Getting in shape is tough, yo.

Week two of the Striiv challenge and I have several groundbreaking discoveries.

The first of which is that my black yoga pants have a hole in a very unfortunate location. This discovery was not made at an opportune moment. Mumsy would be so proud. (no,no she wouldn’t)

{look Ma, I burned off a large Fries!}

Okay, Holy Yoga Pants not withstanding, I did learn some stuff and junk:

First: Although the Striiv comes with a cool little attachment to keep it on your key chain, this is not an option for me. I have a three year old boy who loves to steal my keys and hide them. This then forces me to run about the house looking for them racing up and down stairs all the while raging that NONE OF THESE STEPS ARE BEING COUNTED BY THE MISSING STRIIV!

Second: If you use the belt clip attachment and are neurotic about checking how many steps you’ve taken people will think you are wearing a beeper. This means they perhaps will think you are either a drug dealer or a doctor. As I prefer being a doctor to being a dealer I spent all day pretending I was Dr. Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy. This worked for me. Plus? Dr. Owen Hunt. Yum.

Third: if you baby wear, attaching the Striiv to your baby solves both previous conundrums.

Fourth: Striiv really needs a feature where you can input that you are pushing a giant double stroller up and down the crazy hills of Georgetown for hours. I’m not requesting extra credit for the steps, but surely you can hook a gal up with extra lightening bolt energy bars so I can build that dang Lemur Mansion and unlock the lowlands on my magic island!

Fifth: Sometimes you may forget to pick up your Striiv until 11 am. There is a way to make up the steps that you took but weren’t counted due to your own absentmindedness.

It’s cheating but here it is:


**No, I didn’t count those in my weekly steps. But it did help tire him out for naptime.**

My total steps this week were 22,899! Not too shabby since I completely left it at home on Monday while we spent the day with Huck at doctor and ER.

Striiv didn’t cross my mind once. I’m pretty sure the folks at Striiv are A-okay with that.