Boom. I got served.

Yesterday was not a stellar mommy day for me. The babes are ganging up and alternately partying all night long. I am tired and stressed and stir crazy in a home that is not mine. I start a million projects and cannot finish a one.

A half done big boy swing sits on the back deck waiting to be hung from the tree. An Ikea Rast hack waits to be poly’d and the knobs put on. And one half of our bedroom has had the pin holes filled from the many, many, many Jenny McCarthy and Heather Locklear posters that decorated them back when TOTT was a teen.

(Good Lord, someday my babes will want girly posters won’t they?)

I was over tired and over cranky. And shall we say I am back in the “I can get pregnant” game. knowwhatImeandontwearwhitejeans? I suggested the playground. The Boss said no. I suggested the soccer place. The Boss said no. I said FINE. I had to return some stuff at the mall and thanks to Pinterest I recently learned that Payless of all places had $19 knock offs of the $300 JCrew wedges I’ve been obsessing over. Plus there is Starbucks and a playcenter at the mall. So off we went.

The Boss insisted on wearing his new flip flops assuring me he could keep them on. He couldn’t. Yes, my child was the white trash kid running around the mall barefoot while his exasperated mother, near tears, chased after him pushing a sleeping baby in a double stroller roughly the size of an RV. It corners just as well. I grabbed a pair of sandals for him and he promised to wear them.

We stopped for Starbucks.

Me: MAX. Shoes on.

Max: Shoes OFF!

Me: Max! SHOES ON!

Max: Compamise?

He stood there smiling at me wearing one shoe.

Whatever. You can’t wear shoes at the play place anyway. He ran around like a maniac playing with various children, his laughter and happy shrieks worth every antibacterial wipe I would obviously attack him with as soon as he was done. After he was ready he – get this- asked for a PRETZEL and we ended up at Auntie Anne’s. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.

We came home, curled up with a little Nemo and I resigned myself to just trying not to be too cranky. He was such a good boy today and I was such a crab. I hate myself on days like that. I did everything I was supposed to do. I fed him and bathed him. He was so adorable post shower jumping on the bed and singing but I kept saying Max! Get over here, put on your pajamas. Teeth were brushed, books were read, and we lay cuddled in bed together. I told him how much I loved him and asked him what his favorite part of the day today was, certain it would be the super special ‘coffee’ that they make him at Starbucks that is only for boys who can count to ten, know their ABC’s and are the best big brother ever (also known as a kids hot vanilla milk) or playing with the kids at the play place.

He tossed a soft and chubby arm around my neck and said when I was jumping. At the play place? I asked. No, on the bed.he said  I love bouncing on the bed.

His favorite part of the whole day and there I was yelling at him to stop it, knock it off,  calm down, STOP JUMPING.

I snuggled him back and promised him that there would be lots of bouncing tomorrow. That I would finish that dang big boy swing. He cuddled closer and fell asleep and I lay there going over my failures today. Nothing major, small things.  Tomorrow will be better I tell myself.

So here’s hoping. And if worse comes to worse I am putting on Green Day and letting him jump on the bed.


Sum Up Vol. one

This week we were singing along with the Holiday tunes on the radio in the car. The Boss growing ever frustrated that he did not know the words, waited patiently for a break in the song and then sang out “TODAY!” you know, like 588-2300 Empire TODAY.  He slays me.

He and Huckleberry hold hands now. He lines his Smurfs up so they hold hands too.

He is growing like a weed and everyday he is bigger and smarter than the day before, but when he really wants something he still signs ‘more’ just like he did when we was very little. My heart swoons at that.

He is incredibly snuggly in the morning. He thinks that sitting on his potty is the perfect place for some cereal. He takes time out of his busy schedule to make sure I know just where the Starbucks is.

Huckleberry is six months old today. How did this happen?Clear proof that time is not constant. Six months when you’re pregnant lasts an age. Six months of baby love is a blink of an eye. He is teething. It sucks. He can almost sit up and I no longer keep him in his car seat but take him out and put him in the shopping cart and stroller. So big! He is very patient with my tiny shoes for Huckie obsession. He looks at me with stars in his eyes, watching me wherever I go. But The Boss is his favorite.

Favorite memory this week: Boss got a Buzz and Woody punching bopper bag (or whatever you call em, you know what I mean right?) after a particularly successful potty training day and he was punching it and cracking himself up. Huck started laughing, not just a giggle or two but a full on laughing fit. This only made The Boss amp it up and honestly we encouraged him and soon the room was filled with the joyful shrieks of the big brother and the hysterical laughter of the little brother.

Please let me hear that often. It’s good for what ails me.

Reasons to smile, there are many!

Five reasons to smile. Only five? I get down in the dumps, it’s true. I never thought I would leave Los Angeles, quit acting (for now), be a stay at home mom. I certainly never thought I would live with my in laws. But I find more and more that it’s harder to slip in the sad place. (I still do of course. Ask TOTT about the Big Cry Fest of Last Week.) Those trips down feeling sorry for myself lane seem to be getting fewer and farther between and are usually brought on from sleep deprivation. Everyone under the age of four in my household seems to be uninterested in resting lately. Everyone over the age of 21 is desperate for sleep.

The Just Be Enough prompt this week is 5 reasons to smile. Just reading the prompt made me smile. What a lovely thing to list, I might do well to list five things every week! In fact I just might. Maybe. We all know how well I stick with things, remember Friday Fabulousness? Or Monday vlogs? Ha! Discarded like Lindsey Lohan’s reputation.

Here we go! The inaugural five things list.

1.Buzz Lightyear

Boss decided late last week that he needed to be Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. Have you ever tried to find a Buzz Lightyear costume 2 weeks before Halloween? Pretty sure it’s right up there with the Holy Grail with things that are hard to find. Then a woman who works with Ma at school said her grandson had been Buzz when he was Boss’s age and maybe he would loan us his costume. Yay! This sweet boy didn’t want to loan it to The Boss, he insisted that he keep it. Needless to say he has been wearing it ever since! And the best part? He flies around crying out:



I am Buzz Lightyear Max, Strange Ranger!

It. Is. Hilarious. In case you are wondering, no we haven’t corrected him. This kid is so verbal that we rarely get little kid-isms, so when something like this occurs I hold on to it.

2.Huck chew

Hucklberry started laughing on Saturday. It’s utterly delightful! It’s squeeky and squawky and just awesome! He loves to be tickled, but more than anything he loves to giggle at Buzz Lightyear Max, Strange Ranger.






3. Fashion Blogs.Oh! I adore thee! Sometimes I play with the idea of putting on my Sunday best and taking photos like they do. I’ve no idea how they make those poses look good, but they do! And they sold me on tights with peep toes this fall, so there ya go. Also I cut my hair like one of them. I am easily influenced by shiny things.



wheels4. Pinterest. Oh heavens! Pinterest is my new relaxation, my new obsession, my new lovah. Everything on Pinterest makes me smile. Even the whacked out WTF stuff. Because really? People pin some weird hist. Where else could I find a picture of the very roller skates I just blogged about, a dude with his chest hair shaved into a heart, and my dream dining room?







picnikfile_Qgcr8t5. Shopping the house. Well, shopping in any form works for me, amiright? I need new bedding. It’s been ages and I am so very over what we have. What we do not have is oodles of bucks to buy new bedding so I flipped over my bedspread, stole some pillows from the couch (I need one more) and viola! New bedding. Not exactly what I want, but good enough for now!This also provides me with an excuse to get new pillows for the couch. Throw pillows are much cheaper than king size bedding.



It’s nice to have an excuse to look around and take stock of what makes me smile. What makes you smile? Extra credit if you tell me the craziest thing you’ve seen on Pinterest.Oh, Pinterest!

Link up with me @ Just Be Enough!

Just Sitting here on the corner of Awesome and Bombdiggity.

{via Pinterest}

Yup. Today is my birthday and  have decided that in this, my thirtieth (again) year I shall simply be awesome.

Oh, I don’t mean that suddenly my head has exploded with ego…no, no. I am still the same insecure wreck I was last year. My brain is still a constant cycle of negative self talk and anxiety. I’m telling you it is a par-tay up in cabeza de Stephania.

However on this, my thirtieth (again) birthday I declare that this year shall be spent letting GO of at least some of that self doubt. Go Dog GO!

Because listen, I am not a size zero. I am not 6 feet tall. I didn’t turn out to be a super model. But I am pretty blessed. First and foremost; my boys, my babies,are here and healthy and just for reals the bombdiggity. Second: I gots me a hubby who is a good honest man and as an added bonus he makes me laugh till my eyes water. Third: Mumsy is awesome. Forth: we live with my in-laws. I know, not normally a blessing, right? But mine are pretty cool and we get to save money to move (soon we hope) and hey! free babysitting! Fourth: I am blessed to love The Boss’ preschool. Even if he doesn’t right now. Sad panda. Fifth: I am resilient. I beat an eating disorder just before it beat me. I moved across the country away from my home and friends and have slowly made a life for myself.My once much abused body rallied and built not one, but two beautiful babies. I’ve struggled with postpartum anxiety and am winning the war. Sixth: super awesome bombdiggity friends. Dub, WWJD, Miss Katie, and all my others. I am so very lucky. I include you, my ‘make believe in the computer friends’. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

For my birthday I declare that you are awesome too. BTW you look great today! yes, you!

Abbey Road on the River 2011- It’s Beatles Disneyland for my kid!

First, let’s just take an adorable walk down Memory {Abbey Road} Lane:

I die. For reals. Check him out, at two, jamming along with. the band! Remember when we took him last year? Well this weekend is ABBEY ROAD ON THE RIVER and of course, we are going. Duh. Obviously we are a family who lurves The Beatles, but truly it is The Boss who leads us to seek out things like this festival. Last year Max lost his mind at it, he just couldn’t believe it was actually happening and he is now a year older and wiser I expect him to have just as much fun. I mean he asked for an “Epiphone ‘coustic and Rickenbacker ‘lectric like John” for his birthday and recently corrected TOTT that it was a 12 string Rickenbacker that George played the most famous chord ever on…The opening to Hard Day’s Night. But usually he played a Gretsch, says our toddler.

What the ham sandwich? He knows all that stuff and yet remembering to tell us when he has to use the potty escapes him. Priorities.

It will be Huck’s first time and The Boss keeps trying to teach Huck the songs and how to play back up guitar nd Huck just smiles and blows bubbles. I think a good time shall be had by all!If you’re in the DC are this weekend you guys should check it out and make sure you say hi to us. Just look for The Boss trying to rush the stage and demanding one more rendition of Helter Skelter.


File under first world problems:

File under first world problems. Sub category found in my shower.


Dear Cleaning Ladies,

I do not think this is what you think it is.


PS where on earth did you find that? Thank God I read it before I attempted to put that on my Clarisonic for a good face scrub!


{and Dear Readers, before you go saying “I wish I had cleaning ladies”, I’d like to remind you we live with my in laws.}

I ponder….

{it’s not really this green…cause whoa!}

I wonder perhaps it wasn’t so much the pregnancy sickness kicking my quickly expanding booty over the last few months as it was the dreary weather. On days when it is cold and snowy and grey I simply can’t seem to get out of my funk and taking the Boss anywhere seems an insurmountable task. But then the sun comes out, and this Los Angeles transplant suddenly bursts back into life! I go to the playground! I paint! I refinish furniture again! I….I am ME suddenly. And the Boss? Well, he is thrilled!  There is a big boy swing in the back yard now and we swing for hours no matter how muddy it makes our shoes. We take his ‘motorcycle’ around the neighborhood and even for the two mile walk around the lake. Oh yes, I paid for that one, but it was glorious! TOTT and I laughing and talking about the future, pausing every three seconds to answer the incessant question from the Boss “are we going to the playground?” With “Yes Precious we are!”

I think the sun has kicked the nesting instinct in big time! this is problematic, as you know we live with my in-laws and I am certain that they would be less than pleased to arrive home from work and find all of their wallpaper taken down and the walls painted and the furniture re-arranged. I have to stop myself from rearranging everything in sight and paint, paint, painting! But that nesting bee kept buzzing in my bonnet until I simply decided that The Boss’ room…well that was mine to do. I moved furniture around, I rearranged toys, I made a list of must haves for the new room. I ordered a quilt for his big boy bed and have plans for bedding for the crib that will eventually be Baby 2’s once the Boss moves to the bed. I finally painted one of the two headboards I got at the thrift store for 7 bucks. 7 bucks for 2 headboards, you can’t beat that! I love 1/2 price day.

I dragged the Boss to Goodwill and oh! he took off like a shot for, guess what? a little chair! Like mother, like son. He instantly declared MINE! And I said oh heck yes! It wasn’t marked and needed to be glued so it was offered to me for 4.99. Little chair number 1 of my collection~ DONE!  A quick glue, wood fill and sand, a little paint, and the Boss is in love with his new thrown. I can’t wait to get the room all together and just the way I want it.

And then move on to something else…it’s never done, right?


There are a few things about me…obsessions perhaps? I just say it’s my innate Virgo-ness, and I get to keep that thankyouverymuch since the whole suddenly I would be a Libra-ness is relagated to those born post 2009 and while I may shave a year or two off the old birthday candle count, not even I think I could pull of being born in 2009! Espesh since ye old Boss man was born in 2008.

Anyway, I have to make the bed. Right away. Every morning. Doesn’t matter what shape the rest of the pad is in I cannot relax, concentrate or breathe until the bed is made. I am not in control of a great many things here at the American Dream (what with my mother in law being the woman of the house, which is rightly as it should be) but my bed? I CONTROL YOU, BED! I mean, I do control it as long as the Great Catsby or Puppy Bear are no wheres to be found. Why do I get pushed to the very edge of a king sized bed to accomodate a combined 13 pounds of animal? And also, when will they learn to let me finish making the bed before they settle in for a long winters/spring/summer/tuesday nap? Sigh, life would be easier if they would just WAIT.

Also, obsessed with tiny chairs. Small people chairs. Boss sized chairs. I only have one Boss thus far, with a new one (assistant manager perhaps?) on the imminenet, but the idea of tiny chairs all about thrills me. I buy them at thrift stores and TOTT makes me get rid of them because:

a. we don’t have that many tiny people to need chairs


I have to contend that he is correct on the second point. Point b, as it were. Alas, that stops me not from staring at this picture and thinking “someday…SOMEDAY!”

{if anyone knows the photo source for this, please let me know! I saved it ages ago, pre-blogging}

Don’t you love? Or maybe you don’t. But I do. I mean I lurve-love the wee little chairs and the idea of many chubby bebes racing about. Of course, they need not all  be mine, since I don’t think I can handle another first trimester.

{I think this is from House of Turquoise}

I am full on in the mode of nesting now. Which is most inconvenient as perhaps I may have mentioned that we have no nest of our own for me to feather. And though my darling mother in law has said many time I can paint or decorate anything I like here, let’s be honest that’s not a good plan. Y’know since it’s her house and all and should reflect her not me. Harumph. And so I obsess and ruthlessly steal moments of time on teh internetz saving a billionty pictures of inspiration room and again, not saving where they are from.

i SUCK cause these people? Are just real peeps and they design and create the most amazing stuff.

And thus it makes perfect sense that I clearly need to learn to crochet. Duh. So post nap the Boss and I are heading out for supplies. Because I WILL make a blankie for new baby, and one for The Boss.

Whether he wants it or not.

I also resolve to save pictures with links, y’know so I am not a design criminal. I’m not cut out for a life of crime and I really don’t look good in prison gray or prison lighting, for that matter!

iVoices on iVillage New Years Resolutions…

Last year I made all kinds of resolutions. All kinds. This year I made none, really. I mean other than getting over my embarrassment at returning to the gym after a long absence, with all the other resolutionists. Remember when I used to go to the gym? Those were good times. I wonder if Hair Towel Turban man and Mustache Guy are still there. But I am finally feeling better (thank you second trimester) and I gotta tell ya, my booty has dropped about three inches and my thighs be spreading like butter.

I don’t think we can blame that on the fetus.

So this week I shall swallow my pride and head on out to the gym, toddler in tow and attempt to not hyperventilate on the lowest setting of the elliptical. Wish me luck, cause you know I’m gonna need it.

Oh wait! One more resolution. Sorta tied to the first one. To not break the 200 pound barrier with this pregnancy like I did with the Boss. This will be tough considering this kid only wants a few things. And two of those things are cheese and bread. And also salt. I might as well give up on this one already!

I was sweetly asked to participate in the iVoices Resolutions report! I hope you alll had a glorious New Years Eve and here’s hoping 2011 is a grand one.

With healthy babies, big raises, safe cars, new places to live and lots and lots of laughter and happiness.

Thanks for sticking with me this year. Your comments, emails, tweets and messages have been a source of inspiration, consolation and frequently you guys just plain old made me get over myself and cracked me up to the point of weeping while laughing.

And laughter through tears is my favorite emotion. (I also to resolve to watch Steel Magnolias more often.)

Happy New Year!

Shoppers Anonymous…except you know me.

The time has come for me to admit it. I shop too much. I am huge bargain shopper, but my Target bill (yes, I caved after 1.5 months…I missed you Target! Let’s never fight again.) alone is crazy. No, I didn’t NEED a new little wallet with a cute owl on it, but it was only 9 bucks and it’s soooooo cute! It’s now living in my purse.

My name is Minky and I am a shopaholic.

I’m bored. I miss seeing my friends on the daily. I miss going to auditions. I miss being able to head over to WWJD’s anytime the mood strikes me for a gabfest and TV Snark with wine. I miss working on shows. I miss having my own place to decorate and run. I miss….everything. And I am filling that gap with shopping. I know that we are close to being ready to leave the safety and security of The American Dream and I am antsy. TOTT is crazy supportive of my new craigslist aquisition obsession and projects. I mean the man bought me a paint sprayer for my birthday! {note to self…get over fear of paint sprayer and USE IT! } My IL’s not only allow me to use the backyard and garage as a workstation but they praise my newfound skills and support me as well.

I have so many blessings. The time has come to start focusing on those and not those adorable black boots I want at Target. I spent 100 bones there yesterday on…what, I don’t know. My point is this: I spend too much money on stuff that I don’t need. It makes me feel momentarily happy, who doesn’t love a cute new bag?? I do, that’s why I have 30 of them. Or shoes? Also me. Except…well,  I never go anywhere to show those off. Except Target and Home Depot and my local Thrift.

So here’s the deal…

I do not need a new purse. I do not need new shoes. I do not need any more clothes. I do not need these things just to fill the days and make me momentarily happy.

What I do need: money to fix my car. Make-up, shampoo etc when the stuff I have runs out. To go to the eye doctor for contacts and glasses.To go to the dentist.To finish all my projects. Have another baby.

I’m going to try very hard to stop my extraneous spending so that we can finish up paying off our debt and get settled in a place of our own soon. I am going to try to feed that shopping need with thrift, if I have too.

This will be very hard for me, as I always have a HUGE case of the I Wants, you might have to put up with some virtual I Want shopping on this here blog…but it’s for the greater good.

I’ve got to keep my eye on the prize. Which is a really great pair of boots.

CRAP! No, no boots. Sigh. See? I need your help!

Have you ever given up something to save? Was it hard? What was the hardest thing to give up?