We’re so vain, we probably think this song is about us.

Having a camera on your computer is sometimes not a very good thing. Here we are getting ready to head out to a picnic and suddenly…Zach and I are posing for, well, for ourselves! It’s utterly silly but as my friend Mara says ‘never trust a mirror, take a picture before you leave the house to see what you really look like’ of course Mara is a frigging pinup model so she’s usually looking pretty dang good.Following this we scooted off the the National Geographic Geography Bee picnic. Trebek wasn’t there (which was probably good because all I can think of is Darryl Hammond/Sean Connery saying ‘Suck it Trebek!’) but Ken Jennings was and so Z and I still giggled as we walked away saying “what is a Ho?” Good times. At least we amuse ourselves. And the Piglet bless his heart just laughs at everything we do. My FIL works for Nat Geo and so Zach grew up attending the Bee Picnic and he admits to dominating all the baseball and basketball games while his dad begged him to go easy on the little geniuses. 

It was a lovely day, and since we’ve had about twenty gallons of rain every day the park was an explosion of green. These kids had been answering geography questions all day  so they were bursting at the seams with psychotic amounts of energy and it was fun to watch them race around playing capture the flag and basketball and being plain old kids. That is until they get close enough for you to overhear their conversations while playing capture the flag they are arguing scientific theories and the history of Mesopotamia. Totally beyond my ken.  Even though some of their hopes had been crushed earlier that day as only 10 of the 52 had advanced to the finals they were screaming, laughing and having a great time.  So many of them so far ahead of their classmates it must be so nice to be surrounded by other kids that could keep up with them. It was fascinating and fun and it was so neat to imagine Max ( perhaps not winning the Bee as Zach and I went through all the test questions with FIL months ago and the answers we knew were few and far between…man it’s hard!) running around with his friends, negotiating what they want to do next and having so much fun all you can do is scream with joy. 
I just wanted to wrap up all those kids and take em to Jimmy Cone. 

King Max was born ten months ago today!  I know I waxed poetic on his nine month-iversary so I’ll spare you this month but Max just rocks. Literally. He rocks out to Guitar Hero, trying to dance. He rocks back and forth on his knees working on crawling and he snuggles in so sweetly for a nice rock in the chair. He’s a rockstar. And as soon as I find the dang cord to upload some new crawling video you will all be forced to watch the Piglet wiggle…and reach for the camera of course. I’ve no idea where he gets it from! *whistles and looks around innocently* 

He’s so advanced, he drove us to the picnic.
It’s important to make sure the mirrors are properly placed before driving.
Ah, that’s better!