Sickness and sage advice.

I’m crawling out from the week long sick haze of the norovirus. I haven’t been that sick since I was pregnant with Huckleberry and let me tell you…this was way less fun because at the end of it there is no sweet squeaking tiny human to inhale.


But I made it, I am up, showered. I even ate REAL FOOD! First diet coke in a week….nectar of the gods, people.

Yesterday after a week of mom being in bed or puking I was finally able to play with the boys. What did they want? Of course, toddler dance party. After that it was finger painting and it was then that Boss said what may possibly be one of my favorite things he has ever said:

When you’re finger painting  

it’s important to keep your underpants on.

At all times.

I may get that on a poster for the house. That’s just good advice y’all.

The week that was…

1. Huck and Mommy had a date at the mall which ended with Hip Hop Huck drinking his milk and driving all while giggling “go! go!”
2. He’s not staying. He just swung by to grab some coffee before his big meeting. direct quote.
3. Huck started saying “Bubble” which is more like buhbuh but we will take what we can get!
4. The Boss had a play date and got her some flowers. Story next week. But OMG YOU GUYS.
5. Redskins. Sigh. But The Dulli Boys had a good time and I could listen to Boss insist everyone “CUDDLE UP!” all the livelong day. I have threatened Zach upon penalty of death not to correct him. Cuddle it is!
6. “I don’t want you to read to me. I just want to look at it myself!” Well okay then.
7. So…the brekkie goes in my tummy? Flower in ear courtesy of The Cat In The Hat Carmen Miranda scene.
8. SAG Screeners started coming in and made me one of the WOO girls. As in “WOOOOOOOOO!”
9. Fashion Sense. Huck has it. (Also I am going to nibble those thighs. Juicy deliciousness!)

If you follow me on instagram you’ve possibly seen all these before, but I thought it might be nice to keep track of the week all in one place!

This one gets it’s own spot. Boss wrote this, it says “I love Mommy” and I am going to keep it for eternity.

What was your week like?


The Boss’s Views on Santa…

Boss on seeing Santa at the mall. Again.
MAN! Santa is always at the mall!”


Then a moment later “Well, I guess he does have a lot of shopping to do!”

Too true, little man, too true.

Merry Christmas From our home to yours.

I am holding my babies closer this season, thinking of those who have lost their little ones this year. Treasuring my already treasured small people even more.  I’ve never been so thankful for being woken in the middle of the night by a teething Huckleberry or the luxury of not being able to get a real smile from Boss once the camera is pointed in his general direction. I’m drinking in every precious second with my sweet boys like its the most delicious hot cocoa with Baileys and real whip. Speaking of, it’s time to wrap and assemble some more presents and make some of the aforementioned hot cocoa…someone may have ordered a cool wooden garage toys for a certain Hucklberry not realizing it was over 2 ft. tall.

And as I write it it’s just begun to snow…perfect. Hot cocoa for everyone!

Monday Morning 9:37 am

After a long, and contentious discussion with The Boss about how we do not wear our pajamas to pre-school even if they are comfortable, I finally managed to get him dressed. And then promptly drove him to preschool. In my PJ’s. Well played Monday, well played.

Huck is working on all four incisors and two molars at once. Teething. The great baby design flaw.

Dear Monday, I’ll have a Super Big Gulp sized cocaine latte with an add shot of speed. And two Splendas please.Is there an app for that?

Monday? I cry UNCLE! I just want to snuggle in bed and watch Love Actually.

Oh yeah, I have kids. And they need, like, attention and food and stuff.

Crack latte it is! How was your weekend?


Do you have a favorite child?

Do you have a favorite child? I do not…although I ponder this question whenever it pops up with an earnest contemplation. I love them both with an insane passion…differently, but an equal amount.

Huckleberry is my baby. He is spun sugar sweet. He has two speeds: angel baby and the rarely seen demon baby. There is nothing in between. He yells GO GO! When he drives his cars. He says ” ME ah ME!” when he wants you to give him soemthing. He does the cutest little booty dance whenever he hears the theme to Thomas The Tank Engine. I also do a little dance when I hear that song; it looks a bit like I am sticking an ice pick in my ear but whatever. Huck never met a hat he didn’t like and loves nothing more than a good accessory. Whatever the costume of the day is, he needs all the accoutrements. Hopefully when he really starts talking he will tell me where he put my brand new watch!

And The Boss? Well, he is too smart for his own good. Or rather, MY good. He calls going barefoot ‘being Brittney” he says “Mommy the toes are the basement of the body and the boobs are the family room!” Once during an epic battle of wills he pointed at me and said in a still, quiet voice “you have been warned.” It’s all baseball all the time these days. I miss the days of constant Green Day concerts, but I love hearing him call out I AM THE BEST HITTER IN LITTLE LEAGUE! He asks constantly when his little league will start. At the end of the day,  he snuggles close to me and falls asleep pressing his little body againt mine. I frequently forget how little he really is…

And oh! How they love each other! They are my breath and heartbeat.

So no, I do not have a favorite child. I do however, have a favorite eyebrow. It’s the right one. The left one can feck right off.

Me and Lady MacBeth are exactly alike about washing our hands.

I’ve beent thinking a lot about Lady MacBeth, specifically Act 5 scene 1, the famous out, out damn spot! scene which finds our Lady distraught to the point of sleepwalking through the castle and imaginarily washing her hands. I’m awake of course, and far less distraught, but I find myself washing my hands a great deal lately and yet they are never clean.

 Lady M.:  Here’s the smell of the blood still: all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh! oh! oh!

Me: Here’s the smell of poop still: all the perfumes of Bath and Body Works Peach Bellini antibacterial soap will not sweeten this little hand. Oh! oh! oh! 

Lady MacBeth had phantom blood and I have phantom poop smell.

See, I have two boys and while they are clean and bathe daily, and they themselves smell of Burt’s Bees and fresh air, it is my little hands that most often wipe their bottoms. Their hands remain free from the clinging, lingering scent of poop. Primarily it is the tiny centurion who is at fault. I could more easily diaper a greased piglet than put clean pants on the Huckleberry. Yet I am skilled…I never actually get the poop on my hands, mind you! I believe it is indeed, all in my mind.


And so I wash. And wash. I scrub with a nail brush. I use antibacterial wipes. And yet as I go to brush my slowly growing out bangs from my eyes I smell it, the faint smell of Hucklepoop.

Out. Out damn spot.

Perhaps I am having a mental breakdown about poop. Like Lady MacBeth was about spilling King Duncan’s blood. Alas, no poop has been spilled.

My husband says he can’t smell it, oh yeah you know I made him check. What a good man! I know my hands are completely poop free but I won’t be insulted if we ever meet and you don’t shake my hand, though I promise they are clean. So clean. Scrubbed raw and red and yet….

 Lady M. … What! will these hands ne’er be clean?

Moms Night Out? Don’t mind if I do…

You know how a baby product will come out and you’ll think where the heck were you when my baby was born? Well, this is one of them. I mean really. I’m just glad that Huck is still little enough to use it. SITS and GRACO asked me to host a Moms Night Out to celebrate the release of the new Snugride Click Connect 4o and you know I said yes! An evening of hanging with some cool DC/Baltimore bloggers, yummy food and a car seat? Yes. Please.

I was so nervous. I don’t throw many parties for the over 4 set these days, would I be crazy excited and make a fool out of myself? Would I do that thing that makes Zach crazy where I apologize for things no one has even noticed? (Answer: yes and yes) One thing is for sure, Graco sent me a lovely food budget and I spent every penny of and we had a blast.

Here’s the thing: my Huckleberry is a peanut. He’s wee. He is just now at 16 months fitting into 12 month clothes. I don’t mind one little bit, they are only little for so long and more tiny baby snuggles for me! He’s healthy and growing properly on the curve so it’s all good in the hood. Boss was so different, we moved him to a big boy car seat by the time he was 9 months as he had outgrown his infant seat, but Huckie? Still kicking it in the Snugride 35. Still comfy. Not scrunched. But new Maryland Law states that our bebe’s must be rear facing until they are 2. 2! Did you know babies are 5 times safer rear facing in a crash? I don’t want to mess with those odds, rear facing it is. Huckie may have room now…but just barely and baby brother is indeed getting bigger every day. Ugh. Graco to the rescue. How I wish I had this car seat when Huck was born! It is the first rear facing car seat that goes from birth to 2 years. It has an amazing base that has 8 position so that baby can have more legroom as he or she grows.  I was worried that it wouldn’t really fit in my Honda Accord, as it’s a smaller car but there were no problems at all. In fact it didn’t seem to take up more room than the snugride 35.

Now is the part that I really love. One day you put your kids in the seat and they fit perfectly. The next morning they’ve grown and you have to adjust the straps, and that is such a freaking pain. Unless you’ve got the one handed slide adjustment that this car seat has. It’s so easy and here is the point in the party when I wished I had video recorded my showing everyone how it worked. Not because I was awesome, I was SO nervous! But because 14 women collectively made the awesomest, most hilarious “oooooooo” noise I have ever heard. Go ahead non- car seat families and giggle…you have NO IDEA how much easier this makes life. It adjusts the head rest and the straps with one slide…”oooooooo” indeed.

(Photo of tired Huckleberry via MamaBearBlogs– Thank you!)

Huckleberry joined the party and did a little dance for all the ladies in just a diaper…forget Magic Mike, Huckie’s got the moves and the ladies loved him. (it’s a requirement in this house) I quickly took the opportunity to snap his cute boot in the seat. We’ve been using the seat for a week now and it’s great. I wish I’d had it the whole time! Now I just need to have one more baby so I can get the full use of it. Babies are like crack, man. Addictive.

There are two things I don’t love: This click connect is not compatible with older strollers and such. This doesn’t affect me as Huck is too big but I know there is an adapter available and that strollers from here on out will be compatible. It wouldn’t prevent me from buying this seat at all. The other thing is that one of the buckles between Huck’s legs is crazy hard to get in there, this might just be my seat…I haven’t heard that complaint from anyone else.

The next Day Huck got his little steering wheel, crawled in and made his super cute voom voom noises. It’s a hit with everyone in the house.

**I am ashamed to admit I was too busy having fun at the party and I neglected to take pictures. Sorry. I was provided with a carseat for review but all opinions are of course my own. Although I seriously thing Graco should consider “Because babies are like crack, man. Addictive.” You’re welcome, Graco.

The Graco SnugRide® Click Connect™ 40 – the first and only newborn to two-year infant car seat that actually grows with your baby from four pounds all the way up to 40 pounds. The car seat is designed for a parent on the go. The infant car seat can be easily removed from the base and used as a carrier when the infant is small, providing portability and convenience so you can easily move your infant in and out of the car without disturbing them.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently made the recommendation to keep all children in rear-facing car seats until the age of 2. Graco set out to make this product so parents can keep infants rear facing longer while still keeping them comfortable.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Graco. The opinions and text are all mine.


A Perfect Metaphor for Motherhood. Or something.

Remember the days when “Me” time was whole day spent doing…well, whatever it was that you wanted? For some it was the spa (well, for me), or shopping (also guilty as charged), or camping (not on your life, but more power to ya!), or running (Gerlock, I am looking at you…with amazement!). Then we had kids and “ME” time became a trip to the grocery store or hallelujah, Target ALL BY OURSELVES? I feel I can state this with a fair amount of certainty due to the insane frequency of excited tweets regarding this whenever any one of us makes an escape from our oh-so-beloved minions and makes our way out into the world unincumberd by tiny hands reaching out to grab whatever it is we happen to pass by.

Chances of having some food, or kid residue of some kind unnoticed upon our clothing as we walk through the world? High.

My in-laws got me a metric ton of gift cards this year for my birthday. Starbucks. Nordstrom. H&M. To name a few. They know me so well. Zach and I had an errand to run so we loaded the kids into the car and headed out. And ooooo. Nordstrom Rack was Luckily for me, my darling man likes to shop almost as much as I do…or maybe not luckily. Whatever, his conference was coming up and he needed clothes.  So into Nordstrom we went. I bought Huckleberry some kicks. He looks fly #forawhiteguy.

Then the choir of angels sang and the God rays hit a bag…I have a real problem with purses, and addiction really, and Mumsy will tell you that it started early. I went through several school bags each year.

Because, reasons.

It pained me, pained me to walk away from this bag. Calvin Klein, which I don’t believe I’ve ever bought one of his…but this bag. It spoke to me. Probably because it’s a total knock off of a Micheal Kors, but whatever. I love it, and it loved me and I had to leave it there. So I did what I always do. I put it on hold. Sure someone might buy it, but not while I am in the vicinity. Then I remembered…GIFT CERTIFICATE! It was then that I used my terrible math skills to make deals in my mind. I announced to Zach “I’m going to get a big paycheck today and go back and get that bag.” Then the mail came, and my paycheck came, and I went back and got that bag.

Oh, I love it. It carries everything and I feel like a million bucks carrying it. It made me happy to my toes. A glimpse of my former glamorous no need to worry if I have wipes or fruit snacks life, and yet it is big enough to make sure that I do have both wipes and fruit snacks at all times.

Then sweet Super-fly Huckleberry decided that the perfect place to dump out his milk was-you got it- my bag.

I may or may not have cried a tear or two. Or a hundred. Poor bag. Not even three days old and already baptized in the ways of baby. Through the power of twitter people rallied to support me and tell me how to save my bag. She is saved. A tiny bit worse for wear, but certainly not smelling of old milk, thank God. Now she is just like me….she may look good at first glance, but look closer and there is definitely some left over baby residue of some kind.

It adds character, and let’s be honest, happiness.

Home again home again….

ah. we are home after a glorious weekend in Ohio to see our beautiful cousin Chelsea get married! I always hoped when I got married I would love my husband’s family and they would love me and this trip solidified the belief that we do love each other. It’s lovely to be with them and this was one exciting and tiring weekend!
Full  Venue b&w (1 of 1)
Chelsea, who clearly has infinite faith in me, asked me to be the official wedding photographer along with my father in law, Bob-Bob. I was so proud of myself I shot on manual the whole time. I studied hard so I wouldn’t disappoint her and I got some great shots! Some crap ones too…but let’s not discuss that, as those will never see the light of day. I’m learning more every day and the shots I take today are better than the ones from yesterday, this both thrills and annoys me as I see how I could have done things better.
gregnchelsea1 (1 of 1)
corset (1 of 1)
The day after the wedding we all dragged on over to cousin Jeff’s house for a pool party, it was the perfect way to come down from the wedding high. Boss got further swimming at this party than he did in 12 weeks of swim class! He had so much fun!
surfer boy (1 of 1)
and Huckleberry? Well, after a dip in the pool he did something unheard of for a little Boo…he took an impromptu nap on his Aunt Robin. So sweet.
sleepy huck (1 of 1)
(she will hate that picture but I adore it. So sweet!)
We spent the next day with my Mother in Law’s family and the kids had SO much fun and patiently allowed me to take pictures of them while they played.
LaurenLove (1 of 1)
We even attempted a picture of all of them at once.
All the grandkids (1 of 1)
They had a glorious time playing together! Although poor Huck spent a lot of time like this:
theyleftme (1 of 1)
Soon enough buddy, soon enough.

Everyone needs about ten million naps and even more loads of laundry done, but we are glad to be home. And very soon we will be ready to go back!