Shoppers Anonymous…except you know me.

The time has come for me to admit it. I shop too much. I am huge bargain shopper, but my Target bill (yes, I caved after 1.5 months…I missed you Target! Let’s never fight again.) alone is crazy. No, I didn’t NEED a new little wallet with a cute owl on it, but it was only 9 bucks and it’s soooooo cute! It’s now living in my purse.

My name is Minky and I am a shopaholic.

I’m bored. I miss seeing my friends on the daily. I miss going to auditions. I miss being able to head over to WWJD’s anytime the mood strikes me for a gabfest and TV Snark with wine. I miss working on shows. I miss having my own place to decorate and run. I miss….everything. And I am filling that gap with shopping. I know that we are close to being ready to leave the safety and security of The American Dream and I am antsy. TOTT is crazy supportive of my new craigslist aquisition obsession and projects. I mean the man bought me a paint sprayer for my birthday! {note to self…get over fear of paint sprayer and USE IT! } My IL’s not only allow me to use the backyard and garage as a workstation but they praise my newfound skills and support me as well.

I have so many blessings. The time has come to start focusing on those and not those adorable black boots I want at Target. I spent 100 bones there yesterday on…what, I don’t know. My point is this: I spend too much money on stuff that I don’t need. It makes me feel momentarily happy, who doesn’t love a cute new bag?? I do, that’s why I have 30 of them. Or shoes? Also me. Except…well,  I never go anywhere to show those off. Except Target and Home Depot and my local Thrift.

So here’s the deal…

I do not need a new purse. I do not need new shoes. I do not need any more clothes. I do not need these things just to fill the days and make me momentarily happy.

What I do need: money to fix my car. Make-up, shampoo etc when the stuff I have runs out. To go to the eye doctor for contacts and glasses.To go to the dentist.To finish all my projects. Have another baby.

I’m going to try very hard to stop my extraneous spending so that we can finish up paying off our debt and get settled in a place of our own soon. I am going to try to feed that shopping need with thrift, if I have too.

This will be very hard for me, as I always have a HUGE case of the I Wants, you might have to put up with some virtual I Want shopping on this here blog…but it’s for the greater good.

I’ve got to keep my eye on the prize. Which is a really great pair of boots.

CRAP! No, no boots. Sigh. See? I need your help!

Have you ever given up something to save? Was it hard? What was the hardest thing to give up?

Minky’s Monday Musing~ Target, we need to talk.

I’m ten kinds of upset and not even my swoony President Obama afterglow can settle me down. In fact, Mr. President just gets me fired me up even more! We must fight injustice! We need Equality! Our president is The Hotness!

Wait, one of those three was kinda inappropriate.  Oh well, I stand by all three statements.

It has been brought to my attention that The Target Corporation-which has by and large been pretty groovy and cool – has donated a doctorate sized student loan amount of money to a very conservative Republican candidate who is pretty dang anti-gay.  {You can read the Huffington Post Article on it here. Obviously I encourage you to always do the research on things yourself and make up your own mind, but this is my lil old blog and I am the sad over this. Esp. cause The Boss busted my gold aviators and sigh…where else to get them for 12.99?}

Now, listen…I get it, it’s legal and all. But the demographic of Target shoppers is by and large younger, hipper and groovier. And thus (one would surmise) pretty gay friendly. I myself am gay friendly. Actually, scratch that. I’m just plain old friendly. Whether you are gay or straight isn’t an issue for me at all. I do however care if you’re nice, a good person and whether you wear white after labor day.

Okay, I was kidding about the antiquated fashion rule…plus? Winter white, people.

{Why yes, that is Reverend Minky uniting The Boss’ Guncles in marriage. I lurve them.}

I am also in love with Target. You can see my problem.  And so, this weeks musing is my letter to Target, I don’t know how to quit you…but you gotta fix this!

One of these days I am going to y’know, get dressed up for a vlog instead of filming it at 11 p.m. on Sunday. I said to TOTT grab the Flip video and meet me in the bedroom.He was totes disappointed that I just wanted to holler at Target. Also, HOW WILL I LIVE WITHOUT TARGET????????

Target, you are the Edward to my Bella…

Target it doesn’t HAVE to be the one I suggested, The Human Rights Campaign, but I really think they’re the way to go! You have to do SOMETHING BIG to reach out to the community and make this right. Please. Cause I. Miss. You. Already.

Dude, my hair. I cry like The Boss at 3 a.m. Sob.