms gone wild up in D.C. It was awesome. I feel like I need to send their respective husbands thank you notes for letting me steal them away and drink many, many, many, many, many drinks. And then we danced. At one point I ended up wearing a pink helmet, where that came from…who knows? But lawd did we have fun! Even if a certain friend did scream my age every ten minutes. I forgive her. We were drunk.

My lovely friend Lacie, who does not live near me but oh how I wish she did, is having a Scentsy party (am I the last person on earth to know about Scentsy? Perhaps.) and she offered you glorious followers of my silly life a pumpkin warmer and a bar of caramel pear crisp. Let’s say that again… CARAMEL PEAR CRISP.

Has anyone else ever wanted to EAT a Scentsy bar before? Just me? Because, oh my god yummy! And the pumpkin warmer is adorable, just in time for fall and Halloween. Amazing how they planned that.

Alls ya gotta do is leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing about Fall. My being born is a perfectly acceptable answer, by the way although I don’t think Random.org will be swayed.
Now, I am going to count how many of you say Pumpkin Spice Latte, because I gather there is a near frenzied mob mentality of people who can’t wait to get them! I don’t judge, I just don’t stray from my sugar free vanilla soy latte. I’m too loyal. read: addicted like Lohan.

Want an extra entry? Send out a tweet and leave me a comment with the tweet URL!

Want to win a Scentsy pumpkin warmer and the best scent of #Fall, Caramel Pear Crisp? Of Course you do!  http://abellereve.com/2012/09/scentsy-giveawa/ #giveaway

Have at it! I’ll announce the winner 10/1/2012!
p.s. if you want to place an order you can email her at laciebugscents @ gmail.com until 9/28 and she will give you a special Minky hook-up.

This guy.

Am I right?
This guy

After a crazy week of storms and power outages and such I finally have a moment to pick a winner for the Pishposh Mommy giveaway! Well fine, random.org picked it but you understand.

The winner is #20 Teri! Teri, email me so I can get this out to you!

Dang it’s hard to get back into the swing of blogging when you’ve been without power.

overheard at our house…and the winner is!

Overheard at our house: “no daddy! they’re not singing bi-curious George!”

(to be fair it is my fault daddy was singing it that way, I swear it sounds like that’s what they’re singing! You’re welcome.)

Instead of boring old random.org I decided to allow {read:force} The Boss to pick the winner! He was really excited this time!

All the numbers anxiously waiting to be chosen:

Then I mixed up the numbers one more time, just for good measure.
I might have made a Toy Story “claw” joke right about here:

the winner!

Congratulations to commenter #20 Ashley from Mama of all trades!~
Ashley, check out the site and shoot me an email (dial m for minky at gmail. com) with your blanket choice!
Ashley has 48 hours to respond and if she doesn’t Boss will pick another winner.

Enjoy Ashley!

A gift for Huckleberry and for YOU!!!!

This giveaway is now closed.

Because blogging is awesome, Carousel Designs gifted Huckleberry with a crib blanket to help ease his transition from bassinet in mommy’s room to comfy crib in the Boss’s room. It all came about after a late night bedding search on the old twitterz with Nic and Rebekah, both of whom are actually currently expecting and not just getting around to setting things up for their EIGHT MONTH OLD!
But I digress.
steph camera 3 157

 {don’t judge the room y’all. It’s a work in progress!}

Carousel Designs is the kind of company that makes me lament not knowing of them when Boss was little…because ZOMG!  First off let’s discuss the nursery design tool, I spent about two hours playing on this and trying to convince TOTT that we need one more baby. Of the girl variety. And then I basically forced Cat to buy one for her baby girl. Because someone needed to! The lovebirds! OH THE LOVEBIRDS!!! By forced I mean I said “Cat! Look at the pretties!” And she said “buying it.”

{hey mommy! the sun is in my eyes!}
steph camera 3 049

Anyway, long story short, after hemming and hawing about which blankie I wanted for Huckleberry I finally chose the Animal Parade pattern and I couldn’t be happier that I did. It’s ridiculous how cute this is! I love the colors, they have that groovy vintage thing that’s going on right now but would fit right in a modern nursery as well. Plus the backing is a white Minky fabric and I think we all know how I feel about that.

I haven’t a bad thing to say about this blanket or company. It arrived lightening fast, well packaged, it’s soft, well made and we adore it. Then they told me I could give one to YOU! And I did the Meposian Dance of Joy because I don’t do too many giveaways and I won’t giveaway something unless I really love it. And I really love this blanket.

I want.


I love that you can pick and choose a whole nursery set for yourself, or you can pick on of their beautiful coordinated sets. I love that they are made in the good Old USA, and that they believe in charity.

Honestly these blankets are the perfect size for a couch throw too. I confess I sometimes steal Huckleberry’s and toss it over my legs while working on the laptop. *cough* right now *cough*

So, here’s the deal…go over to Carousel Designs and tell me which blanket you’d pick if you were the winner! (It’s okay to chose two or three…I know it took me a bit to settle on one because I wanted several) (also have fun playing with the nursery design page. trust me on this…we will see you in an hour or so….)

Bonus entry for following me on on the twitters. leave a comment with your twitter handle.

Bonus entry for following Carousel Designs on the twitters.

Bonus entry for tweeting about the giveaway! “I want to win an @carouseldesigns crib blanket from @minkymoo http://dialmforminky.com/2012/02/babybedding-com-giveaway/!” or something wittier than that. I’m not an expert. Leave a comment with the tweet URL!



You know the drill, leave a separate comment for each entry and next Monday we will select the winner! make sure you put an email in your comment so I can let you know!

They also have a facebook picture contest happening right now, so you can enter a picture of your cutie!

Hooray! have fun on their site. I think I’ll go design another nursery. It’s addictive.

winner winner Elmo dinner & some happy.

Sometimes things just show up that make you smile. WWJD’s Christmas card this year is one of those things. In fact I asked her if I could share it with you because, even though you don’t know her maybe it will make you smile too. The real story here is her husband, whom I adore. I mean flat out adore. You know how you love your friend and think about what you would like for them in a partner and then it comes true?? That. In the last three years WWJD had kicked cancers ass before it kicked hers (literally goodbye colon cancer) and is now making Lupus and RA her bitch. Yeah, I said it. Because Janice never met a challenge she didn’t win. Plus she always has the cleanest house in the history of ever. She’s amazing. We used to joke that I needed a What Would Janice Do bracelet because I was such a dumbass when it came, in particular, to men.Hence her blog name WWJD.  I still sometimes think what WOULD Jancie do…and then I do that. It always turns out right. It’s only 100% annoying and helpful when she smiles her her eyes light up all evil genius like and she says “I’m always right!” Because she is.

But I digress. So yeah. This.

I died. Her husband is an outwardly controlled man. He is lovely and friendly and wonderful…but a public goofball? Not so much. Me and Janice? Oh yeah. But Hubs? nope. So when this came in the mail I laughed until I wept and then I promptly hung it up because it just gives me a dose of Holiday Cheer. Also, check out my GORGEOUS Godson. God, I love that kid to the moon and back.


Oh, perhaps you swung by to see who is going to Sesame Place!  Duh duh duh duh!
sesame giveaway
Comment 31 is Cat From Breakfast to Bed! Email me all your deets so I can get you the hook up!

Huggies Santa Diapers giveaway! Free Huggies diapers!

Today I bring to you some ridiculous cuteness. The pants of Santa. That’s right. Santa Pants. And who you may ask is wearing Santa’s pants? Why it’s Huckleberry!

We have loved Huggies since we worked with them on the jeans diaper campaign last year and again when they donated diapers to the widow of a fallen officer here in town. They are always gracious and charitable. Recentlty the UPS guy rang the bell and delivered an adorable box filled with Santa Diapers and wipes for the Huckleberry. When Huggies asks me to try something I do. If Huggies asks me if I would like to share something with my readers like say FREE SANTA PANTS (my name for them btw Huggies prefers to call them Little Movers Santa Diapers), I do. Because not only do they make a great product that I need- diapers- but they really are a company that gives back. Many of my DCmoms have been involved in the Every Little Bottom campaign, when you buy a pack of Huggies they donate a pack to help diaper a baby in need. The Santa diapers and wipes count towards that too, plus just think of the photo ops!
Really here’s what this post is about


Huckie wore these yesterday at Thanksgiving dinnder and my hand to Santa everyone just squealed with cuteness whenever they saw them. They really are ridiculously cute! Why should cloth diapering mommies have all the fun? I am flat out going to buy more of these when we burn through the jumbo pack that Huggies sent us. They are so cute!


Ya want some don’t ya? Cool. Just leave me a comment, telling me the size you need (3,4, or 5) and promise to send me a picture of your bambino wearing said Santa pants. That’s it. {don’t require you follow my blog or twitter. Lovely if you came here for the giveaway and you like what you see and want to stick around, I’d love to have you! But it’s not part of the deal. The deal is a great diapers and wipes and adorable photos of babies in Santa pants.} Bonus entry if you tweet or facebook about this giveaway and leave a separate comment for each with the URL of tweet or facebook! Because really, Santa Pants are awesome.


This giveaway will end Monday at midnight so that Santa’s Pants can show up on your door quickly!


*I promise that this won’t become a total giveaway blog but it’s the season of giving some really cute stuff has been coming my way…so I’ll share it with you. I might be an only child but I am not selfish!
*Huggies sent me these diapers for free, but hello? Free diapers? And Huggies at that! It’s not like they are an unknown product! yes, thank you I will take them and I will indeed share with my peeps.

Zooey Deschanel and Winner Winner {vegetarian} Chicken Dinner!

Perhaps you may have heard we live with my in-laws? Oh yeah. The deal is that it is total awesomeness 99% of the time, but that other 1%? We can make each other nutty. Mostly because I am used to being in charge of my own household and since this is THEIR household they do things their way and well….I was an only child. What can I say? Also sometimes I get jealous of how much The Boss loves his Grandma. Plus she gives him oodles of candy, as is a grandmother’s perogative…except we live with them so he gets it A LOT. But I digress.

Quelle Suprise.

Far and away I do love living here with them. The Boss is surrounded by people who love him and everywhere he wanders there is someone to love up on him and munch on those glorious cheeks. ANYWAY….This last week they went out of town and I decided that it was time for me to take matters in to my own hands and re-do the kitchen table and eat in area. One of the things my mother in law and I bonded over is a love of flea markets and country living magazine. She kept saying I want it to look like Country Living! She got this beat up table at a garage sale last year and I decided The Boss and I were going to work to surprise her! I just wanted to do something nice for her.

Now what on God’s green earth does this have to do with anything? Well remember when I asked you guys to prevent me from cutting bangs??? You’re all fired. Perhaps it was the many screening of Yes Man (p.s. I watching Date Night. Yes Man just kept coming on after it.) that came on while I was painting away that I decided {again. delusionally.} That Zooey Deschanel and I were twins.

Is it me? Or is it Zooey?

I guess it’s all good as kinda figure I don’t like my wrinkly forehead more than I don’t like me with bangs. After 4 years no botox and many sleepless nights my forehead is looking more like WWJD’s Mugsy:

{yet another testament to the talent of Maya.}

I’m kinda digging the bangs. Although it would be great if someone could come over here and teach me how to style them cause I tried to use a curling iron on them and that was HIGH-LARIOUS!

Now what was I doing…..hmmmm oh! That’s right! I was so pre-occupied with my newly Deschaneled Fringe hair that  I forgot about the giveaway! Perhaps that’s why you’ve stopped by this lovely monday morning?

Random.org was employed. It was easy, although I know you were looking forward to a Boss video. I was too, but someone was too busy playing with his new guitar that his grandma brought him and couldn’t be bothered. So…yeah.

And the WINNER IS:

{You know you dig my iphone screen shot, I know there is a way to do a screen shot on aPC, just not how! I told you….LUDDITE!}

Anyway comment #3 is RACHEL from Sol and Rachel do a Blog! She’s got a crazy cute blondie named FINLEY and another baby due any.minute.now. So Maya? Get ready for some CUTE!

If you aren’t Rachel, please check out the amazeballs discount Maya is offering to you for a shoot in April orMay. Just mention Minky to get $75 dollars off the session fee plus some bonus extras!

Thank you all so much for entering. 

Oogle me? No! OOGLE YOU!

Listen up my lovelies!

As I’ve said I am never going to be a big review blogger or a big giveaway blogger….buuuuuuuuuut when Maya contacted me from Maya’s Eye Photography about doing some maternity shots and a giveaway shoot for my lovely readers? Well you know this {self admitted} camera whore said hell to the yeah!

So here’s the deal, while being a {self admitted} camera whore, since having The Boss I have to confess that I rarely like pictures of myself. But Maya honestly managed to take pictures of me that I not only don’t hate? I LOVE!

Maya was fun and funny and managed to make me feel less like a giant ball of baby and more like I was hanging out with a good girlfriend having a great time – that is to say she made me feel very comfortable and I wasn’t self concious at all! She is easy to work with…trust me on this. Having had a bajillion headshots taken over the years I know a good photographer is like a good doctor, they need great technical/artistic skill and also a great ‘bedside manner’.

Maya has them both. She’s quick and while she does set up shots, she also knows when to just grab her camera and shoot before she misses something great:

We shot in our {well, my in-laws} home, but Maya has a studio as well that she usually shoots in I’d love to see what she could do with The Boss in a studio setting!

She even grabbed TOTT and The Boss for a family shot:

She does it all, not just maternity shots. She is a whiz of newborn and children’s photos (Dear Maya, please come back again June for swoonworthy shots of The Boss with Baby2ElectricBooglaloo. Please), family shots, weddings, her manner makes you just relax and have a great time.

The Boss? Fell in love for ‘Miss Maya’ true story.

Now here’s where you get to be the model! If you live in the MD/NOVA/DC area (cause duh!) PLEASE enter to win a shoot with the lovely and talented Maya at her studio! She’ll include a free 5×7 and a free 8×10 and 2 free downloads of your choice. That’s huge guys. (plus she said she might be persuaded to provide low res watermarked extras for Facebook and such. So sweet talk her, people!)

Should you not win the giveaway, Maya has generously offered you, my lovely readers a $75 discount off her session fee if you shoot in April or May AND 40% off a storyboard or canvas from your shoot. People, you KNOW I love photos on canvas. I swoon. Make sure you mention MINKY when you book!

{I want this on canvas}

The rules are the usual here in blogland. All you have to do is visit Maya’s site to see her gorgeous portfolio and her blog out then come back and tell me whether you’d want a kid shoot (my favorite cause kids….always awesome), family,  or maternity! *** Extra entries for following this here blog, liking Maya on FACEBOOK following me on the twitter following the lovely MAYA on Twitter. Yet another extra entry for tweeting something like “I want to win this fabulous photoshoot by @MayasEyePhoto from @MinkyMoo http://dialmforminky.com/2011/03/oogle-me-no-oogle-you” (You can tweet that once a day until Monday!) Please leave a separate comment for each entry. The giveaway will go till MONDAY (Sunday @ midnight) when I will attempt to figure out random.org in order to pick a winner! (now if I can’t figure that out, which is quite possible) then I’ll be numbering bits of paper to match comments and letting The Boss pick one!

It’s very high tech, y’all.

p.s. I know the timing on this is high-larious given yesterdays post.