More out than in.


This weekend was Boss’ last soccer practice. How did that happen? I swear it went so fast. (remind me of that in years to come when I’m like oh another soccer game. ugh) Afterwards we went to a very kid friendly lunch at Red Robin. Gone are the days of leisurely Saturday brunches with poached eggs and mimosas by the beach and bring on the bottomless fries and grilled cheese.

It may be less glamorous, but it more joy filled that’s for sure.

The day started out crazy rainy and cold and then bloomed into a lovely Spring-fever inducing day.

Then…and most importantly. This guy, our adorable non-sleeping Huckleberry is officially 9 months old.

He has now been out longer than he was in and boy howdy has it been a heck of a ride. He is sweeter than sugar and talking up a storm. He wields mama, dada, bob-bob and uga (again) with the power of Greyskull and knows how to melt hearts with a hey dada when he really wants something.

Too bad he doesn’t like to sleep. Because I sure do. And I miss it ever so much.

What I wore: Me: Coach sunglasses via TJMaxx, Old Navy trench, AE Jeggings, Jessica Simpon boot socks (my soul dies a little every time I buy something with her stamp on it. Why must her shoes be so cute?) Gap fake wellies, Cynthia Rowley bag. Huckleberry: Osh Kosh Sweater, cassette tape screened onsie that TOTT made, too bad you can’t see it. No idea on the jeans, and Children’s place shoes. Boss: HIGH FASHION! Yeah. Adidas pants and shoes, no idea on the polo, and Children’s Place sweatshirt.

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Stepping out Saturday and The Sum Up.

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary. Five years…wow. It’s pretty cool, to quote Miley Cyrus via SNL. To celebrate we went to Cactus Cantina for dinner and then TOTT took me and the rest of the family to The White House to tour the East Wing and all the Christmas decorations. To say it was amazing would be an understatement.

I wore tan sweater from Macys I love, dark jeggings from AE and boots, clearance last year at Target for 8 bucks. I also wore a baby in a ring sling which is think is by far the best accessory evah. I so adore my non-sleeping Huckleberry!

We were too busy taking pictures of the decorations so this is the only picture I have. Of course.  Total me, baby wearing social media mom FTW

We were allowed to take pictures in the East Wing, which is an unusual occurrence and I can’t wait to upload the ones from the real camera(says she who has pictures from the Boss’s Birthday on there…from JULY) but in the meantime here are some of my favorite instagram ones
First off we sent greetings to the troupes. Even the Boss got in on the action. Some soldier is going to get a scribbly stick figure and a backwards MAX. (XAM). I think that is kinda awesome!

There is a BO in every room. Some are big and some are tiny. By the way, TOTT was at the White House on Thursday and Bo came up to him in the hall and nuzzled his hand. COULD YOU JUST DIE?? Meanwhile I was wiping poop off a stubborn toddler. I think you can tell who leads the glamorous life between me and the hubs.

Felt Circle Bo…clearly the White House decorators have been cruising Pinterest.

white chocolate White House with not to scale Bo. But wouldn’t be awesome if Bo was that big? Like Clifford.

Right there was where President Obama announced we got Bin Laden.

I can’t tell you how many times I have stood at the fence wanting to see this entrance up close. It is gorgeous.

Oh it was magical! I think you can tell from this, one of my favorite wedding pictures that I do indeed LOVE Christmas!

What I wore that Saturday? Vintage inspired wedding dress by Monique Lowe, Necklace and earrings by Bloomingdales, Tiara by I don’t remember…I ordered like 20 of them off ye olde internets and chose one. Yes, I kept all the other ones. A cathedral veil for the ceremony and a fingertip for the reception. I didn’t wear a blusher…but I wish I had!

Happily Ever After!

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Stepping out Saturday, take 2.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are in Ohio with the fam and The Boss could not be happier.  His slightly older cousins might breathe a sigh of relief when we leave though. I believe he is tiring them out! Huck has charmed the pants off of everyone in a ten mile radius and we are all having a grand time! The only downside is that my Striiv is missing! I tried to call the cops and put out an APB but they mocked me. The nerve! Oh! And we got our very first negative comment about Huckleberry’s name. An actual “tsk tsk. Unfortunate”

I thought it was hilarious but it pissed TOTT right off!

We had brunch at Frisch’s Big Boy which reminds me of home (Beautiful Downtown Burbank) where we have our own Big Boy. You know that fat cat photobombed my SOS pictures. For real.


Oh yes, I am SO varied. A long sweater and pants tucked into favorite boots.

On me: Sweater- Old Navy, long tank H&M, jeggings American Eagle (shout out to my cousin Jamie for telling me these were the most comfy and well priced), boots Target, earrings Target, Necklace JCrew.

On The Boss: Shirt and Cargos Childrens Place, Boots Old Navy, Hat from his cousin Alec. He slept in it last night. True story.

Have you entered the Huggies Giveaway yet? Because you can torture your tiny people with pictures like this:

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leggings are the new yoga pants.

Proof I actually wear real clothes. Sometimes.

Saturday was The Boss’s very first Soccer Class and it was a carnival of cuteness. Highlight of my day was the consistent way Boss would pick up the ball with his little hands walk it right up to the goal and then kick it in and then throw his arms up in the air and say YAY!



Today we headed off to the Sugarloaf Craft fair which was not my scene but we did score some crazy delicious chocolate covered pretzels. In fact I think I need one right now.

On The Boss: white shirt-GAP, Yellow amplifier shirt-silk screened in Raleigh,Cargos-Children’s Place, Adiddas-Filene’s yo.
On me: Crochet ear warmer- Eastern Market, Sweater-Old Navy, long tank- H&M, leggings & boots-Target,giant sunglasses meant to hide ferocious dark circles due to attempting to have kids sleep together in the same room- GAP.

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