Reasons to smile, there are many!

Five reasons to smile. Only five? I get down in the dumps, it’s true. I never thought I would leave Los Angeles, quit acting (for now), be a stay at home mom. I certainly never thought I would live with my in laws. But I find more and more that it’s harder to slip in the sad place. (I still do of course. Ask TOTT about the Big Cry Fest of Last Week.) Those trips down feeling sorry for myself lane seem to be getting fewer and farther between and are usually brought on from sleep deprivation. Everyone under the age of four in my household seems to be uninterested in resting lately. Everyone over the age of 21 is desperate for sleep.

The Just Be Enough prompt this week is 5 reasons to smile. Just reading the prompt made me smile. What a lovely thing to list, I might do well to list five things every week! In fact I just might. Maybe. We all know how well I stick with things, remember Friday Fabulousness? Or Monday vlogs? Ha! Discarded like Lindsey Lohan’s reputation.

Here we go! The inaugural five things list.

1.Buzz Lightyear

Boss decided late last week that he needed to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. Have you ever tried to find a Buzz Lightyear costume 2 weeks before Halloween? Pretty sure it’s right up there with the Holy Grail with things that are hard to find. Then a woman who works with Ma at school said her grandson had been Buzz when he was Boss’s age and maybe he would loan us his costume. Yay! This sweet boy didn’t want to loan it to The Boss, he insisted that he keep it. Needless to say he has been wearing it ever since! And the best part? He flies around crying out:



I am Buzz Lightyear Max, Strange Ranger!

It. Is. Hilarious. In case you are wondering, no we haven’t corrected him. This kid is so verbal that we rarely get little kid-isms, so when something like this occurs I hold on to it.

2.Huck chew

Hucklberry started laughing on Saturday. It’s utterly delightful! It’s squeeky and squawky and just awesome! He loves to be tickled, but more than anything he loves to giggle at Buzz Lightyear Max, Strange Ranger.






3. Fashion Blogs.Oh! I adore thee! Sometimes I play with the idea of putting on my Sunday best and taking photos like they do. I’ve no idea how they make those poses look good, but they do! And they sold me on tights with peep toes this fall, so there ya go. Also I cut my hair like one of them. I am easily influenced by shiny things.



wheels4. Pinterest. Oh heavens! Pinterest is my new relaxation, my new obsession, my new lovah. Everything on Pinterest makes me smile. Even the whacked out WTF stuff. Because really? People pin some weird hist. Where else could I find a picture of the very roller skates I just blogged about, a dude with his chest hair shaved into a heart, and my dream dining room?







picnikfile_Qgcr8t5. Shopping the house. Well, shopping in any form works for me, amiright? I need new bedding. It’s been ages and I am so very over what we have. What we do not have is oodles of bucks to buy new bedding so I flipped over my bedspread, stole some pillows from the couch (I need one more) and viola! New bedding. Not exactly what I want, but good enough for now!This also provides me with an excuse to get new pillows for the couch. Throw pillows are much cheaper than king size bedding.



It’s nice to have an excuse to look around and take stock of what makes me smile. What makes you smile? Extra credit if you tell me the craziest thing you’ve seen on Pinterest.Oh, Pinterest!

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That’s what it’s all about.

Yup. That’s what it’s all about. {And it is not the hokey pokey, bee tee dub.} It’s about babies and magic and we had more than our fair share this Christmas.

While this little Stinker and his cousin Zu slept Santa came and showered these two good little boys with love and toys. Things have been so rough the las couple of years, and this last 6 months has brought a bit of breathing room…I do believe Santa got a little carried away.

But the near 2 minutes of stunned silence as The Boss looked from basketball hoop to train table to drum set  unable to say a word but an amazed whispered “Santa” was more than worth it.

I’d sell a kidney to get that look again.

God Bless us, every one.

The thing about The Boss is…

He is officially a BOY.

And dang if he isn’t the coolest cat I know. He might look bad ass, but he woke me up with a loud “MOMMY! I WANNA SNUGGLE!” this morning. Needless to say, snuggling ensued. He drums, plays guitar, sings Twist and Shout {among other Beatles hits}, he is generous with his kisses and hugs, and wants you to know he would like to go outside right now to splash in the rain. I think I will let him. As soon as I get dressed. {yes, it IS 10:30, what’s your point?} The Boss named the stuffed Dog Lara gave him Mugsy, because WWJD has a bulldog named Mugsy. He loathes diaper changes, but announces he will need one in a moment. He is open to negotiation in the matter, and will allow himself to be changed…if the price is right. Fruit snacks are like gold round these parts lately. He prefers a fork over a spoon, unless cereal is involved. He will reject any mini wheat deemed lacking in frosting. He holds a pencil properly, which blows my mind, and spends a great deal of the day doing things like puppy. He can count to ten, but only if he’s in the mood and never in front of strangers. He makes an awesome monkey and fishy face and will grace strangers with that show once in a while. He says hi to almost everyone he meets and will steal your girlfriend if you’re not careful. Flirting is one of his most practiced skills.

All he wants for lunch is hummus, or whipped cream. {mean mommy denying him the ‘zipped’ cream!} He informed us yesterday that my favorite color is pink {correct}, Daddy’s is blue {also correct} and Aunty Kelly’s is chocolate. When he gets excited he dances and sings the Hot Dog Song from  The Mickey Mouce Clubhouse.  If he really needs me he’ll sing oh mommy to the tune of oh Toodles. 

He would rather watch his guitar for beginners video (and I do mean vcr video) than just about any thing else. He refers to himself as Baby. Baby wanna sit on a couch with mommy. Baby sleep on a floor like puppy.

He’d like some hummus now, and also Ican smell what The Boss is cooking,  if you catch my drift {or his drift as the case maybe}. And I think you do. Now, where did I put those fruit snacks?

I’m Like Holly Go Lightly, but without the prostitution. Part 2. The last.

Oh yes, a grand time was had at the BlogHer Expo.

I must say my very favorite parts of the Expo were meeting Danielle Smith {if you want to vlog then she is the gal to see. Her tips helped me immeasurably. Plus, she is very kind and sweet in person and that speaks volumes} and then seeing Kevin and the Huggies team again. A few months ago one of our Montgomery County police officers was killed leaving behind a toddler son and a pregnant wife- pregnant with triplets. The babies are here now and healthy but the mother is in need of help and the Huggie corporation really takes their Every Little Bottom campaign seriously. The moment I mentioned it to him, Kevin pledged to help and as we speak coupons for diapers are headed to Banana Blueberry who has been spearheading and coordinating the relief effort for the widow. Bless her and bless Huggies.

But the real pinacle for the trip was, for me anyway, the opening keynote. Susan from Toddler Planet had invited me to be her guest and watch her speak. I am proud to call Susan friend. A new friend, but a friend nonetheless. Her very being just wraps you in happiness and I am pretty sure her voice is made up entirely of alpha waves of awesome. I adore her and when a snafu left me waiting at the gate desperate to get in my DC moms Leticia and Jessica saved the day without having to stress Susan. {I always joke ‘forget Jesus, Leticia-TechSavvyMama is my personal savior’. And she saved me yet again when my phone died, she whipped out that IGo charger like Johnny on the Spot and charged me right up.}I would have been hysterical if I had missed it.  In case you weren’t blessed to hear it, give it a read will ya? It will move you to your core, I promise you. I took many videos and pictures of her, but this one is my very favorite. One should always be this blissfully happy and laugh from your belly after conquering something like sharing a personal story with 1000 or more people.

Following the keynote it was time for a little refresh and then…then I got to meet one of my best internet buddies in real life for the first time. Lissy and I have known one another on one message board or another for probably 8 years or so, and even though she lives about three hours from me it took BlogHer in NYC to get us together! We met up for the Voices Gala and she brought the lovely Jules from Mommy Ramblings along, who I recognized from the boards. You know when you meet someone and it’s as if you’ve always known them? It was like that. After some snacks and karaoke we decided to blow that pop stand and hit Times Square.

We were on a quest for pizza, although we quickly dismissed Sbarro {apologies to Michael Scott} and eventually found ourselves where you would expect three moms out on the town with no kids to end up. No not a club.

Toys R Us.

They almost called the Toy NYPD on us!

I’m no country mouse, but the ferris wheel inside the store Also? Barbie house. We spent about two hours in there buying gifts for our little ones…never mind that we had gallons of swag for them.
After ToysRUs I was famished, and hallelujiah an organic pizza place in Times Square. Ummmm, I wish I’d written the name of that place down because I am still dreaming of that mushroom pizza. Delish!Eventually it was time to head back to the hotel- what with it being almost 12:30! I planned to crash, but instead I stayed up giggling with my roomies way into the night. That Thien-Kim is one funny chick. And my God it felt good, just laughing and chatting and being ME.

BlogHer rejuvenated me. It reminded me who I was. It helped me define the kind of blogger I am, and what I want out of it. I might never be Dooce, and ya know what? That’s a-ok. I’m just a story telling, shopping, love-my-kiddo kinda blogger. And I am happy to be that. In fact, the best compliment I got the whole conference wasn’t about my clothes or shoes, or even that I was funny {although don’t get me wrong, I loved those compliments all the way to my tippy toes} it was being told that my readers could really tell how much I love The Boss. That my love for him reaches through the internet and comes across to you well, I can’t think of a better thing to be told. Because he is the bees knees, you know.

Never Go Against a Sicilian when Death is on The Line.

Or rather, never go against a toddler when his hairstyle is on the line. The Boss has become, well, bossy. He is well in the throngs of almost two year old-dom and has no idea what to do with himself. He vascillates between being the sweetest, most loving angel in all of Christendom and a little devil.

I love him in either incarnation. I love him ten ways til Sunday.

The battle of wills has begun and I am woefully unprepared. I think his hair should be out of his eyes. He thinks it should be down. I brush it back and he says “Nooooo Mommy. Pau! Rock Band!’ {which means: excuse me Mother, but I’d really rather wear my hair in the style of the Beatles. The  early years. Specifically that of Sir Paul whom you know I adore as I insist on playing both the guitar and bass left handed just as he does.} Now really, how can I argue with that logic as I also adore Sir Paul to the moon and back? And yet, I unconciously push his curls back all throughout the day and as quickly as he can he smooths it back down with an emphatic rock band. Sometimes he says it under his breath as he fixes his hair. Those are my favorites rock bands ever.

He says it with a British dialect. Rock Band. It slays me.

And suddenly I realize he is a boy. A boy. The babyness is slowly being shed and he is coming into his own.  A BOY.

My Boy.

Cookie dough is like a pregnancy test

When I was trying to get pregnant (and by trying I mean, decided to have a baby, took a trip to Italy, lit a bunch of candles and came home pregnant) I bought a three pack of pregnancy tests. When I got home from Italy I knew- knew I was pg, and yet when I took that first test it came up negative.

I was devastated.
The next day and the next test provided the same result.

But that third test, it was just sitting in the bathroom cabinet, just sitting there. Taunting me with it’s non-taken-ness and I just had to take it and be done with it so I could move on and be not pregnant for another month.
But then…so faint it was barely visible to the naked eye was a second line. A line. I rushed out and bought three more tests, and then three more and finally one of those overpriced 1 in 5 women can misread a pregnancy test (say whaaa?) tests. You know the one…the one that says in big letters PREGNANT.

It was glorious.

This past week I made The Boss some of Auntie Keek’s (Keek. Boss speak combo for Kelly and CAKE) awesomelicious egg free cookie dough. It’s my PMS fav and the little dude had a rough week so a treat was in order.
It goes a little something like this:

Blend together:
1/2 cup butter
1 cup flour
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 tbsp water
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt

Stir in 1/2 cup chocolate chips.

You’re welcome.

(typing that out I realize I used a tablespoon and a half of vanilla. Oops! My bad. It was delish though!)

The Boss and I had a lovely snack of it. And the next day we did as well. Then…then he went off to dream land. But that cookie dough was just sitting there in the refigerator. Just sitting there. Taunting me with it’s non-eaten-ness. I just had to eat it and be done with it so I could move on and not eat it for another month until I caved and made it again.
But then…so quietly no one in the house knew,  I ate a bite. And then three more bites. And then three more. And then I finished it all off.

It was glorious.

So you see, cookie dough is just like a pregnancy test. It will taunt you until you give in. Resistance is futile.
Plus both a baby and the cookie dough will give you a belly. And both will make you really happy.

I’m a no on Zombies.

I learned something via twitter this last weekend and that is that an amazing amount of people call Easter ‘Happy Jesus Zombie Day’. I find this equal parts hysterically funny and totally disturbing. I wonder if it’s cause I’m really, really afraid of Zombies. More than clowns, and that’s saying a lot! I loathe Zombies. I totally think that could happen, like…that’s what biological warfare looks like! I admit to being a total freak and figuring out where we would hide in case of Zombie attack. Cause according to Shaun of the Dead, if they don’t know you’re in there they’ll leave you alone. And thankfully they tend to not be too interested in animals, cause Lord knows no matter how high the dosage the Prozac Puppy just keeps barking. We’re at my in laws now, living the American Dream, so it would be their room in case of Zombie attack. It’s huge, with a gigantic bathroom, two levels and only five small windows which could easily be covered with dark fabric..I should get some of that duvatine that lighting guys use on shoots to block out the light, hmmm. We’d use those baby doorknob locks to add to the safety locks on the doors. We’d only use the tv during the day…or drag it into the gigantic bathroom to check the news at night.

Maybe I should be the one taking the puppy’s prozac.

Anyway, Happy Jesus Zombie day. Happy Day? Or Jesus was a happy Zombie? Both I suppose…although wouldn’t he have the right to be just one seriously pissed off Zombie? But he’s better than us, blah blah blah pass the Reese’s eggs, right? No really, to all that celebrate Easter I hope you had a wonderful day. I too, celebrate Easter and honestly meant to take King Max to Church but he had other plans. He’s a totally easy baby, sweet, good natured, fusses only when tired or hungry. But he was not having it! Just fussy and crying and unhappy. Closer inpection revealed on lumpy white gum left front upper tooth! Whahoo! A tooth! We’ve got none so far and I love the gummy smiles, but eventually he’s got to get one right? Well he’s been happy as a clam since then and still no tooth. Tooth watch continues.

Here in the Dulli house they celebrate both Passover and Easter, Zach’s mom is Jewish and so we had a Seder on Tuesday night. Man that was fun!! Matzo balls are yummy. And Ms. D made me vegetarian Mazto ball soup. Max took the opportunity of having an audience of twelve people at dinner to say MAMA for the first time. Be.Still.My.Beating.Heart. I missed it the first time, I had left the room to get him something and he looked after me and said it! Zach ran into tell me and I waited patiently for him to say it again. He was kicking it in his Cookie Monster walker while we had the Seder and finally he was done and looked right at me, held out his arms and said clear as day ‘Mama’. Swoon. Much cheering and snuggling and kissing commenced. God, I love my baby. Doesn’t matter where we live, how seperated I am from the world, how much I miss my family…one little ‘mama’ and all is right with the world.

Very tired Easter Baby.