Friday Fabulousness~ Something warm and snuggly.

It’s pathetic how I look forward to taking my antibiotics. The last three nights when I wake I can take my pills is the last thought to flicker across my mind.

One more pill means one more step away from my ‘vicious’ lung infection. I hurt from coughing. My back hurts, my ribs, my lungs feel raw and Iseem to have pulled a muscle in my abdomen that was previously undiscovered.

This sickness is the Christopher Columbus of my stomach muscles.

I am ready to be well. Over ready. Beyond ready. I wouldn’t wish this lung infection on anyone, it sucks so hard core. Well, maybe Mel Gibson. Yes, I wish this lung infection on Mel Gibson. Does that make me a bad person?

Also, I want to marry whoever invented Benzonatate. Day one it did nothing for me, my infection was too bad, but day two? Oh blissful cough supressant!! I can tell the moment it wears off though, like BAM! Coughing fit. Pop pill. 1/2 hour- oh blissful cough suppressant!

You know what was fabulous this week in my life? I mean beside my Z-pack and the cough suppressant? The Puppy Bear.

Why you ask? Well first off no one is allowed to be sick in bed without a constant Puppy Bear heating pad/snuggle pillow co.mpanion

It’s a pillow, its a pet. It’s a Puppy Bear.

Also? I got a bee in my bonnet yesterday that The Boss’s hair must be cut. I mean, he was looking a bit like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. One problem: The Boss? Not a fan of haircuts. Especially of the Electric Trimmer variety. But the Puppy Bear? Totes willing to get his shave on.

And shave him I did. Okay, not really I just trimmed him up a bit But the point is, if Puppy Bear can do it, The Boss can too! Other than one head buck induced bizarro line I believe I did a pretty decent job of a ‘do. It’s tough work when 1. you have no training. 2. you are happily enjoying the blissful cough suppresant and 3. your subject is wiggling and doing a seated version of the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey’s Clubhouse.

So Puppy Bear, you get the trophy this week. You’re the fabulousness this week. Thanks for keeping me company, sleeping through my coughing fits, and letting me – an untrained groomer- come at ya with a buzzing trimmer and shave ya down. You look cute, PB.

And yes, the trimmers were cleaned between PB and The Boss’ haircuts. Sigh. I feel guilty about wishing this sick on Mel Gibson. Even if he is a total asshat.

What was fabulous in your life this week? Have a wonderful weekend!

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The problem with getting ready for bed…

The problem with getting ready for bed is that it kind of wakes you up. And then you lay in bed thinking:

I was so sleepy watching Family Guy not twenty minutes ago and yet, now here I lay staring at the ceiling and humming the words to Happy Tapping With Elmo.


Sleep has been a crazy struggle for me since Mr. Max arrived. It’s all worth it since I love him more than my sonic toothbrush. And I really love clean teeth.
I am always tired. Always. I am pretty sure that I’m so tired is the National Anthem of Momhood.

Last night I was applying my many time fighting-superhero-anti wrinkle creams and lotions, (curse you non safe for nursing Botox and your smoothness!) finishing up getting ready to pass out (or sing Sesame Streets Greatest Hits, either one) and just longing for my squishy pillow.

The last step of my evening ablutions applying psycho amounts of hand cream and chapstick and of course taking my belved Zoloft. So I popped my pill and…

Wait. Oh, crap. That wasn’t my medicine. It was the PUPPY BEAR’s medicine!

I took. The dog’s. Medicine.

Ah, well. It’s only Prozac. Yes, the dog is also on anti anxiety meds. You can take the Puppy Bear out of L.A. but you can’t take the L.A. out of the Puppy Bear.

This weekend I’m gonna stick some shades on him and take him shopping in a high end doggie stroller.
What are your weekend plans?

Have a good one…and stay out of the dog’s meds for the love of Ray J.