Don’t you hate when your mother in law is right?

“you go nuts if you don’t have a project!” ~My mother in law.

HARUMPH. And also…yeah, so? And also, can I paint that table Ma?

My mother in law is wise. And also nice. She lets me do things like bring home old windows and make a wreath out of an old shirt and put them up on the mantle.


She and my father in law cleaned out a massive section in the garage so I can paint during the winter. And oh yeah, they let us live with them. Bonus for my sister in law who recently said “I want a vanity!” and thus a quest was born. A quest I recently completed, and so a new one must begin!

 I found it on my weekly goodwill troll, 35 bucks, heavy, dovetail drawers, and stinky.

Good old BobBob and TOTT brought the van right over to fetch my treasure and people I could not start painting fast enough! Woman on a mission; c’est moi!
I firmly believe that almost everything can be rescued with white paint and new hardware.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect mirror, but in the mean time we appropriated a Tiffany blue mirror I painted last year that was just waiting for, you know, me to have a place to put it.Keek has just started playing with it, but here it is in her room! Not back for a weekends work.
It no longer stinks FTR.

This left me without a project. I started looking around the house…something needs to be messed with, clearly! Luckily for my mother in law’s dining room table we headed off to North Carolina and there, about to be tossed out with the garbage was my new treasure. Now, don’t go thinking this is in fabulous shape. I have to replace both sides and have reinforced everything. It was clearly kept outside in the rain and used as a place to rest lit cigarettes. But that won’t stop me!


It’s already been sanded, and if I weren’t out of primer it would be already painted! It wants to be a soft gray and live by  my bedside. It also wants me to have new bedding. Because, obviously.

{linking up with Primitive & Proper and Miss Mustardseed check them out if you are looking for a billion things to pin on Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest? I am. Ob.Sessed.}

New York I love you a Latte.

It was a whirl wind week! TOTT finished his conference and flew to New York so there was nothing to be done but for us to get our booties up there for a little New York time. I adore New York and it is infinitely more enjoyable when you are not constantly having panic attacks. *nod to postpartum anxiety and zoloft* The Boss quickly declared “I like the city. I don’t like New Jersey.” prompting us to wonder if he is sneaking late night showings of Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious.

I shopped. A lot. I’d like to pretend that I shopped at exclusive New York boutiques and bought one of a kind fashion treasures, but the majority of my moolah went to Macy’s, H&M and Baby Gap. Have you SEEN the new guitar collection? Oh, The Boss shall be stylin’! Why is it that everything seems so much more stylish in New York? And can I just say that it was New York Kismet that I found the perfect fall coat at H&M. I also fell madly for a pair of boots. Sadly I left them behind. Too rich for my current blood but I have to admit that if I were very rich I’d still be a bargain shopper…except for boots and bags. Bring on the Frye Boots and the Louis Vuitton in droves!

I was super lucky to get to go to iVillage and meet Kelly Wallace and everyone there. I cannot say enough nice things about them. They had a conference room filled with snacks for The Boss and we had a lovely chat. What a place to work!

From there I drowned in the glory that is Chelsea Market. Dear God, let me LIVE THERE. Right in the middle of Chelsea Market. Smack dab. I had the single best coffee since Italy.

New York I love you a Latte.

{Sorry I couldn’t resist}

Since there is an Anthropologie right there, I shall move right in. And find a way to make these for my own little someday home.

There is inspiration everywhere.

TOTT and I fell in love all over again. With Nutella.

The Boss got a guitar lesson from his Godfather:

TOTT took a picture of me I don’t loathe! YAY!

And by the time the week was over we all looked like this:

{Please note the wet hair in a bun, sunglasses inside, dirty jeans, t-shirt, bad hotel coffee and baby.These are the must have accessories for Fall}


I am so happy that my husband is back from his conference, and more importantly, his laptop! I kid, of course but man I love that laptop! My little netbook with the stuck space key is just fine, but it’s a bit like driving Yugo {remember those? No? Just me?} and then test driving a pimped out Escalade. Mommy likes the Escalade. She likes it a lot.

How was your week?

Misplaced stress? I don’t mind if I do!

The day of our wedding, I suddenly had a freak out. My dress was strapless and the bridesmaids, well their dresses has spaghetti straps. Oh. Mah. Gah. When we tried them on at the store there had been some talk of cutting them off and just wearing the dresses strapless, but my gals are …shall we say, busty? so nothing ever happened with that. As we were getting ready to walk down the aisle, someone may have lost her fool mind and flipped out because the bridesmaids dresses had straps.

PEOPLE! Crisis! Did you hear me? The dresses. had.straps.

They asked to be allowed to wear the straps. I told them their request had been registered with the management but NO! I had taken off my manager’s hat and was wearing my Bridezilla tiara. Bless their gorgeous busty hearts, they dutifully tucked the straps in and walked down the aisle arms firmly pinned to their sides looking nervous as all get out that they were going to flash what the good Lord gave them right there and then in the house of the Lord. As a result, I have pictures of nervously smiling bridesmaids at the wedding, but the reception? when they put their straps on and relaxed? Happy, gorgeous dancing ladies! Hmmmm. Perhaps my nerves exhibited in a bizarre way?

Having a baby? is JUST LIKE THAT!

Here we are 36 weeks and in the free zone! Baby is good to arrive any day he likes now, but I don’t have time for that. I have to make a headboard. I mean HAD. Cause clearly, if you know me…the headboard has been made! TOTT was mindbloggled. We have so much to do, but me? I was hung up on the fact that I don’t have a headboard. How can I be an adult when I live in my husband’s childhood room and don’t even have a headboard??

I know you agree the tragedy of this was just too much to bear! I wanted something simple. Something that could be changed up at a later date, you know when I get new bedding or whatevs. Like a lot of decorating gals I like to switch schizz up on the regular. So. Home made upholstered headboard was the only choice. Duh.

TOTT wearily dragged my very pregnant self to good old Home Depot and I dictated what we needed! 30 minutes later after two of the most wonderful Home Depot employees went above and beyond to figure out how to cut the design I wanted in the wood (which is NOT their job, they just had a soft spot for a pregnant lady who needed a headboard!) we were on our way!

I followed the many blog tutorials and I have to say that if you’ve got about an hour and 50-60 bucks, you too can have a new headboard!

As I am cheap, I used a twin sized egg crate bed pad to be the foam. Then I doubled up quilt batting to give it a little extra oomph since I went the cheap route for foam. After that I trimmed it all up nice and neat and laid it on top of my fabric.

I used a dropcloth ala Miss Mustardseed, though bleach as I did I never got it quite white. Oh well! TOTT liked the nubby tan fabric and thought it looked a little more masculine, so win!

I used a little bit of Fabric Tac here and there on the cut outs just to help me get it really smooth. The second one I did is better than the first, but the first one? I a-ok too!

And here it is. The next morning, done!(you can also see the $4 dollar stool I redid as well to help The Boss off and on our bed!

My side:

And now, like my Bridesmaids I am all happy and relaxed. I mean, except for the other 20 million things I want to get done! Including this $3 mirror I got for over our dresser (which I want to re-do!)

It just needs to be hung, so as soon as TOTT gets home…he’s on it!


Linking to Cassie at Primitive and Proper and Marion at Miss Mustardseed

Wit or Wallow?

This is a post full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Do you wallow? Sometimes I do. Right now, for instance,as I write this I may appear to the outside world to be kicking it on my comfy bed but really I am wallowing in a crock pot full of wallow stew. Vegetarian, natch. But still, I wallow.

Perhaps it was admitting out loud my obsession for little chairs and the desire to have a place to put them and tiny bottoms to fill them. But now? I wallow.  Here I am nearly halfway through this pregnancy and I accept that Angelina Jolie can rock 19 weeks with twins and look as if she ate half a hoagie whilst I smile tightly as people say”Wow! Look at you! Another month to go?” TOTT has trained me to just nod and then wait for my unconcious revenge as those hormone driven pregnancy dreamy dreams of screaming at them and then punching their slag faces in take care of it.

I’m not violent awake. I promise.

I also suffer dreams of SNL Stardom and being married to Will Forte.{who I would indeed be married too if I hadn’t met my TOTT first. The fact that he’s never met me and has no idea who I am is immeterial. Also? So what if he cross dresses and runs around nekkid with celery in his bum…it takes all types and that apparently is my type.}But then Jason Sudekis steals me away and it’s a whole SNL soap opera. Ah, pregnancy ain’t it weird???

So. Sometimes I say to God, “God! I’ve grown, I’ve learned…do you think I could have a place of my own now?” And God says “PATIENCE WOMAN! I’ve got a plan and if you trust me, I’ll tell you!” And then I say “You’ll tell me the address of my new place?” And then God throws his arms up, shakes his head and walks off to get a stromboli, because hello? food of the gods and thus: food of God.

I never really got to do a nursery for The Boss. I got it kinda-sorta together and then we moved when he was mere weeks old. The boxes hadn’t even been unpacked in Ohio before we were off and running to the safety of The American Dream. I seriously feel that this is an injustice I cannot live with. I feel like crying and screaming in a very seventh grade way: NO FAIR!!! Other people get to have nurseries, and houses {townhome, apartment- whatever!} I find myself really upset about this. And it’s trivial, really. I am so blessed. But I really want to be blessed with somewhere to make tissue paper pom poms and hang them over a crib. And make a kick ace rock and roll room for The Boss.

{HA! I know where I got this one!}

Doesn’t seem to much to ask. So I wallow today. And try to be patient, and listen to God who says quietly and with his mouth full of strombloli:

“Patience, Minks. Patience.”


There are a few things about me…obsessions perhaps? I just say it’s my innate Virgo-ness, and I get to keep that thankyouverymuch since the whole suddenly I would be a Libra-ness is relagated to those born post 2009 and while I may shave a year or two off the old birthday candle count, not even I think I could pull of being born in 2009! Espesh since ye old Boss man was born in 2008.

Anyway, I have to make the bed. Right away. Every morning. Doesn’t matter what shape the rest of the pad is in I cannot relax, concentrate or breathe until the bed is made. I am not in control of a great many things here at the American Dream (what with my mother in law being the woman of the house, which is rightly as it should be) but my bed? I CONTROL YOU, BED! I mean, I do control it as long as the Great Catsby or Puppy Bear are no wheres to be found. Why do I get pushed to the very edge of a king sized bed to accomodate a combined 13 pounds of animal? And also, when will they learn to let me finish making the bed before they settle in for a long winters/spring/summer/tuesday nap? Sigh, life would be easier if they would just WAIT.

Also, obsessed with tiny chairs. Small people chairs. Boss sized chairs. I only have one Boss thus far, with a new one (assistant manager perhaps?) on the imminenet, but the idea of tiny chairs all about thrills me. I buy them at thrift stores and TOTT makes me get rid of them because:

a. we don’t have that many tiny people to need chairs


I have to contend that he is correct on the second point. Point b, as it were. Alas, that stops me not from staring at this picture and thinking “someday…SOMEDAY!”

{if anyone knows the photo source for this, please let me know! I saved it ages ago, pre-blogging}

Don’t you love? Or maybe you don’t. But I do. I mean I lurve-love the wee little chairs and the idea of many chubby bebes racing about. Of course, they need not all  be mine, since I don’t think I can handle another first trimester.

{I think this is from House of Turquoise}

I am full on in the mode of nesting now. Which is most inconvenient as perhaps I may have mentioned that we have no nest of our own for me to feather. And though my darling mother in law has said many time I can paint or decorate anything I like here, let’s be honest that’s not a good plan. Y’know since it’s her house and all and should reflect her not me. Harumph. And so I obsess and ruthlessly steal moments of time on teh internetz saving a billionty pictures of inspiration room and again, not saving where they are from.

i SUCK cause these people? Are just real peeps and they design and create the most amazing stuff.

And thus it makes perfect sense that I clearly need to learn to crochet. Duh. So post nap the Boss and I are heading out for supplies. Because I WILL make a blankie for new baby, and one for The Boss.

Whether he wants it or not.

I also resolve to save pictures with links, y’know so I am not a design criminal. I’m not cut out for a life of crime and I really don’t look good in prison gray or prison lighting, for that matter!

Friday Fabulousness! {morning has broken}

The Zombie arose this week. And by Zombie of course I mean me. And thus, this week after having been so dang sick, everything was FABULOUS.
You know when you finally feel good? And you’re like oh! The breeze is so much cleaner! The stars are so lovely! Oh! Those flats I wanted at Target are now on sale!

I missed you world.

The In-Laws decided to steal The Boss for a bit  on Sunday and so  TOTT insisted I get up, roll outta bed and drag a comb across my head. Then he popped my weakened lil self in the car and drove me out for brunch and antiquing.

Everyone swoon for TOTT now. Even if flea markets aren’t your thing, the fact that the dude who would sooooooooooooo much rather be drinking a beer and watchign some sports, took his woman out for waffles, lattes and hunting for an antique typwriter and such means he is an A+ stud.

Post that he took me for a little shop in downtown Bethesda. Key-ute.

I promptly fell in love with Lola and wanted to take her home. Her family said no. Can you believe that? Rude.

Meet Lola. Getting cool in the fountain. I miss you Lola.

Puppy Bear + Lola 4 ever.

{Special thanks to Lola’s fam who for some reason though I was funny and not just some freak stalking their King Charles. Ah Lola.}

Also fabulous? Where have you been all my life Germantown Indoor Swim Center ??

Oh yeah, in Germantown. Whatever people! Check this shizz out: The Boss has started swimming lessons and lo and behold slides! kids areas! waterfalls! open year round!!

The Boss is crazy lovin it and we are planning on hitching our wagon to that star all winter. How fun to escape the dreary snowiness for some splashy fun!

Locals, who’s up for a play date?
What was fabulous in your life this week? I wanna know. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Wordless Wednesday ~Now with words!

Welcome to my second instalment of From Totally Geek to Totally Chic!

I do believe it’s official. I am obsessed with yard sale furniture and painting or refinishing it. I want the world to look like Anthropologie, but I don’t want to pay that much. Know what I’m saying? I scour over fabulous decorating blogs and wish I could do that! My first foray turned out pretty good, so this weekend I took the plunge and conquered not one, but two projects.

I have a metric ton of jewelry. No, it’s not all real, I love costume jewelry -again taking after my grandmother {dag nabbit!} I’ve got a fabulous collection of what I lovingly refer to as Mrs. Roper necklaces. Clearly my formative years were spent pining over John Ritter and thinking Mrs Roper could really work that MuuMuu.

So, this metric ton of jewelry has had no place to live but tucked in many little boxes, dishes, and dresser drawers. Let’s just say I call on St. Anthony to find my engagement ring more often than my iphone.

and you know that’s a lot.

Mumsy (my mom) had asked for some suggestions as to what I would like for my upcoming *cough* 28th birthday. I want a jewelry chest, said I. But once I hopped on ye olde internet, I realized that they were crazy ridonkulous money and also I didn’t love any of them.

Enter the decorating blogs. And my new lovah: craigslist. Right at the tippy top was JEWELRY CHEST $75 bucks. I offered her 30. Thinking she might go to 60. Lucky me! She accepted my 30 bones and TOTT and I were off to pick up my Jewelry Dream House ala Barbie.

I wish I’d taken a picture of the before but it was this one right here:

faboo, non?

I said to TOTT, I want this to look like it could be a display case at Anthro. If I was a braver sort, I would have gone with a color, but as it was Lauren (Dude. Lauren the Waitress, Lauren the Paint Expert.Wild.) at Home Depot hooked me up! She taught me how to do what was in my head and off I went to do it.

And for my first try, I think I did mighty well! Plus? Auntie Keek took one look at it and said “It looks like a display case at Anthro! LOVE!’ (no, she was not coached and no I didn’t pay her. But I would have)

I was so drunk with happiness I decided to takle this beast- totally worth the $20 bucks I paid for it- and make it into a night table (for now) when we move I will put the top back on it and move it to a bathroom or a kitchen.

And so {for now} it shall live here and look like this:

So, who has something the need painted because I am DRUNK with painting power and I just want to redo everything.  It’s such a blast!

What are your favorite decorating blogs?